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Robert Youngjohns

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1 Robert Youngjohns

2 Aster Berkshire: Un-tempramental, self starter Controllable with great endurance (1 hour plus run time) Large cab/tender – plenty of room for servos, batteries etc

3 Radio Control: Spektrum 7 transmitter Spektrum 7 Microlite 6100 receiver Servos: Hitec HS-81MG (42 oz/inches @ 6V) Battery: 6V NiMH rechargeable

4 Throttle Whistle Cylinder Drains Blower

5 Cylinder Drain Valve (GEAR) 0 – Closed 1 - Open Blower (FLAPS) 0 - Closed 1 - cracked open 2 – full open Throttle (Electronic Sounds) (Lights) Johnson Bar Whistle

6 Throttle Servo Radio Blower Servo Whistle Servo Johnson Bar Cylinder Drains

7 OnOffConnector for Charger FrontBack Note: battery switch must be OFF before connecting charger

8 Throttle Blower Blower has 3 positions: Off Cracked open Full open Blower opens as throttle is closed (Click for video)


10  Prepare engine as usual for steam operations: oil, water, fuel  Check transmitter and receiver (in tender) batteries are fully charged  Switch on transmitter  Power on receiver using switch in tender. Receiver should bind to transmitter and show a solid orange light  Ensure engine controls are in default positions: Throttle Closed; Blower Closed; Johnson Bar Neutral; Drains Closed  Light as usual with suction fan in place  When pressure hits 2 bar, remove fan, switch blower to 2, crack back to 1 when safeties blow  Operate as normal……… To start: Move Johnson bar full forward (or reverse), then open throttle To stop: close throttle, then move Johnson bar to neutral In motion: notch back Johnson bar to achieve best use of steam

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