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Ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF1 Pneumatic Cylinders.

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1 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF1 Pneumatic Cylinders

2 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF2 Introduction Cylinders convert the pressure into straight line mechanical force and motion Compressed air entering one end of the cylinder and causes the piston to move Higher pressure will created a greater force The speed of piston is determined by the flow rate of compressed air

3 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF3 Features of Pneumatic cylinders Single acting cylinder –It has power stroke in one direction only –A small air vent is require at the dead end of the cylinder to prevent air locking –A compression spring returns the piston to its original position when the compressed is exhausted –Used for clamping, ejecting, lifting & feeding

4 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF4 Features of Pneumatic cylinders Double acting cylinder –It has power stroke in both directions –No air vent is needed as pressure is require in both extending and retracting motions

5 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF5 Features of Pneumatic cylinders Cylinder cushioning –they are double acting cylinder come with the feature of cushioning –piston will slow down toward the end of the stroke in either direction of movement

6 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF6 Types of Cylinders Cylinder with double sided piston rod –with single piston rod emerging from both of the cylinder –used when equal thrust or speed in both direction to be equaled

7 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF7 Types of Cylinders Tandem cylinder –consist of 2 or more cylinders mounted inline with pistons connected by common piston rod –increased output force –smaller diameter –shorter stroke

8 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF8 Types of Cylinders Multi-position cylinder –consist of two or more cylinder connected together –two cylinder having a different stroke length –two cylinder placed back to back will enable of four different positions Stroke 100 mmStroke 200 mm 0100200300

9 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF9 Types of Cylinders Impact Cylinder –producing high kinetic energy and high thrust –initial exposed piston area is small –whole piston area exposed suddenly when piston started to move forward –force increases and the piston accelerated rapidly

10 ms 4.20 pneumatic cylinders/Tieh SF10 Cylinder Mountings Mounting methods of cylinders will influence the service life 3 main categories of mounting –centerline mounting –foot mounting –pivot mounting

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