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one childhood, one journey Honeypot House The Honeypot Playbus.

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2 one childhood, one journey

3 Honeypot House

4 The Honeypot Playbus

5 Letter from a sibling. Letter from a Sibling

6 Life as a Sibling  None of these children, were receiving any support from voluntary or statutory organisations.  All these children were referred by a concerned child care professional ie. School teacher, GP, Social Worker because they were displaying emotional difficulties.  None of these children took part in any activities outside school because they were needed at home.  The majority of these children were being bullied at school, and counted their sibling as one of their only friends.

7 Emotional Impact Guilt Poor Self-confidence Emotional well being Jealousy Lack of understanding Embarrassment Isolation Sleep disturbance Exhaustion and Stress.

8 Fiona has a younger brother with Autism, and she never knows what he will be like when she gets home from school. Will they laugh and play together, or will he be upset and crying? She is always on high alert as she enters the house, trying to sense the atmosphere. She constantly feels nervous because she never knows what to expect. Fiona has never invited a friend home from school.

9 Swimming lessons School and Homework Hospital appointments Sleepovers After school clubs Summer holidays Logistical Impact

10 Daniel has an older brother with Cerebal Palsy and learning difficulties. Daniel loves his brother very much and spends hours trying to entertain him, and make him feel happy. Daniel feels very guilty but doesn’t understand why, so he does everything he can to make his brother’s life happier even if it means he doesn’t have time to do his homework. Imagine…

11 The difference we make ‘Honeypot is the best thing that has happened to me in my whole life’ Jessica, aged 11, sibling.

12 “The closer I get to Honeypot the less sadder I feel.” “ My brother is in a wheelchair and needs lots of help. I love him very much but sometimes I just get tired. When I come to Honeypot I don’t worry anymore.” “I could have come to Honeypot House for 10 minutes and went home again and that would have been enough.” “Being at Honeypot House is like a dream come true...I can’t tell you the best part because everything has been the best part.” “We found out my sister was ill when I was five and times were hard. Honeypot helped me and my family when it was most needed. The memories of the house and everything inside it will stay with me forever.”

13 Thank you

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