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Retail In-store applications Mobile price labelling and mark down.

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1 Retail In-store applications Mobile price labelling and mark down

2 Retailers using Zebra printers

3 What does mobile printing give to Retailers ? Moving low volume printing from the back office to the operator on the shop floor - Saves walk time using mobile technology: * mobile computing* mobile printing * WLAN Automating manual processes e.g. hand written labels

4 Adoption of mobile technology in UK Retailers According to a survey conducted by Microsoft and Martec International »In 2004 28% UK retailers adopted or plan to adopt mobile devices in their operations »increased up to 83% in 2005

5 Benefits of mobile printing in the store Improve customer service Improve employee productivity Improve commercial reactivity Margin control Case study

6 200+ stores in France Young fashion for women – aged 15-25 Low price 1,200 suppliers – many lines Turnover 2004 : 150 M€ High growth - new store openings Retail mobile application MIM France

7 The Problem Huge range of stock Mark down slow moving items - time consuming: » up to 40 mark down campaigns per year » approx. 1,000 + labels per campaign per store! Old system - Symbol 3100 PDT and a manual labeller » Delays - takes 2 days for 2 - 4 employees (4 to 8 working days) to do mark down » Risk of price errors results in reduced margins and delays at the checkout Old system difficult for operators to use - stressful

8  Items are scanned to check prices with central store system  The new « block out » label is applied over the old price and the QL220 prints a new price label  If the product needs to be re- priced the terminal beeps Mobile Printer Solution

9 The Benefits  Frees up time to serve customers labelling is 3 times faster literally 10’s of 100’s of hours saved!  Commercial Reactivity Maintained New prices applied very quickly  Risk of price errors is reduced  Happier operators Easy to use Reliable Mark down is no longer stressful

10 Don’t take our word for it…. « The system delivers huge productivity gains. On average we can operate three times faster » « The time gain has contributed to substantial financial savings and the automated system brings far less risk of error » « The solution was quickly adopted by the store staff. Now price labelling is no longer stressful!» Philippe LAFON IT Director, MIM

11 Other references - Tesco plc Installed over 3,000 Zebra mobile printers for price mark down Reduce price of items in-store on a daily basis: »goods close to sell by date (food) »damaged goods »clearance of non food seasonal goods

12 The Benefits Speed at the checkout: »Bar coded label - reduced items are scanned quickly Cost of ownership: »printer hardware managed across network - repair diagnostics, remote upgrades »robust, reliable QL printer Price & Margin Control: »wastage can be calculated as soon as product is marked down not after it’s been sold »price changes made within pre- set levels to avoid products being sold at a loss »network connection gives real time data and price accuracy

13 Summary Mobile technology is increasingly being adopted in food and non food Retail stores Mobile price mark down is a proven application giving: »Improved customer service »Improved productivity »Margin control

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