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Unit 4 Optimism and Positive Thinking

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1 Unit 4 Optimism and Positive Thinking

2 Brain storm Figure out the expressions related to optimistic and pessimistic attitude. And you can work in groups. confidence; delight; happiness; persistence; energetic; high-spirited; upward; desiring; downhearted; doomed; depressed; disappointed; heartbroken; hopeless;

3 Get started How do you feel about your present life?
Are you in a bad mood sometimes? If so, why? How do you react to difficulties in life? Can you give an example? Do you think optimism is the key to a happy and better life? Now, we go to review a classical movie…


5 Every day, Chris had to work hard from morning till night, but still could hardly make a living. Unfortunately, his wife left Chris because of life pressure, leaving him and her five-year-old son. And naturally, Chris became a single father. The destitution of life was absolutely depressing, but for his son’s future, for his own belief, Chris never gave up and he still strongly believed that happiness would come one day if he worked hard enough today.

6 To start ……



9 This is little part, it is call happiness
这短暂的一刻,叫做“幸福” This is little part, it is call happiness

10 As a father, he tells his boy……

11 There is an I in "happiness“. There is no Y in "happiness“. It's an I.
I'm the type of person,if you ask me a question, and I don't konw the answer,I'm gonna to tell you that I don't konw.But I bet you what: I konw how to find the answer, and I'll find the answer.

12 In the end… One has to strongly believe in himself, no matter how difficult the situation is, but of course, hard-working is indispensable.


14 Global understanding Parts Paragraphs Main Ideas 1 1~3 2 4~7 3 8~10

15 Para 1-3 1. According to Devos, why is it a matter of one’s own decision to choose between optimism and pessimism? (para.1) 2. What should we choose between optimism and pessimism? (para.2) 3. Why does Devos believe in the upward look? (para.3)

16 Key phrases in reverse cause-and-effect relationship look up in hope
1. 反之亦然 cause-and-effect relationship 2. 因果关系 3. 塑造自己的前途与理想 shape one’s outlook and expectations look up in hope 4. 积极向上 look down in despair 5. 垂头丧气 the upward look 6. 积极向上的生活态度 slip over 7. 忽视;遗漏 by choice 8. 凭选择;凭爱好 by nature 9. 天生地 live through 10. 经过……仍然活着 when all is said and done 11. 归根结底

17 Key sentences 1. There seems to be a natural cause-and-effect relationship between optimism and success. 2. Optimism and pessimism are with powerful forces, and each of us must choose which we want, so as to shape our outlook and our expectations. 3. But when all is said and done, I find that the good in life is far greater and more important than the bad.

18 Para 4-7 1.Why does Devos say that an optimistic attitude is a necessity? (para.4) 2.Why did Devos feel a little sick when he got home? (para.5) 3.Why did his skin appear yellow when he was at the service station? (para.6) 4.What does the author’s experience at the service station show? (para.7)

19 Key phrases feed on / upon a service station an odd question
13. 以……为食; 14. 加油站 a service station an odd question 15. 一个古怪问题 16. 感到有点心神不宁 feel a little uneasy pull over 17. 把(车)停路边 18. 染上怪病 pick up some rare disease figure out 19. 理解;想出 20. 对……产生巨大影响 have a profound effect on …

20 Key sentences 1.Conversely, negative thoughts, attitudes, and expectations feed on themselves; they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 2.Without hesitation, he continued to tell me how bad I looked and that my skin appeared yellow. 3.That single negative observation had a profound effect on the way I felt and acted.

21 Para 8-10 1. What is one of the things that Devos is most thankful for? (para.8) 2. What is the author’s opinion about the relationship between a culture and individuals in terms of attitude? (para.9) 3.What is author’s opinion of the people who criticize America’s space program? (para.10)

22 Key phrases positive affirmation grand tradition make a difference
21. 积极的肯定 positive affirmation 22. 伟大的传统 grand tradition 23. 会产生很大影响 make a difference 24. 导致 result in 25. 矢志不移的坚韧 great persistence

23 Key sentences 1.The only thing more powerful than negativism is a positive affirmation, a word of optimism and hope. 2.Think in positive terms about how to address the issue rather than criticizing money spent on another program, such as America’s space program, which has resulted in many positive discoveries that have benefited mankind. 3.When you’re an optimist, you’re more concerned with problem-solving than with useless fault-finding. 4.It takes a dreamer — someone with hopelessly optimistic ideas, great persistence, and unlimited confidence — to tackle a problem that big.

24 Quiz Are you an optimist about the future? Or are you a pessimist?
This quiz will help you find out. Directions: Answer the following ten questions. You will get some points for each answer. Then figure out the total mark of the ten.

