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FLHD 1950 Accessories Applied Name: Amy Decker St. #: D106.

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1 FLHD 1950 Accessories Applied Name: Amy Decker St. #: D106

2 SC1:

3 SC1 Rembrandt’s pear picture would be suitable here because it is a slightly more formal area of the dining room. The subject of the picture is also relevant to the purpose of the room.

4 SC2

5 SC2 This area of the dining room is fairly dark and could use a little more illumination. Since it is not a critical area of the room, a duller photo would be acceptable if lit by a source other than the fluorescent lighting of the ceiling. The wrought iron of the lamp also matches the duller mood of the area while adding a classy effect.

6 SC3

7 SC3 The food theme continues throughout the room and the color scheme of this grouping of pictures matches the sign posted by the management on the adjacent wall. The bright colors of the photographs draw the attention of the viewer very effectively.

8 SC4

9 SC4 Brighter colors create livelier environments and happier people. If a large bright photograph was placed between tables, the mood of the room would lighten and if the pictures contained healthy food, students may actually begin to crave that food and eat a little better.

10 SC5

11 SC5 More lighting in a service area is always a good idea. These wrought iron lamps correlate with the one in SC2 and match the picture they illuminate.

12 Justification: NumberDecorativeFunctionalOrganicInorganicPrinciplesElements SC1aYesNoYesNo SC2aYesNoYesNo SC2bYes NoYes SC3aYesNoYesNo SC3bYesNoYesNo SC3cYesNoYesNo SC3dYesNoYesNo SC3eYesNoYesNo SC3fYesNoYesNo SC4aYesNoYesNo SC5aYes NoYes

13 Index of Photos SC1a Food photos found at: Lamp photos found at: SC2a SC2b SC3a SC3b SC3c SC3d SC3e SC3f SC4a SC5a

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