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913.888.0772 | Strategic Consulting Presented by Lesley Thompson, University of Denver Mirko Widenhorn, iModules.

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1 913.888.0772 | Strategic Consulting Presented by Lesley Thompson, University of Denver Mirko Widenhorn, iModules

2 What We’ll Cover Strategic Consulting Overview University of Denver’s Consulting Project Tips to get you started

3 Strategic Consulting Getting the web traffic that you want? Wondered who reads your emails? Have a small staff and need to be more efficient? Getting the most out of Encompass?

4 Denver’s Encompass set-up 177,634 constituents 120,000 alumni 22 schools/units using Encompass 279,000 non-member records 6.2 million emails sent in FY14 24% open rate (FY14) 207 administrators

5 Changes made since April ’13 Monthly reporting system Info sheets for admins on email topics Email segmentation requirement Email scheduling system Email analysis and subject line testing

6 Consulting questions How well are we using Encompass? Can Encompass be used more efficiently? How can the constituent experience be improved? Are we sending too many emails? Does our community structure make sense? What data can we use to track progress?

7 Consulting Process Scoping call to identify priorities Review every aspect of Encompass tools Events, log-in process, campaigns, site usability… Email analysis Overall email marketing analysis Detailed three-month analysis Benchmark data for events, giving, email… List of recommendations and action plan

8 Findings: Encompass tools Site usability Integrate Encompass features into overall navigation Events Use attendee list option, Who’s coming link Create event reminder emails Log-in Process Reduce length of first-time login process Campaigns Add Support button to navigation Move Support buttons in email communications

9 Findings: Email analysis


11 Findings: Who Denver is reaching 61% of constituents opened at least one email during three months 48% opened more than one email 533 constituents opened 100% of all emails (min of 10) Average number of emails: 19 Breakout provided of how many emails received

12 Impact of consulting project Served as audit of online presence for upper-level administrators School by school data reinforced good practices Provided data to move forward with different community set- up Adopted recommendations for efficiencies and to improve constituent experience Greater buy-in of Encompass and iModules across division

13 Implemented strategies Include Constituent IDs in emails Ease of access to events, giving pages, profile information and more Utilizing Class Notes Implemented donation category for all events

14 Results Reconciliation process is significantly easier and more streamlined Online donations have increased by 20% Donations are recognized in real-time rather than once a month Non-member records have held steady And, constituents and administrators are happier!

15 To get you started Set goals for your site Tied to institutional or divisional priorities Why goals are important: ŠProvide a way to focus your efforts Know where to invest time and resources Track and share progress internally and externally

16 To get you started Vision: Engage all alumni with the institution Sample goals: Increase the engagement of recent alumni with my institution Increase tie to the institution Increase financial support

17 Site usability Can constituents find what you want them to find?

18 Site usability What do you want people to do on your site? Log in? Register for an event? Click on a news story? Read a class note? Make a gift? Purchase a membership? Search the directory?...

19 Site usability Have your site tested Current students Alumni Board Event attendees Recent graduates Older alumni

20 Site usability findings Identify ways to focus on the key actions Adjust navigation Change images Remove content Add content

21 E-communications analysis Have a lot of information in Encompass Review email data General Open rate compared to previous years Clicks/open Unsubscribe rate

22 E-communications analysis Traffic (# of sessions) 2013 (April 1 – May 29) 2014 (April 1- May 29) % change (y-o-y) Direct traffic13,6689,261-32.2% Google5,5075,7644.7% Referral traffic6,7162,479-63.1% Bing3913940.8% Yahoo27530510.9%

23 E-communications analysis Review email data General By category

24 E-communications analysis

25 Communications Planning Review email data General By category E-newsletter data Identify types of information constituents respond to

26 E-communications analysis Newsletter data Member dataNon-member data Type of story% clicksType of story% clicks Athletics17.9%Alumni Profile22.0% Alumni Profile16.5%Athletics14.3% Alumni News12.0%University News12.4% University News11.7%Alumni News9.4% Event Information10.2%Event Information9.4% Blog5.9% Alumni Center7.4% Alumni Center4.6%Pride (license plates…) 5.7%

27 E-communication analysis Adjust messaging and content of communications More targeted communication

28 Consulting Services Consulting projects are tailored to your needs Projects are collaborative in nature Recommendations to help you make progress toward your goals Interested? Speak to your account manager

29 913.888.0772 | Questions?

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