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WELCOME EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE Doing the work we love. Loving the work we do. William Serrata, Ph.D., President Ernst Roberts, Ph.D., VP, Administration.

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1 WELCOME EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE Doing the work we love. Loving the work we do. William Serrata, Ph.D., President Ernst Roberts, Ph.D., VP, Administration and Financial Operations Jenny Giron, Ph.D., VP, Information Technology/CIO Linda Brown, Ph.D., Professor/Coordinator Coordinator,EPCC Leadership Academy

2 El Paso Community College

3 El Paso, Texas… Ethnicity: 80% Hispanic Median Household Income: El Paso County = $34,626 State of Texas= $44,922 United States= $48,451

4 Educational Attainment Persons 25 Years & Older

5 Source: Banner 04/03/12 30,813 66% Increase 7% 16% 7%3% -1% -0.2% 11%9%2% 30,201 FALL ENROLLMENTS

6 Increased 197% in a Decade 30,813 18,561 1,271 3,774 Increased 66% in a Decade ENROLLMENT GRADUATES Enrollment and Graduation 2001-2011

7 EPCC: 1st Among over 1,200 community colleges nationally in awarding Associate Degrees to Hispanic students and 21st in total Associate Degrees

8 Professional Development Budget Considerations…

9 Many factors contribute to student success Faculty, staff, student professional development are important factors EPCC PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Customer service research Student retention research Happiness research RESULT: Connections

10 Customer Service Research identifies 4 key success factors Students and Employees as Customers Respect, Pride, Appreciation: employees treat customers as they are treated Training is a requirement: Policy, Listening, Communication Policy considerations: does it get in the way? Employee Empowerment: to resolve and repair

11 We can learn a lot from others Southwest Airlines Philosophy First customer = Employees Hire for attitude Train for skill Fun: greater productivity fewer absences

12 EMPOWERMENT “Never had control. Don’t want control. The word power should only be used in weightlifting and boats.” Herb Kelleher Chairman Southwest Airlines Power of Relationships

13 HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE SHAWN ACHOR Praise: TEAMS with encouraging, positive managers who praise performed 31% better than teams whose managers were less positive & less open with praise. When recognition is specific & deliberately delivered: more motivating than money.” P. 57-58 EPCC LEADERSHIP ACADEMY : MANAGERS, ADMINISTRATORS AND STAFF

14 Happiness Advantage REMINDERS to faculty & staff Takes 3 positive comments, experiences to fend off lasting effects of 1 negative. Rise above it, research shows, to a ratio of 6 to 1 – teams produce their very best work P 60-61

15 Power of Positive Tetris Effect “When brains constantly scan for and focus on the positive, we profit from happiness, gratitude, and optimism. Constantly grateful people are more energetic, emotionally intelligent, forgiving, and less likely to be depressed, anxious, or lonely. They are happier.” Happiness Advantage: research that tells us how to help others be happy SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS The Happiness Advantage

16 Researchers sought characteristics of the happiest 10% Only one characteristic distinguished the happiest 10% from everybody else: strength of their social relationships Social support far greater predictor of happiness than any other fact Correlation between social support and happiness was 0.7. The Happiness Advantage

17 Good to Great, Jim Collins, found similar truth: people he interviewed loved what they DID largely because they loved WHO they did it with. The Happiness Advantage

18 Employee Success = Student Success Common elements we include: Customer Service & Leadership research Connections and Engagement: Manager & Employee; Faculty & Student Use of technology in Faculty/Student connections Listening and Communication training Positive Attitude (can be learned) Creativity Technology Self awareness

19 Professional Development EPCC Essential Elements FUN Networking (U/O) Empowerment Self-awareness Leadership Management Skills Ever changing and cutting edge technology EPCC awareness Altruism and Gratitude Accessibility to leadership Learning College Culture

20 Leadership EPCC Campus, community, workforce leadership skills; Understanding of their roles and responsibilities in larger community Skills development in Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Conflict Resolution, Teambuilding, Communication, Appreciation of Diversity, Goal Setting, Positive Thinking, Resume building, Mock Interviews, High Ropes

21 Leadership EPCC Weekly training: 3 hours Fall and Spring tracks Project Development-Service learning EPCC Recycling program

22 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Student Ambassadors SGA & Campus Life: Teambuilding- rafting, Diversity, Political process Counseling: Time Management, Learning Styles, Testing

23 EPCC Leadership Academy Fun Insights Coaching Creativity Teambuilding Goal Setting Relationships Communication Network with EPCC and community leaders

24 Personality Assessment Effective Communication Change Ethical Challenges Maxwell Creative Projects Guest Leader Panel Generational Differences Fundamentals Track

25 Personality Assessment Positive Attitude Coaching Communication Conflict Resolution Good to Great Leadership Servant Leadership Leadership Panel Customer Service Advanced

26 Goal Setting Team Building Activities: Low Ropes Cabinet Q & A Painting with Peña Both Tracks





31 EPCC Family Night Shooting Star Appreciation Program Student Ambassadors Staff Development Day Student Laptop Checkout Student Mentoring Program Campus Kiosks SACS QEP projects Staff & Student Success Proposals

32 Middle School Reading Program EPCC Helping Hands Volunteer Program Tutoring Night Food and clothing drives Community Engagement Projects

33 STAFF DEVELOPMENT Annual Staff Retreat Management Series Monthly training: Attitude, Leadership, Relationship development, Customer Service, Coaching, Change, Conflict Resolution

34 Diversity Program Black History Month Women’s History Month Hispanic Heritage Month GLBTQ

35 Faculty Retreat 2013 2-days, Santa Fe, Ruidoso Music, Photography, Self Defense, Wellness, Painting, Kung Fu Spanish Immersion Week: Language instruction, cultural tours Southwest Seminar Wellness Saturday New Faculty Orientation In-service Week

36 Teachership Academy 2008-1 st cohort Monthly half-day sessions to enhance teaching skills Action Research Project New Technology Series Google, Cloud Computing, Soft Chalk 7, File Management, Prezie

37 VP Training Offerings IT: Semester-long communication Student Services: Customer Service for all employees Finance: “Change” at annual session

38 Information Technology Service Desk Information Security Academic Computing Services Labs –Open Labs for Students Media Services –Integrate Technology in Classrooms Technology Resource Center –Training Center for Faculty and Staff Centralized Training Repository


40 Collect comprehensive information on all EPCC training. Provide statistical information on all EPCC training.

41 Training Providers


43 Participation by Types of Delivery

44 Types of Training Offered

45 Participation by General Subject

46 Documentation Forms

47 Transcript

48 Faculty & Staff Years of Service 220 - 5 to 9 years 208 - 10 to 14 years 194 - 15 to 19 years 114 - 20 to 24 years 88 - 25 to 29 years 73 - 30 to 34 years 38 - 35 to 39 years 4 - 40 to 45 years

49 Jenny Giron, Ph.D., VP, Information Technology, CIO 915.831.6571 Ernst Roberts II, Ph.D. VP, Administration and Financial Operations 915.831.6593 Linda Brown, Ph.D. Speech Professor/Coordinator Coordinator, EPCC Leadership Academy 915.831.5841 Thank you.


51 El Paso Community College 2013 Aspen Award for Community College Excellence 2011 Excelencia in Education – Award Winner ECHS Achieving the Dream – Leader College

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