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The Cam-Engine Presentation by Thierry Dejaegere Lomolenstraat 2 9880 Lotenhulle(Aalter) Belgium

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1 The Cam-Engine Presentation by Thierry Dejaegere Lomolenstraat 2 9880 Lotenhulle(Aalter) Belgium

2 The Cam-Engine

3 Content PresentationPresentation WhatWhat WhyWhy How it worksHow it works DesignDesign SummarySummary

4 Presentation To improve combustion engines a lot of possibillitys are already used. That’s why I searched for something completely different. I came to the idea that when I used a cam I could have the up and down movement of the piston more than once for one revolution of the main axle. The cam can also be given a certain shape so the speed of the pistons can be different for each stroke, the strokes can have a different distance or when the engine is running constantly each stroke could have a different time to complete. To make this possible I also introduced the electromagnetic driven valve.

5 What ? This engine is based on the 4-stroke principle. The main axle is a cylindrical axle on which the “2” cams are mounted. These cams let the pistons move. Another new thing is that the cylindrical axle can have a whole in the centre through which driving axles or other motor parts can be put. As already mentioned, the valves are no longer driven by a camshaft but by electromagnets. This in order to make the engine less complicated and lighter. It also gives us the possibility to let the intake air flow around the intake valve, to control the moment of opening-closing and the opening-gap of the valve.

6 Why ? This engine has some big advantages. For an extreme light engine it gives an enormous power output. It has also the capability to keep the complete driving unit of a vehicle very compact. It is also very simple to change the engine. By putting several engines together you create an unbelievable power machine. When the Cam is given a certain shape each stroke is given its own characteristics. The following is of some importance for a good engine: the time for every stroke, the piston speed and the length of each stroke. These three things can be different even at a constant rotation speed.

7 How it works In the next pictures you will see the engine cut into peaces so it is possible to show what happens inside the engine.

8 Here You see a part of the engine with the different parts (originally a 4-cylinder in starform)

9 The intake stroke :

10 On the previous pictures you saw the intake stroke. As you could see the cam turns left and pulls, by means of the cam and the pistonpen, the piston downwards. On the pistonpen there are mounted three needlebearings. Two that fit in the two cams and one that is catched between the bearingplates. These bearingplates, mounted on the central body of the engineblock, have the purpose to hold the pushrod in the center of the cylinder and to avoid that the piston turns. The next strokes happen in the same way. As said before, the cameshape gives every stroke its own characteristics and performance.

11 Design : The design is a variation on the Wankle-principle. In that engine you had some serious pro’s and contra’s. Here I tried to change the contra’s in pro’s.

12 Summary : To let this engine turn well I had to ad an extra. This extra is the electormagnetic controlled valve. In the following figure you will find the complete valve design.

13 The Electromagnetic controlled valve :

14 This engine is probably the most powerfull that can be made. For it’s weight it produces an enormous amount of power. It also gives us the opportunity to construct different kind of engines. One can use only one cylinder or more.

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