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Techflo exhaust system

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1 Techflo exhaust system
NG1 Tech Better Solutions for Tomorrow's World The Product Techflo exhaust system

2 NG1 Tech Introduces the Revolutionary new TECHFLO DIESEL EXHAUST SYSTEM
Developed by an inventor with extensive experience in engine development, gas extraction, carburetion, and thermal exhaust flow with performance engines. Techflo Exhaust Test results have proven: Fuel Savings of 10-20% Increased Torque and Horsepower Decreased Emissions Lowered Sound Decibels

3 About the Technology: For 2007 and older P/U and Class 8 trucks (Not currently mounting with DPF or Urea ) Air Velocity This system has demonstrated in testing that it increases the velocity at which the exhaust gases enter and exit the exhaust system by over 30%. Once enough air velocity is created (slightly above idle), the spin design of the system creates a natural vacuum effect which assists the engine in exiting the exhaust gases. Temperature Our product lowers engine temperatures. The increase in velocity of air flow away from the engine also pulls heat away from the engine. NG1 Techflo exhaust tests register higher temperatures in the exhaust passage over a regular exhaust system, indicating that it draws heat directly from the engine. Emissions The increase in air velocity flowing from the engine allows the engine to breathe more efficiently. It lowers engine cylinder temperatures by drawing heat away from engine causing a more complete particulate matter burn thus “lowering emissions while gaining power”. Between fuel savings and emission reduction, with no significant Nox production (because there is no secondary high temperature burn system), we expect to average a 50% total reduction in emissions. ( Not yet CARB approved ) Sound This product is the first “straight-through” muffler to reduce sound while increasing velocity of exhausting gases. All around engine benefits make NG1 Techflo exhaust the key to your diesel engine’s top performance and longevity.

4 Typical Overall Test Results and Benefits
Lower fuel consumption Cleaner emissions Lowers black soot Reduced engine wear Torque gain Horsepower gain Cooler engine running temperatures Same or lower decibel level Increased engine reliability

5 Tested by Cobra Design Engineering
People said “Prove It”, so we did. But we didn’t get just any Engineering group, we asked Cobra design and engineering group ( – one of the top Department of Defense engineer contracting firms in the country. Cobra data shows: An increase in velocity from the engine of 36%, Fuel consumption savings at all speeds tested including (65mph Highway) at 10% or greater with a fuel savings at 45 mph of 22.9% That’s a game changer!

6 Fuel Flow Sensor Details

7 shows significant savings in Gallons Per Hour of fuel used,
Diesel Fuel Tests Results of Fuel tests utilizing Flo Scan diagnostic equipment on: Factory pipe with Catalytic Converter Factory pipe no Catalytic Converter Straight pipe NG1 Techflo Exhaust Ng1 Techflo Exhaust shows significant savings in Gallons Per Hour of fuel used, providing up to 10-20% Fuel Savings!

8 Exhaust Gas Flow Sensor Locations
Turbocharger Pitot Tube #3 Downpipe Thermocouple #3 Pitot Tube #1 Pitot Tube #2 Thermocouple #1 Thermocouple #2 Note: Not to scale

9 Tested by Engineers, Proven by Satisfied Customers
AIR FLOW TESTS The factory stock exhaust system without Catalytic Converter loses velocity as it travels through the exhausting process, while the NG1 Techflo Exhaust maintains or increases its air speed as the exhaust exits the system. Also note the NG1 Techflo Exhaust has an increase in all starting air velocities, proving we are increasing flow from the engine. Stock pipe system without Catalytic Converter looses air flow velocity as gasses flow out of exhaust pipe. NG1 Techflo Exhaust maintains or increases air flow velocity, while exhibiting higher air velocity right from the engine.

