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UNIT 4: What about the future? Elvira Carmona Rubio.

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1 UNIT 4: What about the future? Elvira Carmona Rubio

2 Vocabulary: Women’s hairstyles BobBangs Layers Chin length Paneling Page boy Updo Shoulder length

3 Men’s hairstyles Long hair Side partFringe AfroBuzz cut Spiked

4 What are your plans for the future? FUTURE WITH GOING TO – Se utiliza para un futuro inmediato. She is going to pay with credit card – Se utiliza también para hablar de intenciones o planes para hacer algo. I’m going to learn English FUTURE WITH WILL – Se utiliza para hablar de decisiones que se toman mientras se habla. I need to get my medicine. I will go to the pharmacy tonight – Se utiliza también para hacer predicciones de carácter general. I’m sure it will rain tomorrow

5 Activities I have a terrible headache I_________ you an aspirine a)I’ll get b)I’m going to get

6 Watch out! The baby a)Is going to fall b)Will fall What ___________ when you finish university? a)Will you do b)Are you going to do

7 I have some extra money so we______our car a)Will change b)Are going to change

8 May I speak to Cristina? I_______you through a)‘ll put b)‘m going to put

9 Listening LISTENING LINK /listening-skills-practice/free-time

10 Actividades con futuro simple “going to” mpos-verbales/future-i-simple-going- to/ejercicios mpos-verbales/future-i-simple-going- to/ejercicios exercises/ex1-futuro-simple/

11 Episode III What are going to do the friends of Helen for her? What colour is the new bedroom of Helen? Does she like it?

12 Episode IV: Surprise, surprise! Whose birthday is it? How many people there will be at the party? Which is the right date of her birthday?

13 Vocabulary: The weather

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