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Taking Digital Impressions With TRIOS

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1 Taking Digital Impressions With TRIOS
Peter Jensen, 3Shape TRIOS A/S

2 Digitally moving the world of dentistry
About 3Shape Digitally moving the world of dentistry Global provider of innovative 3D technology Established in 2000 in Copenhagen, Denmark 250 employees More than 100 developers (+35% 2010) Headquarters in Copenhagen (Denmark) Offices in Kiev (Ukraine), Stettin (Poland), New Providence (USA) Milano (Italy) and Asia Leading supplier in the Hearing Aid Segment % of the world’s hearing aids are produced using 3Shape’s technology Global market leader for Dental CAD System for the lab Thousands of installations in more than 60 countries. Kristian

3 The digital evolution A system for the future – not just for today…
D500/D800 Scanner Texture scanning TRIOS Model Builder 3Shape Communicate 2D Image overlays Virtual Preparation Align & Reuse Real Articulators 3rd Abutment Design Secondary Telescopes CAD Features/indications & Scanner performance D710 Scanner Inclinic Imp. Scanning Upper & Lower Virtual Articulation Removable Design Implant Bars SmileComposer Attachments Integrated Help D700 Scann Impression scan Virtual model making Inlays/Onlays Veneers Sculpt toolkit Crown automation Post & core Diagnostic waxup Intra-oral support D640 Scanner Improved margin line Anatomical copings & frameworks Freeform cutback crowns File splitting/Pressing Anatomy libraries ScanIt Library Parallel customized abutments D250 Scanner DentalManager Full anatomy Waxup bridge Cust.abutment Implant bridges Adv.connectors Implant bars D200 Scanner Copings Frameworks Telescopes Single waxup 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 <10 Machine interfaces Multiple machine interfaces

4 Looking inside 3Shape Dental System™
Defining the next step for CAD/CAM Dentistry

5 CT Scan feature coming.

6 Introduction Traditional Impression Problems: Patient uncomfort
Peter Problems: Patient uncomfort Gaging sensation Material and logistics cost Copy of copy -> more inaccuracies Advantages: Higher patient comfort Easier retakes Saved logistics and material costs Problems: Models still might be needed sometimes

7 TRIOS Overview Spray-free for optimal accuracy and comfort
25 seconds for a quadrant impression Up to D pictures for true geometries Peter

8 Simulator Used when: Hardware unavailable Testing algorithms
Testing perfect data Using raytracing Kristian

9 Clinical Validation Tools

10 CAD Design In Dental Lab

11 Making A Physical Model

12 Lab/Dentist/Patient Communication
Communication with TRIOS and 3Shape Communicate Peter

13 Demo

14 Conclusion And Questions
Happier patients Improved patient communication Higher quality by removing the traditional impression Better and faster treatments Saved impression material Better dental restoration

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