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60 EOG review word problems By: LMS 7th grade Teachers Iredell-Statesville Schools.

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1 60 EOG review word problems By: LMS 7th grade Teachers Iredell-Statesville Schools

2 Questions

3 1 NO CALCULATORS!! Roberto works for two hours. Lee works ¾ times as long as Roberto. Jack works ¼ hours less than Lee. Jedd works ½ times as long as Jack. How long does each person work? A. Lee= 1 ½ Jack= 3/8 Jedd= 3/16 B. Lee= 1 ½ Jack=1 ¼ Jedd= 5/8 C. Lee= ¾ Jack= ½ Jedd= 0 D. Lee= 1 ½ Jack= 1 ¼ Jedd= 3/4 B

4 2 C Mary is looking for the lowest price to pay for a hair dryer. Which store would have the lowest price? A. Store AC. Store C B. Store B D. Store D Store A$8 off $20.95 Store B25% off $20 Store C1/3 off $18 Store D10% off $25

5 3 NO CALCULATORS!! On a tree farm, 15% of the trees planted are pine, 2/5 are oak, 1/4 are maple, and 1/5 are fruit trees. Of these four types of trees, which type has been planted the most? A. pineC. maple B. oak D. fruit B

6 4 Earth is about 93,000,000 miles from the sun. What is this distance in scientific notation? A. 9.3 x 10^6 mi C. 9.3 x 10^7 mi B x 10^8 mi. D. 93 x 10^6 mi. C

7 5 Angie works in a pet store. She needs to divide 36 angelfish, 42 rainbow fish, and 126 goldfish into aquariums so that each aquarium has the same number of each type of fish, and there are no fish left over. What is the greatest number of aquariums Angie can fill under these conditions? A. 6C. 8 B. 7D. 12 A

8 6 Last year Marta earned $356 per week. This year her salary is $371 per week. What is the percent of increase to the nearest tenth of a percent? A 4.0% B 4.2% C 95.8% D 96.0% B

9 7 A paint mixture contains 9 gallons of base for every 2 gallons of color. In 253 gallons of paint, how many gallons of color are there? A 46 gallons B 152 gallons C 76 gallons D 207 gallons A

10 8 The radius of a circular garden is 15 feet. About how much fencing will be needed to go around the outer edge of the garden? A. 707 feet B. 94 feet C. 47 feet D. 24 feet B

11 9 NO CALCULATORS!! Evaluate: 3^2 x (9 – 4) + 10 / 2 – 1 A. 49C B. 34D. 19 A

12 10 NO CALCULATORS!! Evaluate y + y + c – 10 + x when x= -7, y= 10, and c= -8 A. -3C. 9 B. 10D. -5 D

13 11 Which expression is equivalent to 3(n + 2m) + m? A. 3n + 2mC. 3n + 6m B. 3n + 4mD. 3n + 7m D

14 12 NO CALCULATORS!! Evaluate: 2 + (8 – 4) + 3 x A. 26 B. 17 C. 56 D. 34 A

15 13 NO CALCULATORS!! What is the solution of the inequality 3/8x > 9? A. x > 216 C. x > 24 B. x > 72D. x > 14 C

16 14 A triangle has two congruent sides that are x centimeters long. The third side measures 3 centimeters more than each of the congruent sides. Which expression could be used to represent the perimeter in centimeters of this triangle? A. 4x + 6C. 3x + 3 B. 3x +6D. 2x +3 C

17 15 If a painter spent 5 hours painting 3 rooms, about how many hours would it probably take her to paint 4 rooms? A. 2 hoursC. 5 hours B. 6 hoursD. 7 hours D

18 16 NO CALCULATORS!! Solve: w = 13.5 A. W = B. W = C. W = 1.62 D. W = B

19 17 The data represents the weights of the first 7 patients in a health clinic. What is the first quartile of the weights? Weights :90,125,118,151,110,130,124 A. 110 B. 124 C. 130 D. 90 A

20 18 The citizens of Marshville were concerned about speed on West Street, which is 1500 ft long. They made a map of the road to show the mayor and asked her to put a speed limit sign at 100ft and a stop sign at 750 ft. If 4in=500ft on the map, at how many inches on the map should they show the proposed stop sign? A. 12in B. 3.2in C. 6in D. 4in C

21 19 What is the volume of the container shown? A cu.meters B cu. meters C cu. meters D cu. meters C 8.5 m 1.75 m 3.2 m

22 20 A 6 ft tall man is standing on a pier next to a lighthouse that is 40.8ft tall. If the lighthouse is casting a shadow that is 8.5 ft long, what is the length of the man’s shadow at the same time of day? A. 3.5 ft B ft C. 2.5 ft D ft D

