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Performance Enhancement Terms & General Conditioning Principles.

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1 Performance Enhancement Terms & General Conditioning Principles

2 Cardiovascular Endurance The body’s ability, over a sustained period of time during physical activity, to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and to remove wastes.

3 Muscular Endurance Ability of a muscle or muscle group to sustain repeated contractions.

4 Power Ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movement composed of strength and speed.

5 Speed Quickness of movement of a limb or whole body

6 Strength Extent to which muscles can exert force by contracting against resistance

7 Adaptation Body’s ability to react to the training loads imposed by increasing its ability to cope with demands Purpose of training – systematically stress the body so it improves its capacity If stress is not sufficient to overload the body, then no adaptation will occurs.

8 Overload A greater than normal stress or load on the body is required for training adaptations to take place.

9 Specificity Sports training should be relevant and appropriate to the sport the athlete is training for. Examples: –A football player needs to train speed, strength, and power. –A cyclist should train muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance

10 Reversibility Gradual loss of training effect when intensity and duration is reduced. Usually occurs in about 2 weeks time. The more naturally the muscle is built, the longer the reversibility process will take

11 Athletic Staleness Inability to withstand chronic stress Overtraining Too long of season without break –Decreased appetite –Decreased body weight –Sleep loss –Body aches and pains –Decreased sports efficiency –Loss of competitive desire –Illness and injury

12 Periodization Varying a training program at regular time intervals to achieve optimal gains in performance. Used to bring an athlete to “peak performance” 3 phases –Pre-season –In-season –Post-season

13 Pre-season (preparatory) Phase High volume / low intensity Focus on technique Power & strength workouts introduced during 2 nd half of this phase.


15 Pre-Season

16 In-season (competitive) Phase Low volume / high intensity Focus on technique Bring athlete to “peak performance” Athletic staleness

17 Post-season (transition) Phase Active rest – low volume / low intensity Physiological and psychological break Recreational activity

18 Works Cited 1.Allsen, P.E. (2009). Strength Training: Beginners, Bodybuilders, Athletes. Kendall/Hunt Publishing. Dubuque, Iowa. 5 th edition.

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