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Impact System Impact cylinders used for cleaning of heating surfaces at industrial and waste incineration plants Alexander Haug.

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1 Impact System Impact cylinders used for cleaning of heating surfaces at industrial and waste incineration plants Alexander Haug

2 Alexander Haug, Waste-to-Energy Plant / Impact System DeliveryIncinerationFlue Gas Cleaning »Pneumatic impact cylinder is used for the efficient cleaning of contaminated heating areas in waste-to-energy plants »Adjustable impact energy allows precise and effective cleaning »Clean heating elements are the basic to keep the overall efficiency of the evaporator, super- heater and economizer at a constant level »Extending the OPERATING TIME of the plant and maximizing waste throughput

3 Alexander Haug, Cleaning Heating Surfaces of Incinerators Existing Techniques Electro-pneumatic impact wagon Pneumatic Single Rapping Alternative Mechanical drop hammer system

4 Alexander Haug, Waste-to-Energy-plant – Flowchart of burning process »Delivered waste is collected in the storage pit. »Cranes then transport the waste to the funnel tube. »The waste is then evenly distributed on the grate where it is dried, vented and incinerated at temperatures between 850ºC and 1100ºC »Resultant smoke gases collect in the reburner zone where the waste is complete burned »The heat produced during this process produces stream which, in turn, is used to generate electricity through a turbine storage pit funnel tube grate reburning zone steam boiler Burning Process

5 Alexander Haug, Cleaning the Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger hopper convective heating surface hot flue gas »High concentration of sticky particles in the flue gas »These particles will blockage the flue gas path Cleaning the heating surface is necessary to run the plant and guarantees a high degree of efficiency

6 Alexander Haug, Rapping Process »High impact force provide an efficient cleaning »Rapping the polluted heating tube bundles caused an oscillation, which shake off the build up material »Cleaning with air or water is no longer required »Extension of travel time before shut down the plant »Increase the overall efficiency and waste throughput of the plant boiler casing tube bundle sticky particles plunger

7 Alexander Haug, Demand of the customers Optimization of the cleaning system »Optimal cleaning of the heat exchange surfaces to optimize the absolute efficiency »Subsequent and Individual adjustment of the impact force »Reducing maintenance costs »Reducing the construction volume »Feedback to control room of the cleaning activity »Check the wear and inform about failures »Process stability »Guarantee maximum travel time

8 Alexander Haug, Pneumatic Single Position Rapping »Individual adaptation of impact force for each point »Wear indicators »Check the wear and inform about failures »Low noise level »High process reliability »Low maintenance cost and just a few spare and wear parts

9 Alexander Haug, »Elements of the Norgren Impact System - Project »Product  Impact Cylinder »Control Cabinet  SPS (S7) Profibus DP  S7 Touch Panel  Coupler for Profibus or Fibre Optic Cable  Valve Islands (3/2 way function) »Software »Engineering/Documentation »Installation »Commissioning »Optional »Mounting flanges with plungers and springs Norgren Impact System

10 Alexander Haug, Impact Cylinder SPCH/ Application: cleaning of heating surfaces at industrial and incineration plants » Technical data - SPCH/ »Temperature range: -20 º C to + 80 º C »Pressure range: 3 – 7.5 bar »Impact energy: 125 Joule at 7.5 bar control pressure »Triggering via valve islands with 3/2-way double solenoid valve (single-acting) »Compressed air: filtered 40 um »Junction: hose fitting PA-pipe (Ø10mm) »Air consumption: approx 5 litres per impact

11 Alexander Haug, Adjustment of the Impact Energy Adjusting screw

12 Alexander Haug, Force Compensation »Force reduction in the end position leads to better vibrations on the pipes Without compensation With compensation

13 Alexander Haug, Wear measurement of the striking pins inside the boiler Dipstick Min- Max display Status at the flange Automatic wear-indicator – can be replaced with electrical pressure switch Dipstick (go, no-go status) of pin wear

14 Alexander Haug, Optical Wear Indicator for SPCH/ Wear of the impact pin inside the boiler can be assessed with the dipstick: Remove visual indicator Insert dipstick Assess whether it is within acceptable region Reassemble the indicator When the wear is > 16 mm, the indicator is red and the cylinder will not impact. Remove indicator to reset. This protects both the cylinder and the boiler parts.

15 Alexander Haug, Drawing Impact Cylinder SPCH/080003

16 Alexander Haug, »High efficiency constantly during heat exchange due to effective rapping of the pipes »Savings in support and operation Picture description: Left side: pipes due to bad rapping Right side: pipes after good rapping (Norgren) Benefits of the Norgren Impact System

17 Alexander Haug, Reference List - Impact Systems GermanyBuilt »MVA Leuna Boiler I + II2006 »MVA Sonne (Großräschen)2008 »MVA Premnitz2008 »MVA Hameln2009 »MVA Herten1982 »MVA Mannheim2009 International »WTE Dürnrohr Boiler I + II (Austria) 2005 »WTE Dürnrohr Boiler III (Austria) 2009 »WTE Pfaffenau (Austria) 2009 »WTE Delfzijl Boiler I + II (NL) 2009 »KEBAG Emmenspitz (Switzerland) 2006 »KVA Chevenez, Geneve (Switzerland) 2002/2009 »KVA Turgi Aarau (Switzerland) 1996 »WTE Allington* (UK) 2005 »WTE Moskau* (Russia) 2007 *Impact wagon system

18 Alexander Haug, Project D ü rnrohr Boiler I + II + III Impact system with 94 impact cylinders per boiler

19 Alexander Haug, Control Cabinet Impact System Dürnrohr (Austria) »SPS (S7 300) Profibus DP »Signal via Profibus- or LWL coupling »User input with S7 OP touch panel »Solenoid valve island 48 x 3/2-way double valves »Push- In slot via 10 mm PA- pipe

20 Alexander Haug, Impact System »Each impact point is controlled with one cylinder »Access via angle screw coupling and a 10 mm PA- pipe »Assembly of the impact cylinder on the boiler with a flange or welding bell »Each side of the boiler is controlled via control cabinet with valve island and control panel

21 Alexander Haug, Cleaning of heating surfaces with single impact spots Dürnrohr (Austria) »Single-acting impact cylinders (94 per boiler) »Triggered via valve island with double 3/2-way solenoid valves »5 liters / impact at 6.5 bar »One 10mm PA tube per cylinder

22 Alexander Haug, Key Advantages of Norgren Impact System »Optimal cleaning »Extend the maximum travel time of the plant »Guarantee high overall efficient »Maximize the waste throughput »Keep an “ Eye ” into the boiler »Check the wear and inform about failures »Subsequent adjustment of the cleaning system to your plant »In- / decrease the impact force »Change the iteration of the cylinder groups »Nearly no maintenance and no spare and wear parts »Comfortable operation and feedback to the control room

23 Alexander Haug, Contact

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