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Leading through innovation.  Ghanshyam engineering co. established from 1993 at shapar, Rajkot.  We are leading manufacturer of plastic injection moulding.

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1 Leading through innovation

2  Ghanshyam engineering co. established from 1993 at shapar, Rajkot.  We are leading manufacturer of plastic injection moulding machines.  India’s Passive Infrastructure Solution Provider to The plastic injection moulding machine sector. Ghanshyam Engineering co. INTRODUCTION

3 GEC OVERVIEW Presence across 2 countries Presence across African Continent & all over India. R&D centers across Gujarat.  Initially developed vertical injection molding machine technology  GEC pigeon brand horizontal injection molding machine  Neo series injection molding machine with all latest technology  4 Patents already comm ercialized  Having in house machine design and execution team providing End to end technology solutions. & integration Education, Warehousing.  High Scale up capabilities in Production and Project execution.  Strong service network in all over India. Global Presence Innovation & Technology Capabilities

4  Automatic acceptance or rejection.  100% part testing.  Automatic cycling  Variance analysis  Sensor: analysis explosion Measuring Instruments in GEC lab Quality control systems GEC MACHINES QUALITY CONTROL

5  Automatic V/P switchover  Improved consistency  Quality control data  Low cost sensors  Micro controller  New technologies Improved control Improved sensing Trend to Continue Closed loop pressure feedback provides Molding Technologies: Cavity Pressure Control

6 Injection unit hydro motor with control valve Clamping unit with Tie bar & casting platen Control panel board GEC Machine Range 50 to 1250 Tr

7 GEC - MACHINE GEC Machine Range 50 to 1250 Tr

8 Neo 85 SERVO Neo Machine Range 50 to 1250 Tr

9  22 Monitoring for last 1000 cycles with Graphics.  10.4” TFT Color Display with Alpha - Numeric Keypad.  Actual Injection Speed & Pressure Graph Display.  80 Mould Data Storage.  Configurable Multilevel Password with Operator’s Name.  Graphically Presentation of Last 48 Hours Production.  Daily Production Data of Last 1 Year.  Customized Setup Menu.  High / Low Limit Display for Each Adjustable.  I / 0 diagnosis - Analog & Digital.  Timer Precision in 0.01 Second.  Change Log Menu: logs last 100 Set Points Changes with Time & Date Machines features CONTROL

10  Statistical Process Control (SPC) with Graphics.  Process Mode: Functions with its Co-fuctions on a Single Key Press.  Note Pad & Maintenance Scheduling.  Freely Programmable Smart Outputs & Inputs.  Over View Screen with Graphical Display of Machine Functions.  Soft Keys for Fast Access of Select Menus.  Auto shut down.  Visual & Audible Alarm.  Alarm History with Date & Time Log.  Printer Interface with USB Port. CONT…

11  Energy Efficient Servo Motor & Pump.  Ergonomic Hydraulic Layout for Easy Approach.  Valves Placed near Actuators for Rapid Response.  Pre-Heating Circuit for Hydraulic Oil.  Low Oil Level Audible Alarm & Motor Shut Down.  Continuous Oil Filtration.  Audible Alarm for Filter Clogging.  Hydraulic Valve On / Off Indication. HYDRAULICS

12  Air Ejection - up to 3 Stage.  Hydraulic Core Pull - up to 2 Stage.  Feed Throat Temperature Control.  Oil Temperature Control.  Part Drop Detect for Single Cavity.  Water Battery with Temperature Indicator.  Water Manifolds.  Extra Heating zones.  Jam Bar.  T-slot Platens.  Interface for Ejector Retract Verification.  Bimetallic Barrel & Hardened / Coated Screw. AVAILABLE OPTIONS

13  Robust Toggle Clamp Mechanism (Mono Toggle for 50-80 T & Double Toggle for 110-200 T).  Quick Automatic Mould Height & Tonnage setting on Screen.  Adjustable Pressure setting of Closing & Opening Stage.  Proportional Speed Control with 5 Closing & 5 Opening Speed.  Adjustable 2 Stage Mould Safety Pressure & 1 Stage Speed.  Position Based Ramping for Accurate Position Switching, Precise Speed & Pressure Control.  Linear Position Transducer for Accurate Clamp Position Control.  Sensitive Mould Protection with Try Again Circuit.  Stage Wise Actual Time Display.  Insert Moulding Program.  Actual Tonnage Display on Screen.  Automatic Grease Lubrication (110 T & above). CLAMPING UNIT