23 21 Joe who lives in Canada, called his aunt who lives in NC. He mentioned that his thermometer read 19* Celsius. His aunt asked him to convert the temperature to Fahrenheit. What was the correct Fahrenheit reading on Joe’s thermometer? Fahrenheit= 9/5C + 32 A 66.2*F B 58.6*F C 42.6*F D 51.8*F A

24 22 Jan has one fewer than twice the number of pencils as Tom. If Jan has 31 pencils, how many does Tom have? A. 61 B. 16 C. 60 D. 15 B

25 23 While visiting relatives in NY, Tony purchased a coat for a total of $133.92, including sales tax. If the sales tax was $9.92, what was the percent of the sales tax? A. 13.5% B. B. 14.5% C. C. 12% D. D. 8% D

26 24 NO CALCULATORS!! Evaluate the expression 3x-y When x=7 and y= -1 A. 22 B. 20 C. -10 D. -21 A

27 25 NO CALCULATORS!! Tim has been hired to paint the side of a building. He has 15 gallons of paint. If he uses 4 3/8 gallons of paint on Monday and 5 2/3 gallons of paint on Tuesday, what is the total number of gallons of paint that he will have left? A 4 23/24 galB 5 1/24 gal C 5 23/24 galD 5 19/24 gal A

28 26 Find the total amount due on a simple interest loan if the principal is $800 with a rate of 8% for 5 years. A $320 B $864 C $1120 D $2080 C

29 27 B Sara wanted to decorate the outside of a rectangular box with colored paper. The is 11in.long, 5.5in wide, and 4in.tall. What is the minimum amount of colored paper that Sara will need to cover the box? A sq. inB 253 sq. in C 242 sq. inD 484 sq. in

30 28 What is the correct comparison of the mean, median and mode for the following set of data? 70,82,95,70,88 A mean < median < mode B median < mode < mean C mode < mean < median D mean < mode < median C

31 29 If triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF what is the length of DE? A 1in B 27in C 3in D 2in D A B C E DF 12 in. 9 in. 6 in 4 in.

32 30 What is the correct translation of three times a number decreased by half that number? A 3x – ½x B 3x – ½ C 3 – ½x D ½ - 3x A

33 31 NO CALCULATORS!! What does 3y – 2x^2 equal is y=4 and x=1? A 30 B 8 C 10 D 100 C

34 32 Lance’s class is building a model city. The students must each use the same scale for their model. Lance’s building represents a skyscraper that is 800 ft tall. If his model is 16 in tall, then how many inches should Jon make his model of a 275 ft tall office building? A 2.75in B 5in C 5.4in D 5.5in D

35 33 Jessi has cylindrically shaped can filled with oats. The radius of the can is 4in, and the height is 12in. Jessi wants to pour the oats into a rectangular box that is 11in long,10in wide and 5in tall. Find the volume of each and determine if Jessi can pour the oats into the box with no overflow. A cylinder= box= 550; yes it will fit B cylinder=50.24 box= 110; yes it will fit C cylinder= box= 550; it will not fit D cylinder= box= 110; it will not fit C

36 34 Mary will make a scale drawing of a building from a picture. In the picture the building measures 2.5in long, and 1 in tall. If Mary draws the building to scale, with a length of 12.5 in, a height of 5 in, and a width of 4.5 in, what is the width of the building in the picture? A 25in B 8in C 1.5in D.9in D

37 35 East High’s golf team had the following scores in a tournament: 86,90,74,95,80,and 78 What is the interquartile range of their golf scores? A 12 B 16.5 C 14 D 21 A

38 36 Ross sold his dirt bike for 42% of its original price. If he sold it for $504, what was the original price? A $1, B $ C $2, D $1, A

39 37 NO CALCULATORS!! Evaluate the expression 5y^3 – 7x when y= 2 and x= -1 A 23 B 993 C 33 D 47 D

40 38 NO CALCULATORS!! Three times this week, Dee baby-sat her neighbor’s children for 5 ¾ hours. How many total hours did Dee baby-sit A 15 ¾ hours B 8 ¾ hours C 20 ¼ hours D 17 ¼ hours D

41 39 Matt had $560 in his saving account. What is his new balance after interest at a rate of 4.5% for 2 years? A $50.40 B $ C $ D $ B

42 40 Ralph has to use a large roller to help press grass seed into the soil. The cylindrically shaped roller has a radius of 1 ft. The length of the roller between the two ends is 3 ft. If Ralph’s yard is 80 ft long, how many times, will the roller revolve from one end of the yard to the other? (nearest whole #) A 25 times B 9 times C 13 times D 27 times C