10 PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch
Straight Thru Exhaust System without Techflo Muffler Pressure and Air Velocity Data GPH = Gallons Per Hour PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch

11 PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch
Stock Exhaust without Catalytic Converter Pressure and Air Velocity Data GPH = Gallons Per Hour PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch

12 NG1 Exhaust Pressure and Air Velocity Data
GPH = Gallons Per Hour PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch

13 Techflo Exhaust fixes the problem of emissions at it’s SOURCE.
This technology’s design solves the problem of particulate matter emissions in diesel engines by solving the problem at it’s source. Particulate Filtration, Catalytic Converters and Urea Systems are designed to catch and burn what is emitted from the engine All secondary burn systems increase Nox production. These systems only catch and burn what is emitted from the engine – the trick is how to create a complete particulate matter burn at the cylinder so as not to create the soot to begin with. With NG1 Techflo Exhaust no secondary high temperature burn system is used, Nox levels remain low. Instead of trying to design a system to pick up the mess left over from the engine, we fix the problem at it’s source.

14 Types of Mountable Diesel Trucks
Ford F-250 Dodge 2500 Work Trucks Ford F-350/450 Dodge 3500 Box Trucks Suitable for mounting 2007 or older engines Liters. Not Mountable on trucks with particulate filtration, urea or regeneration systems, reduced fuel savings with catalytic converters. Ford F-550/650 Tow Trucks

15 Easy to Mount for Pick-ups
The System has no moving parts. It is a straight through system including: 1 Power Pipe 1 Muffler 2 Welding Brackets 1 hook hanging Bracket 1 Muffler Ring 1 Seal Clamp for tuning 3 Bolts for Brackets 1 Tailpipe Muffler Power Pipe It is easy to mount.  1. Installation involves removing the old exhaust system 2. Attach power pipe approximately 6 inches from the engine down pipe turning straight 3. Attach muffler to the power pipe or spacer

16 “Coming NEW YEARS Day 2013” Single Diesel Transport Trucks
120,000 miles/year @ 6 miles/gallon @ $3.85/gal Equals $77,000/year spent on fuel. Cost Savings with Techflo Exhaust Pipe Retrofitted 1 Truck 10 Trucks @10% Savings $7,700/year $77,000/year @20% Savings $15,400/year $154,000/year 10% for 5 Years $38,500 $385,000 20% for 5 Years $77,000 $770,000 Cost Savings With Techflo exhaust pipe retrofitted: @ 10% savings = $7,700/year @ 20% savings = $15,400/year

17 Freightliner, Detroit Diesel
Testimonial “I’m very excited about the Techflo exhaust system. Using the Techflo exhaust I have amazing torque and registered a 14% + fuel savings” The product paid for itself in under 2 months… – Mike Bishop, Owner/Operator Memphis Tn. Freightliner, Detroit Diesel 60 series

18 Testimonial “ I run a fleet of over 50 trucks. I am personally amazed. I am now outfitting my trucks and saving on average from 13% to over 20% on some trucks. I recommend this product, the results don’t lie… – Stoney Suit, Owner/ S&J logistics, Memphis Tn. International, ISX 9400i

19 Freightliner, Detroit Diesel
Testimonial “My trucks where running at MPG. After the install I immediately noticed a 14% fuel savings with more power and less sound. At this rate it paid for itself in less than 3 months. – Tim Swinford, Owner/ Swinford Trucking, Paducah, Kentucky. Freightliner, Detroit Diesel 60 Series liter

20 Testimonial “As the owner/operator of a 3500 Dodge Dually, Hauling 30,000-35,000 lb loads up and down the East Coast of the US, we have gotten results. Since we installed the NG1 Techflo exhaust system I have been getting a consistent 21-25% Fuel savings and much better torque.” – Chris Minor, Owner/Operator FM Transport, Sarasota, FL

21 Testimonial “We are satisfied with our NG1 Techflo Exhaust. We have captured fuel savings and definitely notice an increase in torque.” Owner, Resort Provisions Orlando, FL

22 Confidentiality/Disclaimer
Recipients of this presentation and customers acknowledge that this exhaust system is the intellectual property of Techflo Systems, and patented therein. All rights to this presentation are confidential and belong to NG1Technologies, LLC Viewers of this presentation agree to obtain the approval of NG1Tech representative directly before releasing to another contact. Launching Class 8 sales January 2013

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