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Boyle’s Law.

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1 Boyle’s Law

2 Boyles Law Shows the mathematical relationship between pressure and volume if all other variables are constant Inversely related P1V1 = P2V2 STP – abbreviation of standard temp and pressure ( 0oC and 1 atm)


4 Examples A sample of gas occupies 125ml at standard pressure. What is its pressure when its volume is compressed to 75.0 ml? A cylinder fitted wit a piston contains 14.0L at a pressure of atms. The entire contents of the cylinder are forced into a tightly folded plastic bag at 1.00atm. What will the volume of the bag be?

5 Practice The pressure of 625ml sample of gas is changed from atm to 1.45atm. What is the new volume of the gas? In the compression stroke of an engine, the volume of the cylinder changes from 900ml at 1.00atm to 125ml. What is the final pressure in the cylinder?

6 Practice The cylinder of a typical pump has a volume of 1.25L at standard pressure. A bicycle tire is intended to be inflated to a total pressure of 4.75atm. To reach this pressure, the confined gas in the pump is compressed to a smaller volume. At what volume does the confined gas exert a pressure of 4.75atm?

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