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Items from Pricelist Accessories, Additional Options, Meteorology and Tools.

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1 Items from Pricelist Accessories, Additional Options, Meteorology and Tools

2 Accessories Consumables Option GPRS and UMTS GPS -40°C Option Extended Lifetime Sample Filter Holder Mounting Kits

3 Accessories Consists of: DFU-Filter, 2pcs. Activated charcoal, 1 pc. Purafil, 1 pc. Pump rebuilt kit, 1/2 pcs. Sample Filter 25pcs. Filter pad, 3 pcs. Depending on Modules Consumables 801-099204 – Base Unit 2D, PM 801-099205 – Base Unit 4D (in case also for 2D and PM) For one year of operation Included in the System

4 Option GPRS – Option UMTS 800-099100 GSM/GPRS Modem with flexible antenna, power supply and coaxial cabling.

5 Option GPRS – Option UMTS 800-099103 UMTS/3G Modem with flexible external antenna, power supply and coaxial cabling. Faster as GPRS

6 GPS 801-085000 Global Positioning System embedded in the ap hardware and system software. Provides exact position of the ap in case of performing mobile monitoring. Mounted on top of airpointer

7 -40° C Option Additional heater to preheat ap before start in case of very low temperatures. Attached to AC, so 2 versions available for 230V and 115V.

8 Extended Lifetime Sampler Filter Holder 801-500100 Housing for cylinder style sample filter with 8-times lager surface and a more than 10- times longer filter lifetime One cylinder style filter included

9 Extended Lifetime Sampler Filter Holder Further special options for this Filter type available - Option SamFilter Board - High Humidity Option

10 Option SamFilter Board 801-500110 – Option SamFilter Board Differential pressure measurement for Extended Lifetime Sample Filter to monitor the contamination level (only available with 801- 500100)

11 High Humidity Option 801-500120 – High Humidity Option Heating to avoid condensation incl. reservoir for moisture and alarm sensor to prevent overflow (only available with 801-500100 and 801-500110)

12 Mounting Kits 801-101020 Wall mounting kit

13 Mounting kits 801-101022 Mast Mounting kit (fix diameter 60mm)

14 Mounting Kits 801-101021 Mast Mounting Kit + Mast mounting kit for variable diameter (59 – 150 mm)

15 Standard Modules Configuration according to customer needs NOx, SO2, O3, CO, PM ISM for NOx, SO2 CO and O3 ISM come w/o Permtubes! -Filling Station for CO Cylinder -Sampling Heads

16 Filling Station for CO Cylinder 801-081205 Adapter and pressure regulator for regular CO cylinder for the refilling of the small internal airpointer CO cylinder (CO ISM)

17 Sampling Heads 801-080001 PM10 Head 801-080003 PM2,5 Head Both to be used with the Particulate Matter module

18 Special Application Sensors Indoor Air Quality Kits Multi Sensor Module (MSM) CO2 Sensors VOC Sensor

19 Indoor Air Quality Kits 801-006200 Indoor Air Quality Kit CO2, Temperature, Humidity Ranges: 0 – 2000 ppm 0 – 5000 ppm Combined Indoor Air Quality Monitoring application

20 Multi Sensor Module (MSM) 801-006100 Housing for max. 3 Electrochemical Sensors (EC) or 2 EC Sensors and 1 VOC (PID) to be mounted on the airpointer EC Sensors for variable gases (H2, NH3, Cl2…)

21 Multi Sensor Module (MSM) CO 2 Sensors to be connected to the MSM Module VOC to be integrated into the MSM Module CO2 Sensor 801-600010 (range 0-2000 ppm) 801-600011 (range 0-5000 ppm) 801-600020 - VOC Sensor Plug-In PID Sensor

22 Additional Options Workshop trolley stand Mobile Lift Traffic Data Sensor Noise Sensor Watchdog Upgrade kit Mini UPS

23 Workshop trolley stand 800-100102 Stand to hang up the airpointer especially for service and maintenance purposes in a workshop.

24 Workshop trolley stand 800-100102 Stand to hang up the airpointer especially for service and maintenance purposes in a workshop.

25 Mobile Lift 801-700021 Trolley for easy movement of the airpointer, which can be moved in two positions 801-700024 Upgrade for mobile lift to a continuously variable screw driven lift 801-700025 Mobile Lift for an airpointer PM

26 Traffic Data Sensor 801-084100 Optical System for continuous monitoring of typical traffic data including vehicle quantity, length- classification or speed

27 Noise Sensor 801-084600 Fully weather protected outdoor noise measurement microphone. Purpose designed to process noise measurement information

28 Watchdog Upgrade kit 801-912300 Exchange of a watchdog board Rev. C to a watchdog board Rev. D including the Mini UPS 801-500000 (Mini UPS) Battery pack for airpointer PC, that enables a safe shut down of the PC Only available with watchdog board Rev. D

29 Meteorology Different configuration, for different parameter measurement One configuration measures all parameters Compact Weather Station WS 200 – 600 Multi Parameter Weather sensor Solar Radiation Sensor (Pyranometer)

30 Compact Weather Stations 801-090006 Compact Weather Station WS 600 Compact weather station for wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation type and intensity for integration into the airpointer Base Unit

31 Solar Radiation Sensor 800-600040 Sensor for solar radiation

32 Tools Specifications and explanations will be done by my colleague Alexander Tomic Tool Box for AQM service engineers Airpoiner test bench Leak checking tools

33 The End Thank you for your attention!

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