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HAI Lighting Control Options UPB Technology Presentation Advance Information January, 2004.

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1 HAI Lighting Control Options UPB Technology Presentation Advance Information January, 2004

2 What is UPB?  UPB is a new powerline communications standard for lighting and home control.  UPB signals travel over the existing wires in a home. No new wires are needed.  UPB is the successor to X-10 technology, which is now 30 years old.  UPB is digital technology, vs. X-10 analog.  UPB is an open standard, invented and licensed by PCS.  UPB has been used in commercial environments since 2001.  UPB has been extensively tested and researched in residential environments.  UPB is designed to work in most houses without “conditioning” (i.e. firewalls, repeaters, filters, noise blocks, couplers, etc.)  In residential testing, only 8% of homes needed a simple phase coupler.

3 Why we need UPB  High Reliability communications for Professional Installers  Reliable Installations  Reduced Callbacks  Superior to hobbyist product  Advanced Addressing  256 devices per house, 256 houses per transformer (vs. 16 house codes and 16 unit codes)  Greatly reduced chance of overlap between houses  Long range  Better than other technologies for large homes, isolated devices (i.e a switch in a detached garage.)  All this means happier customers and more profitable jobs with less risk!

4 How does UPB work?  UPB transmits using a pulse instead of a 120 KHz tone over existing house wiring  Pulse Position Modulation: The position of the UPB pulse in the UPB pulse zone represents digital information  Transmits 4 bits per cycle, 240 bits per second (30 bytes per second)  Typical UPB messages are 10 bytes, so about 3 messages per second UPB Pulse Zone 0 1 2 3 00 01 10 11 Pulse is in one of 4 positions, representing two bits per half cycle Position Bits

5 The UPB Pulse – Why it’s Better  Short, sharp pulse with high instantaneous power  Travels better on powerlines than long, small signal in X-10  UPB pulse has broad frequency spectrum, about 4 to 40 KHz  Attenuation on powerline is lower at UPB frequencies  Less susceptible to noise than single 120 KHz frequency in X-10  Can coexist peacefully with X-10 systems, intercoms, baby monitors, speakers, etc. that communicate over powerlines. X-10 UPB (about 1 mS) ( < 0.1 mS) FREQUENCY SPECTRUM UPB X-10 ATTENUATION

6 UPB Protocol  All devices are two-way  Switches send a quick, 1 pulse acknowledgement of command  Switches have 256 network ID’s compared to 16 “house codes” to prevent interference  HAI controllers can set up switches: put the switch in “set-up” mode, controller downloads network id, unit number and other info to switch.  Setting is stored in switch. No code wheels to go bad. Click switch 5 times to go into setup. LED blinks. Controller sends ID to switch.

7 UPB Products: In-wall switches  Manufacturer: PCS  600 watt dimmer  1000 watt dimmer  2000 watt dimmer  Electrical requirements  120 V, 60 Hz single phase  Require neutral at switchbox

8 UPB Products: Modules  Planned products, various manufacturers  Plug in dimmer module  Plug in relay module  Plug in contact closure  Plug in contact input (doorbell, phone sensor)  Powerline Interface Module (PIM) – connects to HAI controller serial port

9 UPB Products: In-Wall controllers  Manufacturer: PCS  6 button scene switch  8 button scene switch  Default programmed to talk to switches right out of the box. In-wall version Desktop version

10 UPB Products: Set-Up Software  Software and PIM for PC  Allows advanced set up of in wall controllers, scenes, switches.  Not needed for basic HAI and UPB installs  Advanced diagnostics for signal strength, noise, etc.  Plug in test module

11  Residential UPB products becoming available March, 2004  HAI support in Omni family controllers available March, 2004  HAI will continue to support X-10 technology – both can be used in the same house.  Detailed information on UPB can be found on UPB Products: More Info

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