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Design for WPF & Silverlight Create experiences that captivate, not intimidate users.

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1 Design for WPF & Silverlight Create experiences that captivate, not intimidate users

2 who am I?

3 i’m a creative

4 and a technologist

5 and my clients have to make money too

6 clients like these..


8 And I work on some of those, with a whole lot of Romanians! Conchango’s biggest outsource development partner is iQuest Cluj, Romania

9 and I work for Conchango (not Microsoft!)

10 But we do work a lot with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in 8 disciplines Early adopter of WPF, Silverlight and Live Services


12 12 experience design

13 13 experience design is about making emotional connections with people make ‘delight’, ‘happiness’ and ‘elegance’ part of your success criteria

14 So, why do I love

15 Maybe its because its one of the few brands that lives out its value - fun! After all, how many brands would say… “More experience than our name suggests”

16 Is it this guy?

17 These…

18 …or these?

19 Her?

20 Or her…

21 Her?

22 …or her?

23 Him?

24 Is it her?

25 Them?

26 Contrast them with…

27 Maybe the reason I love Virgin is that while I might be sat to one of these…

28 I am just as likely to be sat next to one of these

29 Or the bar?


31 Even these get a splash… Meike van Schijndel - “kisses”

32 But when things go wrong?








40 So how far do people go with this love?

41 Too far?

42 flickr


44 How much love? Let’s use a web 2.0 measure of love…

45 “I love Virgin Atlantic”



48 But what about creating a brand love index? It wasn’t enough for me to see them win… So I normalised it against annual passenger numbers: BA33,600,000 Virgin5,850,000 And what happened? ®

49 And the point of all of this? At Conchango, we create the digital experiences people love “Experience matters” When price, product, delivery all become the same, what will separate you out from your competition?

50 “Experience based differentiation” This is what the analysts call it. It’s the thing that makes people fall in love with your software, websites It’s technologies like WPF, Silverlight & Live Services, that give us a whole new toolkit to play with!

51 51 so what’s possible? We have some new tools – want to see them? Warning for those still sleeping: Loud music coming!


53 so what can possibly go wrong?

54 When you can do something…

55 Doesn’t mean you should!

56 The modern equivalent The feature: “News In Pictures” – it displays all the pictures in today’s news! But it did not start out like that… We made it 3D! Why? Because we could! Nobody could work out how to use it! The 3D didn’t add anything to the experience – it just made it a bit harder. (sad, but true)

57 Is this appropriate to the brand?


59 In other words… What is right for one user is not always right for another What is right for one brand is not always right for another And using features and techniques “just because you can” is not right either!

60 how do you keep your projects on track?

61 A Quick Exercise Q. Which is the better radio? Same Price, same manufacturer, Same components, Same build quality AB

62 But before you decide… This is Jenny James Age:56 Profession:Retired (Marketing) Lives: Outside London Statement:“Oh, I won’t be able to work it out!” If you started with Jenny which radio would you design?

63 I just want to listen to the radio Use controls I’m comfortable with Give me a quality product It only does one thing – it’s a radio! Knobs and buttons ‘Retro’ feel – like they used to make them!

64 But before you decide… This is Tony Hewitt Age:58 Profession:Pipeline engineer Lives: Scotland, Manchester & Saudi Arabia Statement:“I can’t live without my cricket!” If you started with Tony which radio would you design?

65 I travel a lot I want to listen to cricket Give me a quality product Dual time zone function helps me – and an alarm clock is useful too Gets shortwave, long wave and all sorts Lightweight and well engineered

66 I travel a lot I want to listen to English football Give me a quality product It’s too heavy and old fashioned to be useful to me

67 67 this is a user-centred approach

68 What is a user-centred approach? Observe and study real users first Work out what their goals are Design things only that meet those goals Don’t start with a ‘feature list’ Validation Test what you’re doing as you go along Change if it could be a better experience for users – even if it doesn’t give you something YOU want!

