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Invasion From Mars Review.

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1 Invasion From Mars Review

2 What genre is “Invasion From Mars”?
“Invasion from Mars” is a Play. I know this because the story is told through dialogue.

3 What is the setting for “Invasion From Mars”?
“Invasion from Mars” takes place on a farm in New Jersey.

4 Wilmuth says he was listening to the radio “kinda halfway,” what does this mean?
It means that Mr.Wilmuth had the radio on, but wasn’t paying full attention to it.

5 Why does Carl Phillips cut off Mr. Wilmuth’s story?
Carl Phillips cuts off Mr. Wilmuth in the middle of his story because he is impatient with Mr. Wilmuth.

6 Why does Professor Pierson feel unsure that the object is a meteor?
Professor Pierson thinks that the object could be a meteor, but he says meteors are rough like rocks and this object is smooth.

7 The material the cylinder is made from is described as “extraterrestrial”. What does this mean?
Extraterrestrial means not from this world, so they meant that the materials were something not found on Earth.

8 What happens after the top of the cylinder falls off?
After the top of the cylinder falls off, a creature starts to crawl out.

9 In the play, there is a part that says “voices”, what do you think this refers to?
“Voices” refers to random people in the crowd, and what those people are saying.

10 What does the white handkerchief that the captain and the policeman hold mean?
The white handkerchief is a symbol of peace. The men wave it to show the creature that they mean no harm.

11 What do you think the problem might be with the white handkerchief?
Even though people on Earth know that it means “we come in peace,” the creature might not know this, and may be frightened.

12 How do you learn about characters’ personalities in a play?
In a play, there are no words to read to describe the characters. You learn about them through what they say.

13 Would you say that Professor Pierson speaks formally or informally
Would you say that Professor Pierson speaks formally or informally? Explain your answer. Professor Pierson uses formal language. He does not use slang. He explains what he is seeing with scientific facts.

14 Which character in the play uses informal language? Explain your answer.
Mr. Wilmuth uses informal language. He uses slang like “reckon” and “kinda” and he does not use proper grammar when he speaks.

15 Why do you think Carl Phillips uses formal language?
Carl Phillips uses formal language because he is a news reporter, and his job requires him to speak with correct grammar.

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