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Back to School JANUARY 2009. Acuity Brands Lighting offers the largest portfolio of lighting products to support the learning environment.

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1 Back to School JANUARY 2009

2 Acuity Brands Lighting offers the largest portfolio of lighting products to support the learning environment.

3 CURRENT SITUATION Need to Upgrade School Infrastructure as Average Building is 40 years old* Desire for “Greener” Technologies But Challenging Economic Conditions, Creating Budget Reductions Need to Reduce Energy Costs Desire for Economic Payback *Source: National Center for Education Statistics,

4 WELL-DESIGNED LIGHTING IS ESSENTIAL Poor lighting can cause : Learning opportunities to deteriorate Safety issues may arise Headache, eye strain and fatigue Reduced productivity Quality lighting : Enhances learning Better visual environment Reduced operating costs. Lighting accounts for an average of 56% of electricity used* *Source: School Planning & Management

5 ACHIEVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS High-quality, energy-efficient lighting system that works with both natural and electric sources Exceed the requirements found in state energy codes based on ASHRAE 90.1 and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

6 VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING Fills the entire volume of space with just the right amount of light throughout the room. Makes space more attractive and improves visual acuity Eliminates glare and dark spots associated with dated lighting

7 MEETING YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS Acuity Brands Lighting offers a complete line of products for your school. Our family of companies meets all of your lighting needs, both indoors and out: Classrooms Libraries Offices Cafetoriums Gymnasiums Multi-Purpose Parking Areas Sports Facilities

8 CLASSROOMS Classrooms have a variety of teaching methods from lectures to computer-aided learning, from small group guided projects to individual assignments: Energy-efficient lighting Accessible control system Programmed settings Daylight harvesting Motion sensors Automatic after-hours shut-off

9 LIBRARIES Libraries require special conditions: Variety of visual tasks Keen visual acuity Both horizontal and vertical illumination Increasingly, the use of computers is the main visual task in today’s libraries. Important features of library lighting: Energy-efficient lighting fixtures User-friendly control system Programmed settings Daylight harvesting Motion sensors Automatic after-hours shut-off

10 MULTI-PURPOSE ROOMS The largest lit area in schools may function daily as a cafeteria, weekly as a gymnasium and monthly as an auditorium: Energy-efficient lighting fixtures Flexibility with control systems Programmed settings Daylight harvesting Motion sensors Automatic after-hours shut-off with overrides for evening and weekend events

11 EXTERIOR LIGHTING Special requirements: Safety and security during off-hours. Protects personnel and students during early morning and evenings Guards against vandalism during weekends and breaks. Important features: Energy-efficient lighting fixtures Nighttime-friendly products equipped with full cut-off capabilities Motion sensors Automatic on/off based on sunrise/sunset times Programmed settings for special events, including sporting events

12 RELIGHT: EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN Renovating Existing Schools : Aging building population Tight budget and expansive expectations No less-desired results than those of new construction. Solution : May not need complete fixture replacement Relighting Offers: –Few components to recycle –Reduced carbon footprint –Less mercury entering the waste stream Before relighting After relighting

13 SHARED SUCCESS Quality Lighting for High Achievers Jackson High School, Massillon, OH SITUATION : A three-year construction project involving renovation of an existing facility and a 150,000 sq ft addition, this unique three-story structure forms a model learning center. SOLUTION: Move to indirect/direct lighting “The teachers loved it. The students loved it.” The comfort and calming effect of well- distributed indirect light was a big hit. The project was completed under budget. “Reduced maintenance and life-cycle savings will continue to pay dividends for decades to come.”

14 Smart Schools are Energy-Wise Winnona Park Elementary School, Decatur, GA SHARED SUCCESS SITUATION: Renovating portions of the 83 year-old school. The school decided to reduce its energy bill and improve the aesthetics of its library and multi purpose room. SOLUTION: Upgrade from parabolics to the RT5™ “Creates a better and more enjoyable environment by reducing glare on computers and reading/ instruction areas.” Saved energy and more evenly distributed brightness levels, while using fewer fixtures. “The fixture is pleasing to the eye without drawing attention to the ceiling.” Allows school to spend its money and time concentrating on something a little more important—students and learning.

15 LEEDing the Way with Lighting San Francisco Waldorf High School, CA SHARED SUCCESS SITUATION: Extensive renovation of a 1970s call center to become a LEED-certified school SOLUTION: Peerless Classroom Lighting System “Energy reduction was our primary lighting goal” A daylight control system was installed: –Automatic shut-off controls for energy code compliance yielding significant energy savings –Continuous-dimming ballasts modulate light output to maintain the target –Eliminates the need for a ‘one-hour teacher override’ switch that is commonly used in classrooms” with body heat occupancy sensors Result is one of the greenest schools in the country

16 GROWING OUR SCHOOLS GREEN Green schools use an average of 33% less energy and save $100,000 per year – enough to hire 2 new teachers, buy 200 new computers or purchase 5,000 textbooks. Research indicates that teachers are happier when they control their environments. Green schools commonly report reductions in teacher absenteeism and teacher turnover. Over the lifetime of a school, that amounts to huge savings Partners with Green Globes® or USGBC LEED® for Schools.

17 GREEN BENEFITS Benefits of Green lighting: Healthier learning environment Increased energy savings Greater financial savings Environmentally friendly Happier students and staff

18 ACUITY BRANDS LIGHTING Portfolio of Products Recessed Lighting Lithonia Lighting RT5, RT8, SP5, SP8, ES8, Avante Mark Architectural Lighting Suspended Lighting Peerless CLS Classroom Solutions Downlighting and Accent Lighting Gotham Architectural Downlighting Lithonia Lighting Commercial Downlighting Multi-Purpose Lighting Lithonia Lighting High Bay Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Lithonia Lighting Exit Signs and Units Outdoor Lighting Lithonia Lighting Aeris, Omero Hydrel Ingrade and Floodlighting Lighting Controls Synergy Lighting Controls, SIMPLY5 Lighting Intelligence Relocatable Wiring RELOC® Wiring Solutions Renovation Products Lithonia Lighting RT5R, ES8R


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