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The Passion - Success Link by Reg Noël Sculptor 1.

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1 The Passion - Success Link by Reg Noël Sculptor 1

2 “Happiness is the ultimate currency” Tal Ben Shahar Psychology Lecturer Harvard University. 2

3 Concrete Jungle 3

4 Breakthrough 4

5 Hand 5

6 # 1 Definition of passion: Passion is a deeply rooted and powerful force that has always existed in us, is closely linked to our natural strengths and abilities, and, once accessed, can propel us forward at amazing speeds. 6

7 # 2 Definition of success: If you're happy, you're successful. 7

8 # 3 It's impossible to be passionate about a subject and not have the built-in ability that allows us to find success and fulfillment within that environment. 8

9 # 4 We were made to live passionately. Our passion is directly linked to our strengths. When we find our passion, we find our strengths as well. 9

10 # 5...the most successful people at the top of any given field are very passionate about what they do. 10

11 # 6 When we do something with passion, we just can't fail. 11

12 # 7 People will go out of their way to do business with people who are passionate. 12

13 # 8 When we are passionate, we are automatically creative. 13

14 Moncton YMCA 14

15 Dieppe’s Youth Festival 15

16 Canadian Tire Foundation 16

17 # 9 Passion in one area will tend to help all other areas of our lives. When we are passionate about something...anything, we get better at everything else. 17

18 Article in “Money sense” By Duncan Hood Interview with Tal Ben Shahar Psychology Lecturer Harvard University. 18

19 # 10 Become aware of your passion and act on it. Explore what gives meaning to your life. 19

20 # 11 Don’t confuse passion with the attraction of glamour. Glamour is described as deceptive, alluring, and charming. 20

21 Held Back 21

22 # 12 Finding your core passion will build a solid and balanced self-esteem. 22

23 # 13 Youngsters should base their career choices mostly on emotions. After all, what is most important is enjoying how we earn a living, not how much money we make. 23

24 # 14 Take a look back at your life and see if you can't uncover clues to your passion. 24

25 # 15 There are few things as important to our well-being then to be critical of the movies we play in our own minds. 25

26 Conclusion: 26

27 The Passion - Success Link Please fill out feedback questionnaire in your folder. Thank you very much for your interest. Reg Noël © 2007 Reg Noël Design Inc. 27

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