25 Quiz Do you think that 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. people all over the world will be living in peace in twenty years? people will be enjoying longer, healthier lives in fifty years? hunger in the world will be eliminated in your lifetime? scientists will find a cure for cancer or AIDS in your lifetime? global warming will be stopped in your lifetime? the world will be a better place for everyone by the next century? you will live your entire life more comfortably than your parents or grandparents? the “information age” will result in higher education for everyone? That a new source of energy will be available when fossil fuels run out? human rights around the world will improve significantly in the next twenty years?

26 The following result is for your reference.
Scoring Result 0~10 Pessimistic — You’re “down in the dumps”. Cheer up! 11~20 Occasionally pessimistic — “Every cloud has a silver lining.” 21~30 Middle of the road — “You win some. You lose some.” 31~40 Occasionally optimistic — “Every dog has his day.” 41~50 Optimistic — You’re “on top of the world.”

27 Summary of the text The optimist takes action,the pessimist takes a seat.An optimist takes a look at a half glass of water and says it’s half full.A pessimist looks at the same half glass of water and says it’s half empty.An optimist is a person who will still climb up a tree to enjoy his view even chased by a lion. 乐观者采取行动,悲观者寻找椅子坐下。一个乐观者看着半杯说它是半满的,悲观者看着同样的半杯水说它是半空的。一个乐观者即使被一头狮子追着,还能够爬上树继续观赏风景。

28 If your life feels like it is lacking the power that you want and the motivation that you need, sometimes all you have to do is shift your point of view. 如果你觉得心有余力不足,觉得缺乏前进的动力,有时候你只需要改变思维的角度。 By training your thoughts to concentrate on the bright side of things, you are more likely to have the incentive to follow through on your goals. You are less likely to be held back by negative ideas that might limit your performance. 试着训练自己的思想朝好的一面看,这样你就会汲取实现目标的动力,而不会因为消极沉沦停滞不前。

29 Your life can be enhanced, and your happiness enriched, when you choose to change your perspective. Don't leave your future to chance, or wait for things to get better mysteriously on their own. You must go in the direction of your hopes and aspirations. Begin to build your confidence, and work through problems rather than avoid them. Remember that power is not necessarily control over situations, but the ability to deal with whatever comes your way. 一旦变换看问题的角度,你的生活会豁然开朗,幸福快乐会 接踵而来。别交出掌握命运的主动权,也别指望局面会不可 思议的好转。你必须与内心希望与热情步调一致。建立自 信,敢于与困难短兵相接,而非绕道而行。记住,力量不是 驾驭局势的法宝,无坚不摧的能力才是最重要的。

30 Do you see the glass as half-full rather than half empty
Do you see the glass as half-full rather than half empty? Do you keep your eyes upon the donut, not upon the hole? Optimism can help you to be happier, healthier and more successful. Pessimism leads, by contrast, to hopeless, sickness and failure. So, what will you do? 你看到的是杯子里的半杯水,还是空着的另一半?你的眼睛盯着的是面包圈,还是它当中的圆洞?乐观能够让你更加快乐,健康,成功,而悲观则会导致无望,疾病以及挫败。你又会怎么做呢?

31 Famous celebrities The feast of life is so right! My life there is a trickle-down tours every Yuet, thanks to God immediately under total 10,000 Flowing Down; my breath for each note, he is always dumping the whole piece of music such as the Su - Kam. Gift of life that the only reward for those willing to have a taste of the people. 生命之宴该是如此吧!我对生命中的涓滴每有一分赏悦,上帝总立即赐下万道流泉;我为每一个音符凝神,他总是倾下整匹的音乐如素锦。生命的厚礼,原来只赏赐给那些肯于一尝的人。 The world does not "perfect." We are not happy with them depends on the reality "should be" look how great the distance between. If we do not always expect perfect happiness in this matter on the sub-file is much more simple. 世界本来就不“完美”。我们不快乐的程度取决于现实跟它们“应该是”的样子之间有多大距离。如果我们不凡事苛求完美,快乐这档子事就简单得多了。

32 Famous celebrities In between life and death there is still a wonderful journey called life. This is a magical journey, it should be full of fantasy, imagination, knowledge, and understanding the reality. 在生与死之间还有一段美妙的征程,叫做生活。这是一段神奇的旅途,它应该充满了梦幻、想象、知识、现实和领悟。 If you realize that life is a one-way road, you will never again pass by the same landscape, then you should enjoy life to himself, and that is what the true meaning of happiness. 如果你意识到,生命是一条单向车道,你永远不可能再次路过相同的风景,那么你就应该全身心地去享受生活,而这就是快乐的真谛了 .

33 Assignment Directions: Write a composition of about 120 words entitled “Be an Optimist”. You can support your arguments with words and expressions from the text. Be an Optimist 1. 有的人乐观,有的人悲观 2. 乐观和悲观的影响 3. 如何做个乐观的人

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