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Robert Walton. Seafarer of the Arctic. His letters open and close the novel. In his letters he tells his stories all addressed to his sister Margaret.

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1 Robert Walton

2 Seafarer of the Arctic. His letters open and close the novel. In his letters he tells his stories all addressed to his sister Margaret Saville who resides in England.

3 Robert Walton Walton is in a way the narrator of the story. It is his letters, which we read and learn about Frankenstein and The creature. Walton is a wealthy Englishman with a passion for sea exploration. In the Novel he is captaining an exploration to the North Pole because he has a desire to fulfill some great purpose.

4 In the novel Walton acts also a parallel to Victor. They are both very intelligent explorers searching for some piece of un-possessed knowledge. Both characters feel lonely, leading them to write letters, Walton to Margaret, and Frankenstein to Elizabeth. Walton and Frankenstein work towards their goal of knowledge with great enthusiasm and zeal. One quote that demonstrates the parallel between Walton and Frankenstein is, “What may not be expected in a country of eternal light?” this quote comes from Walton’s first letter to Margaret. The “eternal light” for Walton is to reach the North Pole, while for Frankenstein, it is the search for the secret of life. Walton is also a foil for Frankenstein at the end of the novel when he decides to turn back home and abandon his voyage to the North Pole. We as readers are not sure if he is not courageous to risk his life and the lives’ of his crew for his goal, or if he is just not as obsessed as Frankenstein was in his search for eternal life.

5 Margaret Saville

6 Recipient of the letters of Robert Walton Letters include accounts of Walton’s encounters with victor Frankenstein

7 Margaret Saville Margaret is the sister of Robert Walton and lives in England like her brother. Robert writes letters to her explaining his emotions and thoughts while at sea. Margaret must be an intelligent woman because Walton expresses his feelings to her rather than his uneducated sailors, who he feels too sophisticated for.

8 Victor Frankenstein

9 Victor Frankenstein is the main character in the novel and lives a complex life. He is obsessed with the fields of science, and with this obsession he acts on his curiosity with the creation of a monster made of human parts. Soon after creating the monster, he realizes the evil that he has done and abandons his creation. He had hoped that the monster would dissolve out of his life, but the monster is determined to bring misery to Victor, and as a consequence, Victor spends the rest of his life trying to destroy his creation. The novel reveals that Victor transforms from a young and innocent boy into a vindictive and vengeful man.

10 Victor’s Flaws 1.He is unaware of the threats against his loved ones 2. He doesn’t provide or take responsibility for the monster from the beginning 3. He went back on his promise to the monster to give him a mate 4. He tries to redeem the deaths by killing the monster rather than repenting from his original mistake.

11 In the end, Victor still possesses the drive for the unknown despite his failures. He reprimands the sailors for wanting to go back home empty-handed. He tells them to be "men," who fight and conquer all obstacles. It is clear that he still had the desire for the unknown although it was proven that one should take precaution before risking something that could backfire.

12 Here, Shelley seems to post an argument that ignorance is bliss. This is also present when the monster comes to life and he explains, "The beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart." "Learn from me... how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge, and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow."

13 “So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein—more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation.” Victor says this as he relates to Walton how his chemistry professor ignited his thirst of undiscovered knowledge of life. His reference to himself in the third person shows that he has lost a sense of reality and is purely driven by passion. The sternness in his tone shows the determination he still possesses despite his setbacks. This quote shows the similarity between Frankenstein and Walton because they are both men trying to “pioneer a new way,” to discover new ways of life.

14 Elizabeth Lavenza

15 Cousin to Victor by means of adoption She was a orphan child being sought after by a peasant family when Victor’s mother, Caroline, adopted her When Caroline passed away it was Elizabeth who took care of Victor during the hard times of his mother’s passing One thing that remains constant in her life was her beauty and goodness

16 Elizabeth and Victor were to get married but due to one of Victor’s flaws- the monster strangles her as punishment for Victor not fulfilling his promise

17 In the beginning of the novel Victor see’s Elizabeth as a gift solely for him. He see’s her as a ‘present’ his mother got for him. This idea was brought about by his mother telling him that she had a present for her sweet son that was just for him. In theory this the reason for the two’s relationship occurring. Despite the attraction they had for each other, had he not felt that she was solely his, the relationship may not have turned out the same way that it did.

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