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Bell Ringer Write the questions. 1

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1 Bell Ringer 1-8-15- Write the questions. 1
Bell Ringer Write the questions!! 1. A 45N girl sits on a 8N bench. How much work is done on the bench? Remember that work = force x distance.| A boy lifts a 30N dragon 2 meters above the ground. How much work did the boy do on the dragon? 3. Which of the following is having work done on it? (write all that apply.) a. a grocery bag as you lift it up b. a crane moving dirt c. a crate as you push it along the floor d. a person sitting on a bench

2 MYP unit question: What Moves YOU!
Area of Interaction: Human Ingenuity Learner Profile Word: Inquirer Standard: S8P3. Students will investigate relationship between force, mass, and the motion of objects. c. Demonstrate the effect of simple machines (lever, incline plane, pulley, wedge, screw, and wheel and axel) on work. Essential Question: What are simple machines? Learning Target: Today I am learning about simple machines, this is important because they help to make work (and my life) easier. Homework: Study for upcoming quiz

3 IAN pg. 54 What are MACHINES?
Most people think of complex, technical, or electronic gadgets with motors…, but machines can be much SIMPLER. A machine is any device that lets you do WORK in an EASIER or BETTER way. Basically: Simple machines make work EASIER.

4 How do machines do work? Machines make work easier by changing 3 things about the FORCE you exert to do work: AMOUNT OF FORCE you exert DISTANCE over which you exert force DIRECTION in which you exert force

5 Work Session: Ian pg. 55 & 56 Intro to Simple Machines
You will work in groups and go to each simple machine station. You must pick at least one article to read. You will then create your own graphic organizer which tells the following. Explain how the simple machines makes work easier. Create a visual representation of the machine. Give 2 Cool facts.

6 Closing- Summary Sentence
On the sticky note, write a sentence which summarizes what you have discovered today. As you leave place the sticky note on the door .

7 Work sheet- Independent Work Ian Pg. 52
You will have 10 minutes to complete the following worksheet on WORK .

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