43 41 NO CALCULATORS!! Dean had 40 math problems to complete for HW. He completed ¼ of them at the end of class, 1/6 of the remaining problems during lunch, and 2/5 of the rest of the problems in study hall. How many problems did he have left to complete? A 20 B 12 C 5 D 15 D

44 42 Seth’s job requires that he drive to neighboring cities to do business. He recently drove 210 miles in 3 ½ hours. If his next trip is 165 miles away, and he travels at the same speed, which proportion should be used to determine the time that the trip will take? A 210/3.5=165/x C 3.5/165=x/210 B 3.5/210=165/x D 165/3.5=210/x A

45 43 Alex needs to paint the scale model of the factory shown. Find how many square inches he needs to paint in all. A B 254 C D C 9 in7 in 4 in 3 in 10 in

46 44 NO CALCULATORS!! Orville had 30 shrubs to plant. He planted 2/3 of the shrubs in the morning and 2/5 of the remaining plants in the afternoon. How many shrubs does he have left to plant? A 8 B 10 C 6 D 12 C

47 45 Due to damage caused by drought conditions Mr. Weaver could not sell 40% of his bean crop. If he was able to sell 3,612 bushels of beans, how many bushels did he lose due to the drought? A 2,408 bushels B 6,020 bushels C 1,286.4 bushels D 2,167.2 bushels A

48 46 NO CALCULATORS!! Adel builds birdhouses for extra money. A customer drew a scale drawing of what he wanted and asked Adel to make the birdhouse 1 ½ times bigger than the drawing. If the length of the perch in the drawing ¾ in., what will be its actual length? A 1 ½ in B 2 ¼ in C 1 1/8 in D 1 ¼ in C

49 47 The sides of a triangle are 5 cm, 6 cm and 8 cm. The longest side of a similar triangle is 10 cm. What is the length of the shortest side of the similar triangle? A 6 cm B 6.25 cm C 7 cm D 8 cm B

50 48 NO CALCULATORS!! If b= -4 and c= 3, evaluate 5b - (3c)^2 A 41 B -74 C 61 D -101 D

51 49 NO CALCULATORS!! Before they entered 7 th grade, ¾ of Mike’s class had visited the state capital, and 12 had not yet visited the capital. How many students are in Mike’s class? A 36 students B 18 students C 48 students D 40 students C

52 50 Jake will pour a cement base beneath his basketball hoop. He built the form shown in the diagram, with boards that were 6 in high. How many cubic feet of cement will Jake need? A 36 cu ft B 19 cu ft C 228 cu ft D 432 cu ft A 4 ft 3 ft 6 ft 10 ft 3 ft 6 ft

53 51 In what other way could the expression 2a^3 + ab be represented? A 2a x 2a x 2a + ab B 2 x a x a x a + ab C 2a^4 +b D 2 x a x 3 + a x b B

54 52 Mitch sliced a cylinder from top to bottom, perpendicular to the bases. When he pulled the halves apart, what shape could be seen on the inside? A circle B triangle C parallelogram D rectangle D

55 53 To pour gravel 3.5in deep into the bottom of a fish tank whose bottom measures 30in. by 22in, Rita used a tin can that is 6in high and has a base with a diameter of 4.5in. How many full cans of gravel will she have to put into the tank before the gravel fills more than 3.5in? (use 3.14) A 24 cans B 25 cans C 26 cans D 27 cans B

56 54 NO CALCULATORS!! Mason picked 14 bushels of corn in 3 hours. If he maintains the same rate, how many bushes will he pick in 4 ½ hours? A 15 ½ bushels B 63 bushels C 21 bushels D 20 bushels C

57 55 What is the perimeter of the triangle. A 5x+3 B 5x+5 C 3x+3 D 6x+3 A X+1 X+3 3x-1

58 56 Grant was disappointed with his math average on his first 4 test was an 88. He wanted to raise his average to a 90. What score does grant need on his 5 th test to have an average of 90. A 95 B 98 C 90 D 93 B

59 57 The following scores were used to make a box and whisker plot, all the following would be true except which one? 90,83,75,90,75,87,75,84,90 A The scores that represent will also be the whiskers. B The scores that represent the mode will also be the 1 st and 3 rd quartiles C The mean will be the same as 2 nd quartile D The range will be equal to the interquartile range. C

60 58 Which has the largest surface area? Cylinder A: diameter=6 height=3 Cylinder B: radius=2 height=8 Cylinder C: diameter=7 height=1 A Cylinder A B Cylinder B C Cylinder C D All have the same B

61 59 NO CALCULATORS!! If x= -5 and y=2, what will 2(x-y)^2 equal? A -98 B 98 C 36 D 196 B

62 60 What is the interquartile range of the data below? 75,70,80,93,76,77,86,62,77,93,72 A 14 B 18 C 16.5 D 31 A

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