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ANTI-EXPLOSION SYSTEM Al Ahliya Al Kuwaitiya Co..

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1 ANTI-EXPLOSION SYSTEM Al Ahliya Al Kuwaitiya Co.

2 Who We Are ? AKTC is one of the Kuwait’s trading and contracting companies. Located in Salmiya - Kuwait, we are engaged in every aspect of real-estate, medical services, food and catering, employment and providing beneficial new projects, such as ANTI Explosion Systems aiming to keep human safety, to save power, and to protect environment through a substance called eXess Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

3 EXESS The eXess raw material is a particularly selected aluminum foil with certain alloying constituents with a coil shape. For special and tailor made applications different materials such as copper, brass,... and various - for stretching suitable - plastics up to a material thickness of 0.2 mm can be processed. Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

4 EXESS Features Reduce pollution. Using eXess for special applications as internal floating system in all kind of patrol tanks, evaporation loss can be reduced almost completely through recondensation. Prevent combustible liquids from exploding. Investigations of accepted institutes with 20 and 400 litre explosion containers proved that eXess reduces the upper explosion limit so far that an explosion is prevented. Avoid BLEVE. Another physical phenomenon avoided by using eXess ability for fast temperature absorbation is the Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion (BLEVE) wiich can occur at LPG-bottles being overheated. Reduction of electrostatic charge. Due too covering the liquid system with eXess systems the electricity charge is deverted. Increase vehicle safety. eXess used for the car industry provide explosion protection when cutting in of the explosion limits by heat absorption. Furthermore increased crash-safety is reached by a decrease of pressure peaks caused by sudden impacts and increase of the mechanical strengh of the containers. Increase driving safety. Stabilisation of the tank contents of only partially filled tank trucks. Additionally an increase of convenience is offered by removal of disturbing sloshing noise by stabilisation of the fuel. Cool flames Enable recycling. All eXess systems are 100% recyclable. Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

5 EXESS Mode of Operation Explosion is defined as rapid burning of certain substances which causes high temperature and as a consequence high pressure which can lead to the bursting of the enclosing container. Its reaction speed is measured in Meter/Seconds (petrol i.e. has a reaction speed of 25 to 30 m/sec which is sufficient for a devastating explosion). Function based on the laws of heat conduction In case of ignition by sparks, open fire or firing upon, heat is deduced with such high speed, that burning is slowed down to a minimum, high temperature and high pressure cannot be reached, therefore an explosion is eliminated. Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

6 EXESS Operating Principles The network consists of an aluminum alloy with a high degree of purity. Also under high temperatures this material is not separable. The eXess network shows by analogy to the PU-foam also a high degree of damming in case of mechanical damage of the tank but a larger spectrum of temperature.Also at high temperatures there is no destruction of the cellular structure by smelting because the smelting point of aluminum is normally higher than the flashing point of fuel. In case of thermal treatment of the tank from outside e.g. by punctuate supply of heat, a thermal conduction to the huge volume of tank is favored by the high degree of heat conductivity of the aluminum. This is the reason for the delay of an overheating of the tank. Furthermore, a smelting of the network is impossible because of the high smelting point of aluminum at about 650 degree Celsius… Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

7 EXESS Main Principales Tanks (car, truck, scooter/motorcycle, aircraft, vessel, military) Security Floating Roof (refinery/storage facility) Storing Container (petrochemical industry, hazardous storing) Dome Shaft (gas station, underground storage tank) LPG (cylinder, car, truck) Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

8 EXESS Main Principales - LGP Among the most difficult and dangerous fires are those involving vessels hat contain flammable liquids or combustible gas. In case of being exposed to ground fire such vessels may weaken until they fail. The worst kind of explosion to occur in is called a BLEVE, an acronym for Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion. Strong cylinder material as well as the relief valves set pressure are two factors which can influence a BLEVE, eXess can suppress a BLEVE! Features: eXess slows down the increase of pressure Walls temperature is decreased Controlled pressure release Increased rescue time Benefits of using eXess: Heat dissipation Higher thermal conductivity No hot spots Reduced pressure variations (smaller gas bubbles) Increase of rescue period Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

9 EXESS Main Principales – FUEL STATIONS Using eXess a completely new solution for the protection of dome shafts appears. Small aluminium cylindrical bodies can be installed at the dome shafts easily either by the operator or through maintenance companies. Removing of eXess can be done without efforts within reasonable time. Benefits of using eXess: Explosion protection Easy installation Easy handling Recyclable Easy transportation and storing No storage of moisture No negative effects on pipelines and connection sites Easy to remove Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

10 EXESS Main Principales – TANKS During test series executed by Prof. Steffan (Technical University Graz, Institute for mechanics), investigating the effects of eXess as filler for tank containers in case of sudden impact, it became obvious that the pressure peaks caused by the pendulum impact (ECE R 34) are always about 20% to 50% lower in containers filled with eXess. The more inflexibly the container material the more clearly was also the visible difference of the grade of deformation. This means: eXess as filling material can increase the mechanical strength of containers substantially. Benefits of using eXess in a scooter or motorcycle tank : Improved comfort Reduction of HC-emission Liquid stabilisation No discharge of fuel Reduction of danger due to fire Benefits of using eXess in a car tank : Improved comfort Reduction of HC-emission Improved active safety Improved passive safety Reduction of danger due to fire Electrostatic aspects Suppression of spit-back effect Increased filling volume Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

11 EXESS Customers in Iran The National Iranian Oil Refining And Distributing Co. Parchin Chemical Industries (Ministry of Defense) Pars Pamchal Chemical Company Land Force of Guard Corps (Nezsa) Saipa Automobile Manufacturing Company Yashm Paint and Rasin Industries Company Bandare Emam Petrochemical complex Raja Shimi Industrial Plants Techno tar Engineering Company Zamyad Auto-manufacturing Company Tam Iran Khodro Compnay Tabriz Taghtir Company Milad Industrial Companies Guards of Iranian Fisheries Organization – Golestan province Shimi Saz Pars Center on Research and production of Chemical Products Pars Khodro Company Navy Force of Guard Corps (Nedsa-Engineering) The Center of research and training the guard and occupational Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Morattab Industrial and Manufacturing Company Shahid Rajayi regional Electricity Power Plant Certificate of Iran Central Insurance. Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

12 EXESS feature in reducing % of fuel evaporation by fuel stations. Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co. Substance Tehran Petrol Station Ahwaz Petrol Station Mash’had Petrol Station Chalos Petrol Station TVOCs58.68%59.34%67.30%60% Benzene63%88.32%77%48.57% Toluene60.67%70.58%54.38%52.94% Xylene58.39%32.2%36.4%42.76%

13 EXESS CONTACTS SALMIYA – Sharq Block 6 - Bldg. 18 - 1st Floor P.O.Box: 78 Slameya Code: 22001 Kuwait Mob1: +965 65050425 Mob2: +965 66184412 E-mail: Ahliya Kuwaitiya Trading Co.

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