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QuikTrip is self-funded, self-insured, and self administered. Our claims examiners process more than 90k health claims each year. By the numbers: Total.

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1 QuikTrip is self-funded, self-insured, and self administered. Our claims examiners process more than 90k health claims each year. By the numbers: Total Employees – 16,746 Employees on the Plan – 7,768 Total Lives – 15,411 Tulsa Employees on the Plan – 1,187 Total Lives in Tulsa – 2,777

2 Employee expectations: Employees expect their Employers to proactively pursue the best possible Health Benefits. Employees don’t just need this – they deserve it! Employers that search for the best quality and care will see a reduction in costs. The cost savings should be split between the Employees and the Employer. When an Employee or their Dependents need help, an Employer must use resources to provide the best options available.

3 Seek better benefits Involve your Employees in the process QuikTrip has Resource Groups for all positions. These groups meet quarterly and their suggestions, concerns, and ideas are documented and Management is responsible for responding to each item. Be available to answer questions QuikTrip’s Benefits Department is available weekdays during business hours. After hours and weekends, Patient PAL answers all questions on our benefits. Openly discuss the benefits you are researching, the ideas you are considering. Annually our VPs meet with all employees, company wide, to provide a forum for employees to discuss benefits among other ideas. They provide updates on any upcoming changes, projects, and programs being tested or researched.

4 Pursue quality and care; achieve shared savings Employees have more Urgent Care and ER visits than ever before. This escalates costs for everyone. Employers need to help Employees realize the value and quality of a Primary Care Physician. In April of this year, QuikTrip offered a new HMO look-a-like Plan in Tulsa. This new Plan actually resulted in a 20 % reduction in Employee premium rates and ensures quality care through meeting 32 Core Measures of Medicare. QuikTrip has partnered with CareATC and St. John’s Hospital Accountable Care Organization (OKHI) to control provider costs while emphasizing a more interactive doctor/patient relationship. CareATC provides on-site and near-site clinics of primary care to all our covered lives with a zero cost to the employee. CareATC then refers all specialty care into St. John’s ACO panel of providers.

5 Here are the results: (6 months) Primary Care visits through CareATC are up 60% to the previous year. Our employees are getting more time directly with a PCP and ER and Urgent care usage is down! Through the referral process, we are able to track all specialists visits. St. John’s providers, affiliates, as well as CareATC can follow-up with each patient. Financially, the Plan is performing 33% better than the arrangement made between QuikTrip and St. John’s. We have reduced duplicate and un-needed testing, resulting in savings in time and money. Due to the cost savings for both Employees and QuikTrip as well as the model of care, QuikTrip is now pursuing the same arrangement in all our other Markets. Expecting to have three other completed by November 2015. Our Employees and their dependents appreciate the directed care and follow-up. It a major change from a list of all available providers, deductibles, co-insurance, and In / Out of Network rates – the traditional PPO. Our Tulsa Employees have saved more than $100k in 6 months, moving away from deductibles/co-insurance into co-pays!

6 Assist Employees Employees with severe needs rely on their Employer to help. Quality care saves lives, saves time, and saves money. The best care may NOT be in your “Network” and may not be in your State. QuikTrip uses London Medical Management to help our employees and their families find the best care possible when dealing with tough medical conditions. We also offer reimbursements for lodging and meals when employees travel more than 100 miles for treatment. *some exceptions apply

7 How will meeting these expectations effect employee wellness? Educated and informed Employees will make better decisions on their health and wellness and the care that they need. The motivation of reduced costs of benefits to employees will increase productivity and loyalty in your company. Employees who feel they have a voice and that their Employer cares, are happier.

8 Employers expectations: Employers expect their Employees and Dependents to be aware of their health and make improvements where possible. Employers expect that Employees pay their portion of their benefits, which includes higher costs if the employee chooses to go out of Network or outside the Plan.

9 Be Aware: Employees and their Dependents must know their health so they can make improvements. Through CareATC, QuikTrip provides annual Physical Health Assessments (PHA) for all employees and their dependents ages 18 and up at no cost. This simple blood test identifies abnormalities in your heart, liver, blood count, endocrine, kidneys, and your vitals. Focused on prevention, this annual screening allows better treatment options and healthy lifestyle options to be implemented before diseases progress. QuikTrip requires an annual PHA of all employees in Tulsa, and is working to make this mandatory in all other Markets soon. The PHA has saved many lives at QuikTrip; and for some of our family members this is the only time they see a Physician.

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