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“Ten9Eight” In America, a kid drops out of high school every 9 seconds. Imagine if they didn’t!

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1 “Ten9Eight” In America, a kid drops out of high school every 9 seconds. Imagine if they didn’t!

2 Your Assignments for this lesson…
Before viewing of the film take hand written notes on this power point, discuss and answer 10 preliminary questions to be turned in ( 50 points) Take hand written notes on the students in the film including their background, obstacles to overcome, description of their entrepreneurship project and other important facts discussed. This video will be shown over 2 classes. (notes 100 points) When the video is complete, use your notes to answer any 4 of 6 questions I give you by typing on the computer and printing in class. These answers must be 3-5 sentences not including the question. Type the question you are answering. Grade will be based on effort of your answers. Spellcheck. (100 points) Everything turned in at the end. Make sure every page has your name and Period #. Must be legible and in dark pencil or blue or black ink only.

3 “A powerful film that showcases the power of entrepreneurship in the lives of students.”
FACTS…… 1.2 million students will drop out of high school this year and will have futures in poverty, drugs and prison. Nearly 50% of African American, Hispanic and Native American students will fail to graduate with their high school class. DO WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS? This film shows how the power of the entrepreneurial process can develop a new mindset and help students think about themselves differently. This film shows 12 students that actually change their mental models.

4 “Ten9Eight” the film… Focuses on a business plan competition but raises questions on a variety of issues: entrepreneurship, youth education, dropout prevention, poverty, homelessness, drug use, single parenthood, class divisions and ethnic divisions. Examples of students who chart new futures for themselves. What becomes possible for their futures.

5 Objective of this film To show how teaching teenagers how to become entrepreneurs and other skills is relevant to their lives. To show how relevant business education re-energizes the student to study math and English, and stay in school.

6 More facts…Diversity in the workplace.
As of 2010 the Hispanic labor force is larger than the African-American labor force. Asians will be the fast growing group in the labor force. (Projected to increase over 45% this decade) Women constitute nearly half of the labor force The majority of workers entering the workforce this decade will be women, minorities and foreign nationals. Those people who are neither citizens nor permanent residents in the U.S. “Diversity is the key differentiator in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.”

7 Objectivity Objectivity empowers us to make clear and sound judgments, interact meaningfully with others and create more successful and happier lives. Objectivity is defined as the ability to discern and accept “what is” without projecting fears, pre-conceived assumptions and respond with appropriate action that maximizes our success and happiness. 2 critical steps to becoming more objective made possible with knowledge, understanding and effort. Acceptance for the nature of the mind, Practicing the framework for increasing productivity

8 The Nature of the Mind… It is human nature to see the difference, to compare and contrast, to make judgments, and to categorize. The mind creates mental models from our beliefs “how the world works and how things ought to be”. These mental models come from our childhood when our parents, teachers and other authority figures tell us about the way the world ought to be and how we should behave. Reinforced by television, movies and music. What is “cool”? What is considered successful?

9 The problem is….. Many kids mental models about themselves are not good. With high school dropout and mortality statistics, many of our youth adopt mental models that say “I am not good enough”. “I can’t be successful.” “The odds are against me so why bother even trying.” Many have a mental model that “school is a waste of time”.

10 How does one become more objective?
We must start with recognizing our mental models or stereotypes. Once we do this we then have the power to change them. Mental models can change through uncovering new information or experiencing something new. Mental models can change from feedback from others that can help dispel old notions. Help adopt a new way of thinking.

11 Something New….Entrepreneurship
In this film the students experience something new about what is possible. Entrepreneurship ignites this transformation. The very nature of becoming an entrepreneur involves experiencing something new that leads to self discovery. The entrepreneurial process by its nature is new and challenging and often chaotic and unpredictable. Objectivity empowers us to make clear and sound judgments, interact meaningfully with others and create more successful and happier lives.

12 Entrepreneurs require specific skills and attitudes which the students in the film demonstrate.
Passion Perseverance Commitment Ability to handle uncertainty Self confidence Objectivity Sound judgment

13 The process of learning how to start a business
These specific skills are acquired throughout the process of learning how to start a business. In addition to shedding old mental models and limitations, these students were re- energized to learn math and English. These students were required to understand ROI (Return on investment), profit and loss, economics and other financial concepts to create their business plans. They also needed proper grammar and sentence structure to write their plans. Learning something new, in this case entrepreneurial skills, was critical in helping students think differently about themselves and their abilities.

14 Business concepts in the film:
A vision based on a passion to provide a solution or do something good for people Evaluate an opportunity Analysis of the customer or target Analysis of the industry Profit potential Pricing Startup costs Working capital required and cash flow.

15 Business Plan Components
Cover Table of Contents Executive Summary Company Overview, description, mission statement Industry, Marketplace & Competitor Analyses Marketing Plan and Sales strategy Operations Plan

16 Business Plan Components Continued…
8. Development Plan, Timeline, Strategy 9. Management and Company Organization 10. Critical Risks 11. Offering and Investment Requirements 12. Financial Plan, forecasts, financial statements, and Exit Plan 13. Appendices including all documentation to support the business plan.

17 The students Ja’Mal Wills and William Mack- J&W Sensations
Anne Montague- Inamoratos Dance Alex Niles- Niles Custom Shop Guitars Jessica Cervantes- Popsy Cakes Rodney Walker and Gabe Echoles- Forever Life Music & Video Productions Shan Shan Huang- Charger Stations Robbie Martin- The Deaf Academy Continued…

18 Students continued… 8. Amanda Loyola- EcoDog Treats LLC 9. Macalee Harlis- MAC Shields 10. Tatyana Blackwell- Just Cheer Uniforms 11. Howard Stubbs- Howard’s Hot Dogs 12. Jasmine Lawrence- Eden BodyWorks

19 “Yes I can.” These students came to understand that they did not have to accept anyone else’s model about who they are or what they could become. Can you imagine how many times a great inventor or a great pioneer was told “you can’t do it” or “you’ll never make it”? If that was accepted they would never have achieved greatness. Understanding what it takes to engage and encourage the path to success.

20 Showtime Start film. Will be shown over parts of 2 class sessions,

21 Explain any 4 of the 6 quotes below. 3-5 sentences each
Explain any 4 of the 6 quotes below. 3-5 sentences each. Type and print in class. “You don’t have to believe what others think about you.” “When you are a have not, you have to find ways to have.” “Always think positive, positive, positive.” “Give it your all. Bring it or the other person will.” “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.” “Obstacles prepare you for greatness.” Type the quote first that you are explaining. Grading will be based on effort put into this project. Print using the printer 563.

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