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How Mindset Affects Success. My problems with failure Dr. David Dockterman.

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1 How Mindset Affects Success

2 My problems with failure Dr. David Dockterman

3 Think : When are you a good learner? When, not so good? What do good learners do? Turn & Talk : Share stories. Come up with 2-3 shared behaviors of good learners. Stand & Share : Let’s hear from you.

4 Why? Persevere Surrender

5 I believe this is worth doing. I believe I can do it. I believe I can learn what I need.

6 Janna Peskett Curriculum & Professional Learning

7 Vanessa Photo credit: What drives some students to succeed while others are devastated by even the smallest setback?

8 Neuroscience + Psychology Taking on challenges can accelerate learning. Psychological barriers can interfere with learning.


10 Looking Smart is Most Important Helpless Effort is Negative Learning is Most Important Resilient Effort is Positive Avoids Challenges Embraces Challenges

11 “I can’t improve.”  “I don’t try.”  “I don’t improve.” Beliefs  Behaviors  Outcomes

12 “I can improve.”  “I will try.”  “I do improve.” Beliefs  Behaviors  Outcomes

13 A look at the research How do mindsets impact ACHIEVEMENT?

14 Fixed Growth Math Achievement in Junior HS

15 How do you think a fixed mindset might have held you back? In 1 minute, tell your neighbor a story about an area where you have had a fixed mindset and what the effect of that has been. sports academics relationships performing arts exercise fine arts career growth

16 So we know mindsets matter… …but can we change them?

17 Your Words Matter

18 Praise study: Each student worked on a puzzle.

19 SUCCESS !!! “Wow, that’s a really good score. You must be smart at this.” “Wow, that’s a really good score. You must have tried really hard.” Intelligence PraiseEffort Praise

20 Intelligence Praise Effort Praise % Choosing a Challenge After Success

21 Now try this one!

22 # of Easier Problems Solved You are smart. You tried hard. Number of puzzles solved by each group before failure Effort Praise Intelligence Praise

23 Total # of Problems Solved You are smart. You tried hard. Number of puzzles solved by each group after failure Failure Effort Praise Intelligence Praise

24 Can YOU relate?

25 Changing mindsets Intelligence and abilities are malleable. Struggle is normal. Your contributions matter. You belong.


27 A GROWTH MINDSET means you believe that intelligence can be developed and you have a passion for learning which means you embrace challenges and keep going when things get tough see effort as the path to mastery and learn from criticism

28 The Mindset Community

29 Dr. Karen Mapp

30 Where do we start in our work of building effective family-school partnerships?


32 Essential Core Beliefs Core Belief One All parents have dreams for their children and want the best for them. “…I believe that all parents hold big expectations for the role that schools will play in the life chances of their children. They all harbor a large wish list of dreams and aspirations for their youngsters. All families care deeply about their children’s education and hope that their progeny will be happier, more productive, and more successful than they have been in their lives.” (Lightfoot, 2003)

33 Core Belief Two All parents have the capacity to support their children's learning.

34 Core Belief Three Parents and school staff should be equal partners.

35 Core Belief Four The responsibility for building and sustaining partnerships between school, home, and community rests primarily with school staff, especially school leaders.


37 The various stakeholders (families, district/school leaders and staff) have not had the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills, in other words, the capacity to engage in effective partnerships. Example: Title One, section 1118 requirement for families to be engaged family engagement policy development for schools and districts.

38 38

39 39

40 Believe… in a world of possible

41 Believe… in a world of possible

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