14  Knock-Out Bar.  2 Stage Programmable Ejector Forward Profile with Soft Eject.  Ejector Speed & Pressure adjustable on Screen.  Linear Transducer for Ejector Position.  Pulsating Ejector Strokes up to 9 Pulses.  Intermediate Retract Set Point.  Ejector Stay Forward & Forward Dwell Timer. EJECTOR

15  6 Stage Injection Velocity & 15 Stage Injection Pressure Profile.  5 Stage Screw Speed & 5 Stage Back Pressure Control (Setting) through Screen.  Digital setting of Extruder RPM & Digital Read out of Actual RPM.  Wide Choice of Injection Units with A-B-C Screw/Barrel Combinations.  Switch Over from Fill to Pack based on Position or Time.  Linear Position Transducer for Accurate Injection Position Control.  Injection Decompression Before / After Refilling or Both.  Semi-Auto Purge, Cold Slug removal & Intrusion Moulding Programs.  Aluminum Chequered Plate below Purge Area Sprees Break with Timer.  Nozzle Contact Force by Pressure Switch.  Twin Cylinder Injection on Guide Rods. INJECTION UNIT

16  Actual Current Display of Barrel Heating Zones.  Heater Failure & Thermocouple Open Detection.  Accurate PID Temperature Control settable on Screen.  Feed Throat Temperature Indication.  Auto Heat Startup & Shutdown.  Heat Standby after set number of Cycles.  Soak Timer for Cold Start Protection.  High / Low Temperature Alarm.  Set & Actual Temperature Data with Bar Graph.  Insulated Heater Band. TEMPERATURE CONTROL

17  20% to 50% of the power savings  Silent operation  Cleanliness  High Precision molding.  Reduced electricity costs.  Automotive hybrids fuel motor technology.  Worlds class plastic injection molding machine technology improves. All electric advantages Trend to continue NEO INJECTION MOLDING TECHNOLOGIES

18  Micro processor controller.  Five stage injection pressure.  Hydraulic, electrical and Mechanical safeties.  Automatic mould height adjustment.  Auto lubrication system.  Even Eject force.  Low noising level. Energy Efficient - Savings of 20% to 50%. Salient features Available from 50 to 1250 tons - the wide range of all the plastic injection molding machine. Key Features

19  Reduced man power (demolding & degating)  Reduce cycle times  Fast cycle times  Cheap computers  Low cost motors & standard designs Robotics provides for Trend to continue: Molding Technologies: Automation



22 Injection Molding Machine Assembly Unit. Injection Molding Machine Testing Unit. Assembly unit and Testing unit

23 Cycle time Injection Molding Operations

24 Temperature History in heating zone Injection Molding Thermal Process

25 Technical Specification

26 Our customer service portal contains solutions to most common issues. The ability to log a case online, interact with our service staff, and review complete machine service history. GEC Service Cloud


28 Direct locking vertical injection molding machine Vertical toggle injection molding machine Vertical sprinkler injection molding machine GEC MACHINE RANGE

29 GEC pigeon model horizontal injection molding machine GEC MACHINE

30 The key to success in injection molding are to have  Proper machine for good melting and injecting of the plastic goods  The proper goods to appropriate part performance  A good mold for part definition  Proper operation for efficient molding cycle (mold cycle depends on the design of the mold and manufacturing parameters) FOR SUCCESS INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE

31 Leading through innovation OFFICE:- 12,Samrat Industrial Area, B/h.S.T. Workshop, Rajkot-360 004.(Guj.) INDIA Ph.:O. +91-281-2360283 FACTORY:- Survey No. 252, opp. Pitrukrupa Hotel, Jain Steel Road, Shapar (Veraval) Dist. :Rajkot (Guj.) INDIA Ph. : + 91-2827-252530 E-mail

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