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Chirpy: The Lovable Lovebird

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1 Chirpy: The Lovable Lovebird
사랑스러운 모란 앵무


3 Page 139 관계부사 수식 ( One summer day when I was walking to the Cape Town
Community Center after school, I heard chirping coming from a tree. It wasn’t the happy kind of chirping that I was used to hearing; it sounded like a call for help. I walked over and looked under the tree to find a small red and yellow baby lovebird. ( ) 짹짹거리다 ( 종류 ) 관계대명사 수식 ~처럼 들리다 To부정사의 부사적 용법 (결과)

4 CF로 배우는 문법!

5 1. 그녀는 핸드폰으로 책을 읽는 것에 익숙하다. =>She is used to reading a book via her cell-phone.

6 2. 전지현은 홍초를 마시는 것에 익숙하다. =>전지현 is used to drinking Hong-cho.

7 It must have fallen out of its nest. It had an injured wing
and was not able to move at all. I picked it up carefully, holding it in my hands, and carried it over to the community center. ~임에 틀림이 없다 둥지 상처입은 이어동사에서 대명사의 위치!

8 팝송으로 배우는 문법!

9 수행평가! Chirp 짹짹거리다 Sound like ~처럼 들리다 Be used to ~ing ~가 익숙하다
Must have pp ~임에 틀림이 없다 Nest 둥지 Injured 상처 입은

10 수행평가! Chirp Sound like Be used to ~ing Must have pp Nest Injured

11 Page 140 I showed the bird to the receptionist, and we decided to
take it to an animal hospital. The veterinarian there wrapped the bird’s wing in a bandage and said that it needed to be taken care of until it could fly again. My mom wouldn’t let me take it home, so the receptionist got permission to keep it at the community center. 접수 담당자 Take A to B : A를 B로 데려가다 수의사 감싸다 밴드 돌보다 허락

12 I began to visit the center every day after school to help
take care of the baby bird. We decided to name the bird Chirpy after the calls that led to his rescue and the happy chirping sounds he made to thank us for our care. To부정사의 부사적 용법(목적) ~를 따라서 이름을 부르다 ( ) 구조 ( ) ~에게 감사하다

13 수행평가! Receptionist 접수담당자 Take A to B A를 B로 데려가다 Veterinarian 수의사
Wrap 감싸다 Take care of 돌보다 Permission 허락 Name after ~를 따라서 이름부르다 Rescue 구조

14 수행평가! Receptionist Take A to B Veterinarian Wrap Take care of
Permission Name after Rescue

15 Page 141 Since Chirpy’s cage stood right next to the receptionist’s
새장 Since Chirpy’s cage stood right next to the receptionist’s desk, he began to get attention from everyone who came into the center. Many visitors started volunteering to help us feed him and clean his cage. As Chirpy got better, he quickly became the perfect addition to the community. 때문에=as, because 접수원 관심 help + 목+ 목적격 보어 ~함에 따라 새로운 구성원

16 After a few weeks of training, he learned to greet everyone
who came in with a cheerful “Hi,” and once he was able to fly, he would land on people’s hands or shoulders and let them pet him. When Chirpy’s wing had fully recovered, we took him outside and set him free. A lot of people gathered to see him off. Many of us were sad that we would never see him again. However, Chirpy didn’t go away. He kept flying back to us day after day. ( ) 발랄한 일단 ~하자 내려앉다 쓰다듬다 회복되다 풀어주다 배웅하다 떠나가다 Keep ~ing: 계속해서 ~하다

17 수행평가! Receptionist 접수원 Attention 주의, 관심 Addition 새로운 구성원 Cheerful 발랄한
Land 내려앉다 Pet 쓰다듬다 Set free 놓아주다 See off 배웅하다 Go away 떠나가다

18 수행평가! Receptionist Attention Addition Cheerful Land Pet Set free
See off Go away

19 Page 142 관계대명사 수식 Many of the people who came to the center were going
through difficult times. The center provided services for the unemployed, troubled children and lonely older people. Chirpy brought hope into these people’s lives. They identified with his story. He had fallen out of his nest and almost died, but his life turned around for the better when he was rescued. Seeing him made people believe that things were going to turn around for them, too. ( ) ~을 겪다 제공하다 실직자 =unemployed people 동일시하다 돌아서다 호전되다 구조하다

20 수행평가! Go through ~을 겪다 Provide 제공하다 The unemployed 실직자
Identify with 동일시하다 Turn around 호전되다 Rescue 구조하다

21 수행평가! Go through Provide The unemployed Identify with Turn around

22 Chirpy became an important part of the community
center. When he greeted the elderly visitors or sat on their shoulders, they felt as though they were spending time with a loving friend. Children loved Chirpy, too. He made shy, troubled children feel happier and more comfortable at the center. Chirpy would jump onto one of their hands and let them lightly pet his soft feathers. 환영하다 마치~처럼 =as if 애정어린 +형용사 목적어 목적격보어(동사원형) 편안한 가볍게 목적어 목적격보어(동사원형)

23 Amazingly, Chirpy even helped some children improve
목적격보어 (동사원형) Amazingly, Chirpy even helped some children improve their reading. When they were too shy to read out loud to other people, they practiced reading to Chirpy first. They felt more comfortable reading to him; he was always happy to listen and they knew that he wouldn’t judge them for reading too slowly or making mistakes. This helped them build confidence. ->to improve 목적어 too~to… 너무 ~해서 …하지 못하다 연습하다 +형용사 ->to build 자신감 목적어 목적격보어 (동사원형)

24 수행평가! Greet 환영하다 As though ~처럼 Loving 애정어린 Comfortable 편안한
Too A to B 너무 A해서 B하지 못하다

25 수행평가! Greet As though Loving Comfortable Too A to B

26 A sense of togetherness
Page 143 Chirpy gave everyone at the center a sense of togetherness that was stronger than it had ever been before. The new hope and happiness spread throughout the town. We even started to have weekly town dinners at the community center. This had never happened before, and I believe it was all thanks to that small bird. 관계대명사 수식 일체감 ( A sense of togetherness ) 퍼지다 매주의 덕분에 +명사

27 After I left for university in another region, I didn’t see
Chirpy again, but from time to time, I thought of him. Chirpy had a lot of personality packed into a small body. It was amazing how thrilled this little bird was to play and spend time with people. When I look back at the time I spent with him, it seems to me that the relationships we build with animals are a lot more meaningful than we often think. I will always remember Chirpy as the lovable bird that brought happiness to everyone he met. 지역 가주어 이따금 생각하다 개성 채워져있는 진주어! 어순주의! ( ) ( ~인것 같다 관계 ) 의미있는 사랑스러운 ( ( ) )

28 수행평가! A sense of togetherness 일체감 Weekly 매주의 Thanks to 덕분에 Region 지역
From time to time 때때로 Personality 개성 Meaningful 의미있는 lovable 사랑스러운

29 수행평가! A sense of togetherness Weekly Thanks to Region
From time to time Personality Meaningful lovable

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