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December 8- 12 Adjectives/Adverbs Closing Sentences Article Analysis.

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1 December 8- 12 Adjectives/Adverbs Closing Sentences Article Analysis

2 Bellwork Monday, December 8  Adjectives: Modify a noun or pronoun  This is a helpful book.  Adverbs: Modify a verb, adjective, or adverb; often end in –ly.  The hikers stepped carefully. (v)  It was an exceptionally sunny day. (adj)  The parachutist will jump fairly soon. (adv)

3 Errors to Avoid  1) Do not use an adjective in the place of an adverb.  I: John traveled the course slow.  C: John traveled the course slowly.

4  2) Do not confuse the adjectives “real” and “sure” with the adverbs “really” and “surely.”  I: Erin sang real well.  C: Erin sang really well.  I: Ryan was sure playing less than his best.  C: Ryan was surely playing less than his best.

5  3) Do not confuse the adjectives “bad” and “good” with the adverbs “badly” and “well.”  I: Bob wanted to perform the dance good.  C: Bob wanted to perform the dance well.  I: Liz cooked bad.  C: Liz cooked badly.

6 Practice  Now, this is smoothly ice cream.  If you want my opinion, that yogurt is real great.  I think that Chris behaved very good today.  Unfortunately, the opera singer has a sore throat.  Acting more careful would solve the problem.

7 Unit 5 Vocabulary Test  Get out chapters 26-30 vocabulary terms.  Write each term and definition on a sheet of paper (MANDATORY).  This is your study sheet for the test.

8 How to Compose a Closing Sentence

9 Guidelines  1) End w/ a sentence that summarizes or restates the main idea of the paragraph.  TS: A grandfather is a very special person with many good characteristics.  CS: Therefore, a grandfather is an important person to have in one’s life.  TS: My hometown is famous for several amazing natural features.  CS: These three landmarks are truly exceptional and make my hometown an extraordinary place.

10  2) Can give the writer’s opinion or feelings (if requested in the prompt)  TS: My favorite car is the Toyota Corolla for several reasons.  CS: Because of its many economical features, the Toyota Corolla will probably be my favorite for a long time.  TS: Skateboarding on sidewalks is dangerous, so I agree with the neighborhood policy to forbid it.  CS: For everybody’s safety, banning skateboarding on sidewalks is the right policy.

11 Transitions: therefore, thus, as a result, consequent ly  TS: First of all, if all public school children were required to wear uniforms, this would make life much simpler for principals, parents and the students.  CS: Therefore, if this uniform rule were adopted, everyone involved would have a simpler and more productive life.  TS: Mike Davidson agrees that homeowners should be able to control their own weapons.  CS: As a result of the Constitution as well as many citizens’ personal testimonies, Davidson argues for less governmental control of weapons.

12 “Don’ts” for Conclusion Sentences  1) Don’t repeat the TS by using too many of the same words  2) Don’t include only one of the details of the paragraph  3) Don’t introduce a new detail to the paragraph  4) Don’t stray off-topic or say something that doesn’t apply to the paragraph  Poor CS: The Toyota Corolla cannot be topped because of its excellent gas mileage. (1 detail)

13 The Middle East Mess Five things you need to know about Iraq and Syria– and why it matters to the U.S.

14 Vocabulary  Sunni (soo’ ney) and Shiite (shee’ ahyt): the 2 large religious divisions of Islam  Caliphate (kal’ uh feyt): the government, or jurisdiction, of an Islam leader.  Ouster: eviction  Cusp: a point that marks the beginning of a change  Implications: effects

15 Guiding/Focus Questions  What does religion have to do with the crisis in Iraq and Syria? Do you think the conflict is primarily religious or political?  What is the goal of the group known as ISIS? If it succeeds, what are possible repercussions for the U.S.?  If you were President Barack Obama, how would you handle the developing crisis? Why?  Do you think the U.S. pulled its troops out of Iraq prematurely in 2011? Why or why not? What factors do you think led to that decision?

16 Support Your View  Jot down your opinion and your evidence on a sheet of paper before joining the debate. Should the U.S. send combat forces back to Iraq to help the government defend Iraq against ISIS?

17 Nonfiction Organization  One method authors use to organize nonfiction is by using cause-and-effect to guide the reader through the article.  Using “Making Connections,” analyze the article for its causes and effects. Use key words signaling c-e to assist you.

18 Writing Prompt  What factors do you think contributed to ISIS’s ability to seize large swaths of territory in a short period of time? Write a well-developed paragraph, supporting your topic sentence with evidence from the article.

19 Bellwork Thursday, Dec. 11  Comparing 2 items= comparative form  Warmer, safer, more creative, less creative  Comparing 3+ items= superlative form  Warmest, safest, most creative, least creative  NOTE: if you can’t tell how many items there are, use superlative

20 Practice  Chad was the happier player on the soccer team.  Members of the winning team were happier than members on the losing team.  The cheetah is the faster predator in Africa.  She took the lightest of the two grocery bags to the car.  Ron is the least able of the two drivers.

21 Bellwork Friday, Dec. 12  Tomorrow will be cloudier than today but sunnier than yesterday.  Rick is the smallest of the two wrestlers who made the finals.  Sometimes I think I’m the luckier person on earth.  She was the most capable of the two referees.  Jan was the prettiest in the group.

22 Notebook Check  Bellwork:  Monday, Nov. 10  Tuesday, Nov. 18  Wed., Dec. 3  Articles:  China’s Rise  Middle East Mess  Vocabulary  Ch. 26  Ch. 28  Notes:  Topic Sent. Notes  Closing Sent. Notes  Quiz:  ACT Grammar: Commas

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