69 How do you do it? Get out there... spy on people! (guerilla ethnography) Develop personas Make everyone in the team responsible for user happiness! Make ‘delight’ a key performance indicator

70 Why is it better? (how to sell this approach) Your software will be more effective You will focus more on the 20% that users actually use! For users this means: – They are more efficient and make less mistakes – They are happier – They are more likely to buy more – They will be happy to use your application again For you this means: – Fewer support issues – Your company makes more money – Your boss will like you – You will get a pay rise – You will sleep better at night – Your family will see more of you

71 but users have changed let’s understand a bit more about them

72 Her Social Network It’s very tightly integrated to messenger – so it’s easy to fall into It starts as uploading a photo or two to show her friend in New Zealand… Then writing some comments on the photos… Now it’s the hub of communicating news about her family to her remote friends and family Other ways to do the same thing: Flickr, MySpace, Bebo

73 Her Start Page Has all she needs in it More ‘revealing’ and diverse than just The BBC news Faster to get the stuff she wants Alternatives: Google Start page & Page-flakes

74 And Facebook is hurting Instant Messaging 39% of the Facebook users we surveyed, use IM less after joining Facebook

75 She’s got higher expectations now… What’s with the blank space and small text? If I don’t know what to look for, I’m stuck I want to know what’s the ‘latest thing’ The interaction is rubbish, the images are rubbish… if I want to shop Next, I’ll get the Catalogue

76 She’s got higher expectations now… That’s better! Helps me work out what I want Gives me ‘something more’ Is reality, not just marketing hype

77 Web 2 = Social Evolution Crystallised The web is now mainstream 75% of UK households connected 2 in 3 are on broadband Increased social use of the internet Photo sharing not sending Instant messaging & blogging, not only email People want to cut out the rubbish (snack culture) RSS feeds / Start Pages eliminate the ‘noise’ People are disbelieving the ‘marketing hype’ Wanting to know what real people think & what she’s not being told The PC is no longer in the study

78 “Search without the text box” Advanced search without the drop-down!

79 Users now ‘adjust’ they don’t really understand ‘filtering’

80 just watch this…

81 Applications like this are setting the standard Although broadband and internet penetration is high in many countries, we are still only just entering the ‘late majority’ People of all ages, and backgrounds will begin using the internet, and they will start with applications like the ones you’ve seen These applications will set their expectation for what you have to design & build

82 82 working together

83 what people will use (desire) what you can build (feasibility) what the business can support (viability) what we want! can’t be built nobody uses it not cost justified

84 Design Development Visual designerInteraction designerDeveloper Branding Animation Usability Ergonomics Code!

85 You want what? The Waterfall

86 The tight team

87 The Interactive Designer

88 The Producer

89 User Interface Development Workflow

90 A Great “Integrator” Preserves design integrity Not his “day job” to design Knows when a design is “on,” but can fill in the gaps Preserves code integrity Doesn’t break functioning code Lives in XAML and does things “right” Understand development environment and tools

91 Ways of working Traditional – waterfall – Designer > JPEG – Developer > Translates to XAML The Interactive Designer – Designer > Design Tools & XAML – Developer > XAML & C# The Producer – Designers > Design Tools only, or +XAML – The Producer > Design Tools, XAML & C# – Developers > XAML & C# Most Risk Least Risk

92 Even more tips! Don’t make designers a bottleneck – Train developers in image manipulation in Photoshop – (cut, crop, resize, output) Design comes from everyone – Trust your developers to participate in design decisions – You can start the design on paper, in code, or in mockups

93 Be Agile! Do NOT spend an eternity in a design phase Pick one thing to do, and get going as fast as you can Stop and test with users Adapt what you’ve done, and take on something new Don’t wait more than 4 weeks until the client sees something working

94 Final tips DO spend time drawing and brainstorming DO spend time working things out in code DO try to be original - invent something new... …But DON’T be too proud to use things you know work already!

95 The results If you get it right? #1 – AJAX But first – if you don’t…

96 96 If you get it right? #2 – Flash & Silverlight of course! ETOnline Or this one…

97 97 Talk to me: Talk to a great Romanian company: Find out more about Silverlight, WPF and Windows Live: Merci

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