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Creating a new class of drugs.. THE BIG QUESTION Why invest in any drug development company? Eventually everyone struggles with their own health or the.

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1 Creating a new class of drugs.

2 THE BIG QUESTION Why invest in any drug development company? Eventually everyone struggles with their own health or the health of a loved one. New medicines are important tools for coping with health challenges. Investing in drug development is a way of investing in health and is a profitable endeavor for companies that can bring medical advances to market. Health is universally valued and drugs are a lynchpin of medicine. Diseases once thought to be “untreatable” are now being effectively managed with drugs developed in the past 20 years. Scientific knowledge of how the body works at the molecular level is growing almost exponentially, enabling us to understand the underlying causes and mechanisms of disease. New drug molecules can now be created with sets of desired features specifically and intelligently incorporated into their design. At Reflexion, we are passionate about translating our understanding of science into tangible products that can help patients overcome disease and lead healthier, happier lives.

3 WHY REFLEXION IS DIFFERENT What drives value at Reflexion? Drug developers have never before had the opportunity to work with proteins this small. They combine high affinity and target specificity with metabolic stability and lack of immune response. These are near ideal properties for drugs. D-proteins represent an entirely new molecular class of pharmaceutical products and that’s rare in medicine. Reflexion is exploring new frontiers in medicine by creating novel proteins and using them in ways not possible with traditional biologic medicines. The proven strategy for success is to create something truly beneficial for patients. To that end, we are searching for ways to use our novel molecules to offer new and better ways to treat human disease and advance medicine. We assembled some of the world’s brightest minds from all relevant fields and focused on three critical questions: How can D-proteins be used to improve the health of patients? How can we overcome the challenges associated with working with a completely novel class of molecules? How can we demonstrate – “prove” – their effectiveness? D-proteins offer fresh impetus in the search for new tools to counter disease.

4 OUR BUSINESS MODEL Build on early partnerships to become self-sustaining company The market potential and medical need for our drugs is considerable. And there is a growing number of novel drug targets being identified. Form strategic co-development partnerships with specialized drug development teams to leverage specific areas of expertise early in the development cycle. D-proteins will be used to treat a wide range of diseases. Instead of building several in-house, highly skilled clinical development teams across a wide range of disease areas, our strategy is to search for proven industry partners who can quickly advance our drug candidates. Forging strategic partnerships enables us to: Speed development time Get products to market faster Diversify risk by pursuing multiple opportunities Secure early validation which lays the foundation for future products Generate a revenue stream enabling us to expand our technology platform We will use the proceeds from successful early partnership programs to advance a carefully selected portfolio of D-protein therapeutics.

5 WHAT WE’VE ACCOMPLISHED Our progress and accomplishments reflect the caliber of our team, the quality of our technology and our R&D collaborations with leading U.S. research institutions. Our goals are ambitious, but we’ve already: Optimized a VEGF-A antagonist and it’s ready for animal testing in macular degeneration models Expanded a set of small protein phage libraries displaying over a trillion different proteins Constructed a synthetic structural mimic of influenza hemagglutinin Developed a synthetic route to mirror image VEGF-D Created unique bio-analytical methods to measure D- proteins Found collaborative partners with validated animal models for macular degeneration, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis (LAM) and influenza Reflexion has entered sponsored research and licensing agreements with Stanford University, The Scripps Research Institute, Toronto University and the University of Chicago. We retain exclusive worldwide rights to IP created during the course of this research.

6 WHAT’S NEXT Reflexion will advance three drug leads to animal studies within the next year. Over the next year we will: Test a D-protein VEGF-A antagonist in animal models with partners in California, Maryland, Japan and Singapore Identify a hemagglutinin-binding D-protein and test its flu neutralizing effectiveness with partners in California and Singapore Identify a D-protein VEGF-D antagonist and test its potency in animal models of LAM with partners in California We are initially focusing on two major areas of medicine – ocular and pulmonary diseases – because our drugs offer better treatment options for patients and because the market is ripe for medical advancements. Soon, we’ll use our technology platform to create drug leads for influenza and LAM (lymphangiogenesis). Proving our products in animals

7 About 700 for Science We’re a global nonprofit organization fostering useful connections among scientists, strategic business and industry leaders and investors in early stage technologies. Our members are experts in their fields and support compelling new technologies by sharing expertise and donating professional services. Want to showcase your expertise to a global audience? Here’s an easy way to make a big splash. 700 for Science selects three winners as part of our annual Innovation Awards. Each prize package is customized to fit the needs of the winning technology. Contribute 20 hours of your professional services to support a winner and we will feature you and your company on our website and in our publicity materials. And be truly grateful for the help. for details.

8 REFLEXION PHARMACEUTICALS Dr. Dana Ault-Riché President & CEO +1 650.245.8913 We look for projects that hold great promise for society and real potential for investors. Become a member at

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