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I Choose happiness By Kontina roper.

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1 I Choose happiness By Kontina roper

2 I Choose Happiness Have you ever heard someone say “If I could make more money I would be happy!” or “I know if I had him or her in my life I would be happy.”

3 What Determines Happiness?
Our happiness is not determined by the things we have or the person we think will make us happy. They don’t define our happiness, they ENHANCE it!!

4 HAPPINESS!! Happiness comes from the inner you and manifest outwardly.
Happiness can be learned, but finding meaning and purpose in life is what leads to it. The happiest people appreciate and realize that being happy add years to their life and life to their years.

5 HAPPINESS!! Happiness is not a feeling, it is a choice. “To be happy one must choose to be happy, not respond to a circumstance that now contains your happiness.”—Joyce Meyers

6 HAPPINESS!! John 10:10) “I come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

7 HAPPINESS!! Living the abundant life means Happiness!!!

8 Ideas and suggestions **IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS NEEDED**

9 Happiness!! Here are some ways to help you position yourself for happiness…

10 Happiness!! Wear COLORS that make you feel confident and joyful.
*We are mentally stimulated by certain colors*

11 Happiness!! SMILE—whether you feel happy or not, your mood will be elevated.

12 Happiness!! LAUGH—laughter relaxes you mentally and physically. When you laugh you’re in that moment; living in the state that produces happiness.

13 Happiness!! Do a Good DEED—studies show that doing small acts of kindness increases your happiness and self-esteem.

14 JOBS Should we be content with our jobs? Jobs that make us unhappy?
Jobs that make us feel overlooked and unappreciated? That is why you’re here today, you have realized that you needed a change!!

15 Entrepreneurship This new chapter in your life will give you the opportunity to choose happiness. It will enable you more time with friends and family, doing the things that really matter! Being cognizant in life, having conversation and being aware of what is being said. You will be able to attend activities with your children, being PRESENT. No more long hours of someone else telling you what to do! By you being here today it seems as if you have chosen the right avenue, ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

16 CONTENTMENT Contentment id defined as a matter of being satisfied with what you have. Contentment is not a matter with being content with your situation in life and never trying to improve it, it is a matter of being content with what you have but realizing there is always room for improvement.

17 Happiness Happiness is a choice. Your circumstances can affect it, but you’re still the one who decides your happiness. —Unknown

18 happiness People who are content have a positive outlook on life.

19 happiness No matter what the situation is they will always look at the brighter side of things.

Good relationships are essential to our happiness and emotional health!

21 Friendship The choice of friends is a major factor in influencing your way of thinking.

22 Relationships It’s not ALWAYS easy to keep our friendships and family connections strong when you’re busy at work. Before you know it, weeks have turned into months with no communication. Here’s a few steps to help maintain healthy relationships. The simple things like sending a text or an , or picking up the phone. It’s simple but it shows you care.

23 relationships You can make new friends, establish new relationships with people with similar lifestyles. They will better understand your dail6y challenges. Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime, so always nurture them so that they will continue to grow!

24 MIND TRANSFORMATION Surround yourself with happy people. It is easy to think negative when you surrounded by negative people. It is infectious!

25 relationships So remember whatever you entertain, that is what you will become.

26 inspiration When you hang around people who aren’t passionate, you will find yourself loosing motivation. However if you position yourself around passionate people, then you will become inspired.

27 Happiness!! It is important to understand that you deserve happiness. So many times we feel that we are not worthy enough for it, but negative thoughts like that can sabotage your future. This is why transformation of the mind is important! A new way of thinking! (Phil. 4:8)

28 Happiness!! “Finally brethren, whosoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

29 If you do these things, peace shall be with you!
Happiness!! If you do these things, peace shall be with you! “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”—Mahatma Gandhi

30 Benefits of being happy
Better health

31 Happiness!! Longer life—optimistic people live longer than pessimists.

32 Happiness!! Longer life

33 Happiness!! Successful relationships— happy people are more likely to be married, to stay married, and to experience more personal well-being.

34 Happiness!! Success in work—happier people are more satisfied with their jobs than less happy people.

35 Happiness!! Better mental health—happier people have less depression, less suicide, and less paranoia than unhappy people. We have more self-control and coping skills.

36 Happiness!! Starting today we will CHOOSE Happiness!!

37 Happiness!! We understand that we have a right to the abundant life.

38 Happiness!! We will wake up each day and make a conscious decision to be HAPPY.

39 Happiness!! We will not let nothing or no one dictate our happiness.

40 Happiness!! We will not let our actions or behavior make someone else unhappy.

41 Happiness!! We will remember that happiness can be infectious. So you determine the ATMOSPHERE!!

42 Happiness!! Take responsibility for your own happiness, do not expect people or things to bring you happiness, or you could be disappointed. —Rodolfo Costa

43 happiness Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.—Abraham Lincoln

44 My life I was born and raised in Douglas, Georgia. In a family of four. I am the youngest of two children. As a child I always had a smile on my face, it was belief, and still is that God intended for his children to be happy. I was an average student throughout school. I graduated from Coffee High School in After graduating from high school, I did not go straight off to college, I worked! After working at several different jobs in every area from having my own clean-up service to being a correctional officer at a prison, none of these kept my attention. My heart wasn’t in it.

45 My life Later, in 2002, she decided to go back to school. She attended East Central Technical College. She chose to study to become an LPN. Because of the heart that she had for people, she knew that this would be the right field for her. The process was not always easy, but with hard work and prayers she made it! She graduated in December of with her LPN degree. Along with her degree from ECTC, over the years she has had the pleasure of becoming a nurse, entrepreneur, minister, and a person who inspires others. Her mission is to tell everyone that they too can choose HAPPINESS!!

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