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Automotive Engines Part 2 (Block ).

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1 Automotive Engines Part 2 (Block )

2 Major Parts Cylinder Block Lower End Cylinder Head Upper End

3 Cylinder Block Main structural component of the engine
Casting generally made out of iron or aluminum Holds the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and camshaft

4 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Deck Cylinder head sealing surface

5 Deck

6 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Bell Housing allows for transmission mounting

7 Bell Housing

8 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Oil Pan Rail oil pan sealing surface

9 Oil Pan Rail

10 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Timing Cover – covers timing set, may allow water pump mounting, may allow fuel pump mounting

11 Timing Cover

12 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Fuel Pump Boss – allows for fuel pump mounting

13 Fuel Pump Boss

14 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
contains combustion gasses

15 Cylinder

16 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Lifter Valley – returns oil to crankcase

17 Lifter Valley

18 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Lifter Bores – controls movement of lifter

19 Lifter Bores

20 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Motor Mount Bosses – Allows for engine mounting

21 Motor Mount Bosses

22 Cylinder Block - Surfaces
Main Bearing Saddle and Cap – holds Crankshaft

23 Main Bearing Saddle and Cap

24 The End

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