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How Smartphones and Wireless Technologies are Transforming Healthcare Sponsored by 1.

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1 How Smartphones and Wireless Technologies are Transforming Healthcare Sponsored by 1

2 Faculty/Presenter Disclosure Faculty: Scott R. Herrmann Relationships with commercial interests: – Grants/Research Support: None – Speakers Bureau/Honoraria: None – Consulting Fees: None – Other: Employee of Procura Home Health Software This program has received financial support from Procura LLC. in the form of logistical support (travel). This program has received no in-kind support. Disclosure of Commercial Support Potential for conflicts of interest: – None

3 Mobile Statistics Mobile health Applications Double every year Mobile Devices Outsold Everything! Tablets/Pads outsold PC’s - the last 3 quarters 2015 expect 9.5B mobile connections Worldwide Near Field Communication (NFC) is Growing Mobile data usage is growing 3

4 Delivery of Community Care is Changing Client Centric Care w/Measurable & Reportable Outcomes Patient Engagement is a must for better outcomes - HIE’s Automated Accurate Real-Time Data will be a Requirement Mobile Solutions Provide Efficiencies for all Staff and all Systems 4

5 How to adapt to these Changes? – Simplify & improve processes with real time data to/from the POC – Better Delivery of Care leads to improved outcomes of clients – Decreases operating costs accurate travel - payroll – scheduling data = Bottom Line Savings – Enhances Communication knowledge of staff whereabouts to improve compliance, speed and safety Mobile Applications at the Point of Care Eliminate Paper & Manual Processes anywhere you can! 5

6 Right Device Right Application Right Discipline Keyboard or Touch keys or Stylus or Finger? 6

7 Application Specific - Mobile Solutions Mobile Applications are based upon Disciplines – Smart/Dumb Phones for Support workers or Aides Check off tasks, less documentation, less client data – Laptops, tabs or “pads” for Clinicians & Professionals Assessment Data, Lab Results, Pharmacy Info, Etc. 7 In the U.S., preventable medical errors cost 1000’s of lives and billions of dollars each year

8 Main Idea behind MHealth Compliant Visit Documentation Get latest Client Info to and from the Point of Care Why Document at the Point of Care with Mobile? – Paper and manual processes will no longer work – Using our Memory – Leads to Errors & Forgotten Details – Inaccuracies & Errors can lower revenues – Opens the door for fraud and poor audit practices – Misdiagnosis of Actual Conditions 8

9 Set Productivity Goals for All Staff and Systems Evaluate - where is time wasted? Accountability – GPS/EVV Visit Data Compliance Manage Staff & Clients with Real Time Data Accurate Data means: – Better Reporting Processes – Better Analytics for Future Forecasts – Better Adaptability to “crazy” visit situations Controlling Costs means Bottom Line $avings 9

10 Mobility Dynamically Changes Work Flows Staff no Longer Wastes Time on or Loses Paper Schedules are always up to date – No phone calls! Eliminates Self Reported time & travel Data Assumptions become Reality! No Manual/Paper Validation of Signatures/Visits Better Info at POC = Better Care Delivered Quality of Work Life Balance Enhanced Safety for the Individual Working Alone 10

11 Clinical Mobility and Pathways Customize Assessments at the POC Document/View Clinical Decisions/Changes Embed HOBIC - InterRAI MDS & CHA - comprehensive Monitor Progress with Pathway Variances Better Data for Analysis and Process Changes ID Potential Problems at a Glance Track Client Compliance to Disease Management 11

12 mHealth Transforms Care Delivery The way every visit is handled Clinical Docs available as they are filled in Reductions in Operations Costs Better Documentation as nothing is forgotten Deal with exceptions not every visit Can Focus on Outcomes not Paperwork New way to market and gain business 12

13 Telehealth - where does it fit? Helps Patient Engagement Informs and Educates patient on current condition Real Time Vitals - effect outcomes Perfect for Rural Areas Promotes your Agency Issues… 13

14 Patient/Family Engagement Leads to Better Outcomes Health Information Exchange = Interoperability? – Access Clinical Data and Provider Messages – A Better Support System for entire health team Visit info + – Prescriptions – Reminders & Messages – Schedules – Pictures – Contacts – Invoicing – Pharma – + many more 14

15 One Easy Hard Dollar Saving Scenario Imagine riding with every mobile worker you have on staff… -What would you be looking for? - On Time? Length of visit? Where are they now? & More…. -The real math behind reimbursements > unless you can double check each route -Pretend actual 4.4 kilometers on one visit is “rounded to 5” not really fraud but… -If that occurs 5 times a day, that.6 extra Km per visit becomes 3 “total” kilometers each day! - 3 KM Per person - per day - 250 working days a year X reimbursement rate on all staff = potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars – LOST ! -GPS Mobile Applications & Devices PROTECT you from these “ROUNDING ERRORS”!

16 Reasons for not adopting mobile Technology What’s your excuse? – I can’t get my older people to do it… – The technology is harder to use than our paper… – This Tech stuff is too costly… – Our province still wants a paper audit trail… – We don’t have the support skills internally… – Why can’t we wait another year then decide… 16

17 Why Wait? This Mobility Stuff Works Older Folks are using digital devices The “Leaders” are already ahead with mobility Must stay Competitive – ROI or Break Even 17

18 Mobile Technology Transforms Delivery of Home & Community Care Mobile Technology will Transform Healthcare: – Assumptions become Reality > Proactive Field Staff Management – Better Accountability “Know where staff are” – Increased Visit Compliance – Greater Productivity “across the agency” – Shared & Up to Date Client Visit Data – Reduces Manual Processing Errors – Changes the Marketing of your Agency – Happier Clients & Staff – What about Social Media? 18

19 Thank You! Scott Herrmann Director of Mobile Solutions at Procura Procura_Scotth 480 706 7030 Sponsored by 19

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