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Morné Beckmann Kwikwap Franchise Owner Owner: iCentre.

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1 Morné Beckmann Kwikwap Franchise Owner Owner: iCentre

2 More about me Importance of training in Kwikwap What we have done so far? Why Webinar training? How does Webinar training work? What do I need to join a Webinar What is this going to cost? Summary

3 Been in IT for as long as I can remember Been interested in Web design for just as long Could never offer more than the next designer Joined Kwikwap in October 2008 Bought a Franchise 2 months later Have not looked back since Have identified two major areas of importance in KwikwapSalesTraining

4 Kwikwap is a very Dynamic service Kwikwap is growing VERY fast Most users (consultants and customers) only use a very small percentage of Kwikwap functionality Important to know the core Kwikwap system but also keep up to date with this phenomenal growth ONLY way to do this is Effective Training

5 Investigated and tested numerous options Created Online Help 271 completed articles 28 new articles or changes to be made New functionality/articles to be added daily Webinar sessions will be created for each of these articles

6 Increased effectiveness when considering Cost Results Loads of functionality Attend from the comfort of your home. Change presenters to increase effectiveness Participants can participate We can monitor participation Chat/ask questions during sessions Take control of a session Record a session for later perusal

7 Brings the classroom to you You are viewing a recorded Webinar This presentation was originally created as a Webinar with participants that joined live. Different sessions will take different formats Most Webinars will be hands on I will actually show you how to do things The following slide will have an embedded video that shows a recorded webinar


9 Time to listen to a whole session A computer with Internet access (384kbps minimum) Audio capabilities Speaker Microphone (optional)

10 R65 per hour R150 for 2,5 hour session R500 for 10 hours (more than 80% discount!) Start with training prescribed in Client Charter Over 20 areas that will be covered 10 hours 10 hours are divided into 4 x 2,5 hour sessions Go to the Training Tab for Scheduled sessions We can do any modules at any time Will book specific timeslots for 5 and more

11 Kwikwap is growing very fast We need to keep up to remain effective Training is essential Webinar Training is the future The better we know the system, the more effective our websites will be and the happier our customers will be Happier customers = More money


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