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Engaging through Gamification: Insights from GSummit 2014 Alison Lockley Innovative Media Production Studio.

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1 Engaging through Gamification: Insights from GSummit 2014 Alison Lockley Innovative Media Production Studio

2 T&L Week 2014| Slide 2 Give a brief summary and insights Ideas you may be able to use/adapt Some current gamification initiatives Supporting theories presented Links to further information Objectives of this session

3 T&L Week 2014| Slide 3 Background - Theme of engagement Over 1000 attendees from around the world Exploring the use of gamification part of an IMPS project initiated in 2013. The world of engaging with learners has changed. Gamification (the use of game mechanics in non-game contexts) is gaining increasing attention and credibility Benefits can include:  encouraging learning progress through visible measures of success  authentic environments where learners can practice their skills and gain immediate feedback  inspiring students through intrinsic motivators  development of problem-solving skills

4 T&L Week 2014| Slide 4 cityHUNT Pre-conference team building exercise challenges - compete with other teams by submitting photos and videos, answering questions, scanning QR codes

5 T&L Week 2014| Slide 5 Livecube game – event app

6 T&L Week 2014| Slide 6 Keynote: Game-Based Society – Robert Tercek, Superplex Changing society – every thing is connected The internet of things makes an entire city a canvas for games

7 T&L Week 2014| Slide 7 Keynote: The Future of Gamification - Brian Burke Research Vice President, Gartner

8 T&L Week 2014| Slide 8 Keynote: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Bar flys become #Science flys @neiltyson #gsummit Did you know that there are probably as many science memes as cats memes out there @neiltyson #gsummit His achievement has been to make the impossible, accessible – and the complex, understandable for millions. Smart fun changes everything and can drive unprecedented engagement.

9 T&L Week 2014| Slide 9 Keynote: Dr B.J. Fogg Director of the Behaviour Design Lab, Stanford University 3 elements must converge at the same moment for a behaviour to occur: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger. When a behaviour does not occur, at least one of those three elements is missing.

10 T&L Week 2014| Slide 10 Keynote: Jane McGonigal Playing games can help real- life health problems games can challenge players to tackle real- world problems, such as poverty, hunger and climate change

11 T&L Week 2014| Slide 11 Xprize - Eileen Bartholomew 1. Offer a sufficient purse 2. Design for after the prize is won 3. Define a difficult but achievable target 4. Offer a clear measure of success 5. Entice broad communities 6. Make it rewarding and simple for teams 7. Have a media-friendly winning moment and tell great stories along the way

12 T&L Week 2014| Slide 12 Avengers program– intense, annual program - voted by others in the company Top 10 - Employee of the month – who helped you the most Not just about the points/money The points convert across to corporate perks – redemption mechanism Also: WOW points for anyone who gets a vote; CEO quickfire; CEO Spotlight NextJump - NxJ Avenger - Thomas Fuller

13 T&L Week 2014| Slide 13 Bee Block: How Applebee’s Restaurants are retaining hourly workers and driving sales with gamification –Robin Jenkins

14 T&L Week 2014| Slide 14 Persuasion, Motivation,& Behaviour - Andrea kuszewski General principle of behaviourism: "People tend to seek pleasure and avoid pain" Meaning vs happiness Everyone have a BIS and BAS system and how they interact is individual. Dopamine associated with anticipation of the reward - not the reward itself. As soon as you restrict something it becomes more attractive Punishment activates the BIS system Feed the meaningful masochist

15 T&L Week 2014| Slide 15 Designing with the intent to: 1.To Incite a new behaviour, or 2.Modify existing behaviour Done by: 1.Increasing a user’s ability or 2.Increasing a user’s desire Patterns of persuasion  Priming – walkthroughs, joyrides  Onboarding – completion meter, seeding  Ongoing onboarding – keeping relevant  Cognitive load – chunking, wizards  Biases – credibility, social, storytelling  Affordances – blocking, emphasis  Feedback – timing, belonging, reciprocation Persuasive design is a layer on top. Persuasive Design – Matt Danna

16 T&L Week 2014| Slide 16 The Science of Fun: 3 ways games you happier and save the world- Nicole Lazzaro Source:

17 T&L Week 2014| Slide 17 Playing God, The Power of Bringing People Alive - Stella Grizont, Engagement strategies don't necessarily bring people alive but getting them to do stuff does. How can you inject more positivity into your games Pillars 1.Positive emotion 2.Flow - total absorption and engagement 3.Relationships - vital for happiness 4.Meaning - how can we connect the dots 5.Achievement - Praise effort and not just results

18 T&L Week 2014| Slide 18 7 Rules for Collaborative Game Design – Amy Jo Kim 1.Compete with the System 2.Shared Goals & Outcomes 3.Inter-dependant Roles 4.Co-op Social Gestures 5.Shared Resources 6.Non-Zero Stats & Spotlights 7.User-generated Content

19 T&L Week 2014| Slide 19 Gamification is Human- Focused Design (as opposed to “function- focused design”) 8 Core Drives Octalysis: A Framework for Actionable Gamification - Yu-Kai Chou

20 T&L Week 2014| Slide 20 Don’t forget to visit the GBL@CDU wiki for more Applications for resources: Questions: Thanks!

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