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1 Quick Menu Quick Menu To navigate this presentation use slide 4 and click on the numbered icons on the left

2 Aim To introduce personnel to the Dräger PSS 7000t BA Set.

3 Objectives: By the end of this session personnel Will have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the functions relating to the use of the Dräger PSS 7000t BA

4 Dräger PSS 7000 1.Cylinder 3 Slides 2.Reducer 1 Slide 3.Back plate 3 Slides 4.Harness 3 Slides 5.Pneumatics 2 Slides 6.LDV 1 Slide 7.FPS 7000 Face Mask 1 Slide 8.Bodyguard 7000t EMU 3 Slides 9. Log Off Quick Selection Menu

5 Cylinder: HIGH PERFORMANCE LIGHT WEIGHT COMPRESSED AIR CYLINDER Final Resin Layer Glass Wrap Carbon Wrap Aluminium Liner Anti corrosive layer Right angled cylinder valve Copper anti debris tube NEXT

6 Cylinder: Cylinder serial number Water Volume (L) Working Pressure (bar) Date of manufacture + 5 # years… PREVIOUS NEXT

7 Bar Cylinder Calculations 9 ltr Vol x 300 Bar = 2700 ltr 2700 x 0.9 ( correction factor ) = 2430 50 ltrs Min Total Duration = 49 Mins Safety Margin - 12 Mins Working Duration = 37 Mins Drager PREVIOUS MENU

8 Reducer Pneumatic Whistle Anti-tamper disk Longer Thread for 300 bar 2 nd wearer ‘Y-Piece’ O-ring for pressure seal Built in Anti-vibration O-ring Bronze sintered filter Spring loaded reducer mounting MENU

9 Back Plate  High strength light-weight carbon composite  Pivoting/swivelling waist belt  Fully adjustable yoke to 3 sizes (S,M,L)  Built-in carrying handles  Integrated electronics  Integrated hoses  Modular design NEXT

10 Back Plate Spring-loaded waist belt pivot point Spring Clips size adjustment Bodyguard pressure module & Battery pack Bodyguard ( Gauge ) Hose routed through back plate Size Markings (S,M,L) Battery release point Battery ( A fully charged battery will last for 8 hrs ) PREVIOUS NEXT

11 Back Plate Rubber Buffer Reducer Housing Carrying Handles LDV Auxiliary take off PREVIOUS MENU Charging point

12 Harness:  Neoprene rubber bonded to polyester fibre matrix  High wear resistance  Harness remains in position  High temperature performance  Material grips the wearers clothing and prevents slippage. NEXT

13 Harness Hose retaining flaps Cylinder strap with “camlock” buckle Trident clip Spark-proof buckles Quick release Waist belt assembly Shoulder straps (designed to grip wearers PPE) PREVIOUS NEXT

14 Harness  Quick release shoulder harness and waist belt  Quick assembly and disassembly  Quick turnaround times in the workshop  Easy cleaning  Heavy duty stainless steel friction buckles  Webbing will not twist within buckle  Easy adjustment with gloves PREVIOUS MENU

15 Pneumatics  Filter and ‘O’ ring replaced annually.  Reducer exchanged every ten years.  Reducer output 6-9 bar (dynamic & static pressures )  Reducer relief valve lift off pressure 11-16 bar.  Choke screw set to 25 lts per minute.  Pneumatic LPWW operates at 60 Bar + or – 5 Bar  Whistle uses approx. 4 ltrs of air per minute.  Positive pressure in mask between 0.1 and 0.3 bar above atmosphere… NEXT

16 Pressures  300 Bar – Nominal Charge (100%)  270 Bar – Minimum for full test (New Cylinder) (90%)  245 Bar - Minimum on completion of General test  240 Bar – Minimum Initial Entry (80%)  150 Bar – Minimum Re-entry (50%)  120 Bar – Minimum for Decontamination (40%)  74 Bar – Bodyguard LPWW (25%)  60 +/- 5 Bar – Pneumatic (failsafe LPWW) (20%) PREVIOUS MENU

17 Lung Demand Valve (LDV) Swivel coupling Constant flow switch Re-set button LDV Release Buttons MENU

18 FPS 7000 Face Mask 5 Point head harness attachments Mask body Inner Mask (orinasal) Mushroom Valve Integrated comm’s speaker Polycarbonate Visor LDV Port Exhalation Valve Voice Enhancement Speaker PTT Button Radio connection Voice Enhancement power button on R/H side MENU

19 Bodyguard 7000 Radial segments pressure and timing Left Hand button Distress alarm button Hose/Cable assembly to electronic pressure transmitter module Right hand button Time to whistle Digital pressure reading ADSU Tally key Blue, Red & Green LED’s NEXT

20 Bodyguard 7000  Provides continuous monitoring of the SCBA. ( GREEN LED flashes every second when bodyguard is in operation, When linked to Merlin Board two additional BLUE LEDs flash intermittently )  Monitoring of the cylinder pressure. ( Digital reading updated every 20 seconds )  Time to whistle (TTW). Digital reading. ( Digital reading updated every 20 seconds )  Button activated Distress Signal Unit. ( DSU 96-105 db )... PREVIOUS NEXT

21 Bodyguard 7000  Movement sensor and Automatic Distress Signal Unit. (If no movement detected after 30 seconds a pre-alarm will sound, if no movement after a further 15 seconds full alarm sounds with 2 RED & 2 BLUE LEDs flashing intermittently)  Back light feature. (On pressing either Left or Right button the body guard unit will illuminate the display for 3-5 seconds)  Electronic Whistle Warning Unit. (Electronic whistle will operate at 74 Bar, 90 db) PREVIOUS MENU

22 Log Off  A  A – AIR SUPPLY (Close Cylinder wheel and vent Air Supply)  B  B – BODYGUARD (allow gauge to read ZERO, bodyguard will automatically turn off within 20 sec )  C  C – COMMS a (Switch off comms ; radio & speech enhancer) This will ensure that the set has logged off from the Merlin board MENU

23 Any Questions MENU

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