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To what extent should internationalism be pursued?

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1 To what extent should internationalism be pursued?
Mark Hamill Ss20-1

2 Internationalism This picture shows internationalism because it is showing people holding hands around the world. It is showing that all countries rely on each other and showing that we need to co-operate with each other. The more countries a nation is allies with the more that nation will strive, because those allies will protect and help them in hard times. For example if anyone was going to attack the United States Canada would be helping not only to protect our neighbours but also United States and Canada rely on each other for economic reasons. Internationalism is a positive aspect for a nation to be the best it can be.

3 Haiti This picture is showing the Canadian army helping a Haitian boy following the devastating earthquake that put a stamp on its history forever. Following the earthquake Haitians were in need of survival supplies like food and water. Canada sent its army over with these supplies to help Haitians in need. This shows internationalism because its one country that doesn’t even effect Canada and yet we are still going over to help countries in need. If all countries would help each other when one is need the world would have very few problems and would be a happier place for everyone.

4 Rwanda This picture shows the United Nations at work in Rwanda where Tutsi people were killed. The UN was their to promote peace within the nation and create a sense of security for the Tutsis. Although still hundreds of thousands were killed having the UN their was a positive thing, they still saved thousands of Tutsis and prevented a complete wiping out of the Tutsi culture. The UN created international awareness of Rwanda's problems and got help from other countries like Canada. Because of this help Rwanda has dramatically changed over the past en years and now is slowly becoming a happy loving nation. Without the help of UN and other nations around the world Rwanda could still be a mess.

5 Canada/China This picture is showing the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephan Harper shaking hands with Canada's close allies leader China. Canada and China trade many resources between each other and without one another both countries economic factors would dramatically drop . Canada and china are on opposite sides of the world and yet they still rely of each other for resources. This is a example of internationalism at its finest. China and Canada would protect each other at war because if one of them got defeated both countries would be in an economic down , therefor Canada and China have been allies for a long time and will be for a long time. Having allies on other parts of the world helps your economy of your country.

6 G20 This picture is advertising the G20 summit that was held in Toronto. The G20 brings 20 leaders from around the world to discuss international problems, solutions and alternatives. They discuss where the world is going what needs to be done to change the problems the word is having and what not. This shows internationalism because they want all countries to be allied and all countries to work together to make a happier safer world. The G20 summit is the biggest most important meeting in the world and if something goes wrong in this meeting it could effect the whole world because every nation is connected somehow through internationalism.

7 WW1 WW1 is an example of internationalism because it was a war involving many different nation worldwide. These nations shared a common goal and fought to achieve that goal. Some nations paired up to defeat another nation ex.(US, Canada, France). This would not even be possible if internationalism didn’t exist because nations wouldn’t even have communication between each other and wouldn’t be able to fight.

8 Olympics The summer and winter Olympic games are a perfect example of internationalism because it brings many different nations together in one city to watch or compete in the games. Different cultures are shared between different people. Internationalism is bringing all these people together to celebrate the Olympic games and is a positive thing for society.

9 Canada/Iraq The Iraq war shows internationalism because Canada was not only able to find out what horrible things were going on in Iraq, but were able to act on it and send troops over to try and fix things. Iraq has been known for its dictatorship government and its terrorism. Canada is currently fighting in Iraq to promote peace and change their government system to better the nation for the future.

10 Positive/Negative Internationalism can be a positive or a negative thing for a nation. For example the Olympics, G20 summit, alliances between countries, and country aid or help are all positive things of internationalism. Events such as war or inner-nation problems due to other nations are negative aspects of internationalism. People may have different views on internationalism based on experiences but if you as a nation don’t embrace internationalism you will fall behind in the world and possibly be taken over in war. Internationalism is something that is needed for a strong nation.

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