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By Kimberley Rauchelle Please Click to Continue thought forms.

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1 By Kimberley Rauchelle Please Click to Continue thought forms

2 Years ago I was asked to do an energy clearing at a large mechanical workshop near the city, I was to go on a Friday around five pm so the staff in the office were not there. I was told that when the staff arrived in the morning there were papers thrown all over the floor, all the machinery had been turned on when they had returned to work the next day, yet they had turned it off the night before, the Boss said the place was haunted. On arrival I was greeted by about thirty very friendly men of all ages having a barbeque and a few drinks, a common thing to do at this place at the end of the week. Two men in charge ushered me into the office, used to working alone I asked the two men to leave, I just trusted they had done so. Negative Thought Forms

3 I did my usual thing, I held my arms out and up to see if I could sense and feel energy, after a few minutes I picked up an impression of a short unattractive man who was very fat wearing a toupee I heard the name Bill and he was furious and ranting he was going off… When doing anything like this streams of information comes in so fast, so to make sure I heard it I said out loud, “Have I heard you right?, your name is Bill you live at Thornlie, you are angry, you feel you were dismissed unfairly and you are taking the company to court for unfair dismissal, you visit here to destruct the office because you know how to project your mind”. Immediately I heard the boss say, “Did you hear that”, I turned to see both men standing with there mouths open, they were supposed to have gone. “Did someone tell you about Bill did they?”, I assured them I was not told as no one would have bothered and it was not relevant, they were astounded that the information was spot on so I told them how powerful we can be, we can project both dark and light energy… THE STRONGER EMOTION THE MORE POWERFUL THE FORCE. Thinking of someone with powerful love emotion can heal them, and likewise, feeling strong negative vibrations can destroy a persons life and bring chaos to them, then rebound back at you…..Karma..Have good intentions and good will rebound back to you..It may take time but it will.. Reaching Into Chaos

4 The Boss's took me outside and told the men what had happened, quite a few of the men laughed, “yeah sure” a lot said, one man was a stirrer so he got the men all revved up, “Ok show us then go on”, the majority playfully said. As if I was a magician I playfully rolled up my sleeves and checked to see if anything was up them, all the men laughed. There wore booth like areas where the men had their tools, each booth was open, the booths had no doors. I walked into the first booth, I saw a massive orange yellow and red oblong ball on the ceiling, it was alive and glittered like a disco ball it was about six hundred centimeters across and five hundred deep, I heard the name Steve, so I said “Oh you are Steve’s energy why are you so angry”, I proceeded to tell the men exactly what Steve thought of his job and it was not good he felt like he was in jail….The men stopped laughing…. Meeting The Men

5 Reading Thought Forms The Boss went to Steve and said “Is all this true, do you hate this job that much, and do you hate me that much as well?”,Steve looked down embarrassed and said, “Yes“. The boss then asked me if this kind of energy build up was effecting his business as it had dropped over a period of months, the answer was YES. I went into the next booth, I saw an animated heart torn open with a knife through it sitting on the edge of the bench, it was about thirty centimeters high and as wide across, I said to the men, “There is a broken heart here”.....and then I asked the heart, “Whose heart are you”, I heard “I am Phil’s heart and I am broken”, so I told the men what I had heard. As soon as the sentence left my lips a man ran out of the group and drove off, “That was Phill”, someone from the crowd said, “His wife left him a few weeks ago, she took his kids and ran away with his best mate, he is devastated”,…. You could have heard a pin drop……I was asked to stop now as the group was very sad for Phill…….and a lot did not want me to proceed either.

6 Changing Pace By now the gang was very quiet then out of the quietness the person who was the stirrer yelled “This is a set up, we have had a joke played on us”, with that Chris, a young attractive man came forward and said, “No I rang Kimberley randomly out of the phone book, I told her we were haunted nothing else, she knows something I want to know, I am blown away with this”, he walked me to a chair and asked me questions all night. The next day Chris rang me and said his Boss had asked him to ring me, he had asked Chris if I could teach the men about aligning their energy so the place would work happier and they could bring more work back into the place. For a few months I would go to this place weekly. At the end of my time there Chris told me he was going to the USA to learn under Stuart Wilde, a person who trains people to SEE, I was rapt. The last I heard the business was booming again, the Boss had worked things out with Bill and that had taken a lot of pressure off, another bad vibe gone and new pathways to success…

7 What To Do Firstly it is important to be happy…With your body, the house you live in, the people you live with and the work you do…If you think life sucks, “I wish I was dead” you will bring death in some form, sadness, anger, a job you hate, misery and even an early death. I like the philosophy “If you want to stay the same think the same, if you want to change think different”, simple… To release old Incense Sticks…Frankinscense, Sandalwood, Myrrh and Patchouli…and a pack of two hour T/ light candles. Get a plate and enough cups of sand, one for each room, place four of each incense sticks into the cup of sand, place a T/light candle and the cup on a plate in the centre of each room, light them and say, “I extinguish all forms of negative energy, I bring in light and a new life”, do this in each room even the entrance and exit, close the house and go outside and relax with a good book, Personal Power Through Awareness, By Sanaya Roman is Fantastic, it changed my life, it WILL show you how to THINK DIFFERENT..

8 This event was exciting to me, it was at the beginning of my career, it was a great lesson as well. I saw thought patterns as tangible. I can see, feel and hear them. Thought patterns create a life of their own and where you are in this energy depending on the vibration from you and others is how it effects you including your business and even your animals. These vibrations can keep you down or take you up. In places of positive people I see light, it dances and is colorful, their life works for them in all way’s, everything is in sync. When I work with anyone I ask them to smoke the places they are in ASAP.. When I work my clients energy fields I pull off sheets of negative destructive energy (QI Force), I actually feel and see images of damage being dragged off, a LOT of people feel instantly relieved some take a few days, when I pull it off I do not want them to BATHE in it again…Smoking the room helps the effects of QI Force. I hope you have enjoyed this, like all my other experiences this is true and very real… Kimberley Rauchelle 089255 3333 0431227020 8 Bucknell Place. Swan View 6056

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