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5.4.4 Logical Framework 1 Logical Framework UPA Package 5, Module 4.

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1 5.4.4 Logical Framework 1 Logical Framework UPA Package 5, Module 4

2 5.4.4 Logical Framework 2 Project Planning Matrix The method applied is called Logical Framework. The result of the Logical Framework is the Project Planning Matrix (PPM).

3 5.4.4 Logical Framework 3 Narrative Summary IndicatorsMeans of Verification Assumptions Overall goal For long term sustainability Project purpose Project results Project ActivitiesNecessary resources for activityPrecondition for project Matrix Design Step 1 Step 3Step 4Step 2 Step 5

4 5.4.4 Logical Framework 4 Example Public waste container for waste disposal are used by residents. Specification Information on the importance of using waste containers and living in a clean surrounding. Project activities Residents are educated how to maintain their area. Higher effort of collecting and disposing their waste excepted by residents. Streets, drains and public places are free of dumped waste. Project results The living environment is improved. Containers are set up near to the houses. After 6 month waste pollution has been reduced noticeable. Project purpose Public waste containers for waste are used. Residents are willing to use to the new waste collection system. Set up of public waste containers in highly polluted residential areas. Overall goal Public waste containers in residential areas installed. AssumptionsIndicators Low income areas

5 5.4.4 Logical Framework 5 Logic of a Project Combined Hypothesis Overall goal Project purpose Results Activities hypothetic then if then if assessable

6 5.4.4 Logical Framework 6 Vertical Logic Overall goalAssumptions Project purpose Assumptions Results / Outputs Assumptions ActivitiesAssumptions

7 5.4.4 Logical Framework 7 Horizontal Logic Overall goalIndicator Means of verification Project purpose Indicator Means of verification Results / Outputs Indicator Means of verification ActivitiesSpecification of inputs / costs

8 5.4.4 Logical Framework 8 Assumptions Definition Conditions that must exist if the project is to succeed, but which are not under the direct control of the project. How to word the assumptions: Assumptions can be derived from the objective tree. Assumptions will be worded as a positive condition (c.f. objectives). Assumptions will be weighted according to importance and probability. Example: Enough jobs available for graduates.

9 5.4.4 Logical Framework 9 Assessment of Assumptions Question: “Is the assumption important?” Yes No: Do not include. Question: “How likely will it occur? Almost certain: Do not include. Quite likely: Include it in PPM, but try to influence it. Not likely Question: “Can the project be re-designed?” No: Stop project. Warn decision makers. Yes: Re-design project Killer assumption

10 5.4.4 Logical Framework 10 Risk Management Types of Risk Internal External Source A risk arises because of circumstances or events within the organization. There is a high of ability to exert appropriate control to limit the likelihood of the risk being realized. A risk arises because of circumstances or events outside of the organization. The ability to exert control may be limited to planning for a contingency response. Effect A realised risk has an impact within the organisation. These impacts are likely to be more easily than external impacts contained and manged. A realized risk has an impact outside of the organisation. Regulatory or policy frameworks are responses to these types of risk. Source: DFID, 2002: 6.3

11 5.4.4 Logical Framework 11 Risk Assessment Matrix Impact Probability LowMediumHigh Low 123 Medium 456 High789 Killer risk! Source: DFID, 2002: 6.3

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