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Connections Between Fahrenheit 451 and Measure for Measure

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1 Connections Between Fahrenheit 451 and Measure for Measure
Jenna Belton & Julia Sampson

2 Power vs. Simplicity much like the recurring theme of city vs.
country in Shakespeare’s books, Power vs. Simplicity are very different from one another and can relate to city vs. country.

3 Power in Fahrenheit 451 The firemen are very powerful in the society. In the beginning, Montag is a part of the firemen, but he doesn’t feel real happiness. Most people in the society also think that if they have more material things and better technology, they will be happier or have more power.

4 “The fire was gone, then back again, like a winking eye
“The fire was gone, then back again, like a winking eye. He stopped, afraid he might blow the fire out with a single breath. But the fire was there and he approached it warily, from a long way off. It took the better part of fifteen minutes before he drew very close indeed too it, and then he stood looking at it from cover. That small motion, the white and red color, a strange fire because it meant a different thing to him. It was not burning. It was warming.” This quotation from Fahrenheit 451 represents Montag’s transition from power to simplicity and his realization that there is something better than the chaos of the city.

5 Simplicity in Fahrenheit 451
The “odd” families, like Clarisse’s family, live simple lives without many material things and are happier. Granger and his hobo buddies live in the country and lead peaceful and simple lives. When Montag joins them he feels more at home there and less pressured to do what the society expects of him.

6 Power in Measure for Measure
When the Duke of Vienna leaves Angelo in power while he secretly observes him as a friar in disguise, Angelo becomes corrupt with power. He strictly enforces unreasonable laws with harsh consequences because he has the power to, but does not obey them himself. “Say you so? then I shall pose you quickly. Which had you rather, that the most just law Now took your brother's life; or, to redeem him, Give up your body to such sweet uncleanness As she that he hath stain'd?” -Angelo

7 Simplicity in Measure for Measure
Isabella has a simple life in the society. She is studying to become a nun, so she devotes her life to religion. When Angelo asks her to do something against her beliefs she is not influenced or intimidated by his power. The duke also has to conform to a simple life when he disguises himself as friar. Although he didn’t he didn’t do this for the simplicity, he sees the obvious contrast between the two lifestyle. (duke vs. friar)

Authority over yourself, but not enough power to make things chaotic or overpowering. Examples: Clarisse Isabella -both of these characters take charge of their lives, but keep it simple ISABELLA ANGELO POWER SIMPLICITY MONTAG MONTAG THE DUKE THE DUKE Granger and the hobos

9 QUESTIONS????????

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