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Disney Movies By Anay Mendoza.

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1 Disney Movies By Anay Mendoza

2 Fun Facts About Disney Walt Disney produced over 653 movies
Walt Disney alone made up over 100 characters His first major cartoon character was none other than… Yup you guessed it Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

3 My Top 25 Favorite Disney Movies
Disney Studios has made over 3000 movies/ short films With that in mind its going to be hard to chose just 25 Warning most of them will be Disney princesses

4 25 Ponyo This movie was made in 2011
It was made along side with Studio Ghibli I loved the main character, and the story was great.

5 24 WALL-E WALL-E was an animated film about a little robot who would soon save his planet. It was created in 2008 alongside Pixar

6 Dalmations Woof

7 22 A Christmas Carol When I saw that Disney was coming out with a Christmas movie I couldn’t have been happier This is especially one of my favorite Christmas story’s and came out in 2009.

8 21 The Secret World of Arrietty
In a world so small Arrietty the borrower has to find a way to survive. I thought this movie was adorable, it was made alongside studio Ghibli in 2012.

9 20 Fantasia I never really understood this movie I mainly like it for the music. This was realeased in 1940 that was 74 years ago.

10 19 Meet the Robisons There are many interesting characters in this movie This movie came out in 2007

11 18 The Nightmare Before Christmas
The story of Jack the Pumpkin King is on that has never been told before. Timburton has done a great job with this movie in 1993

12 17 Dumbo Who doesn’t love this movie it is such a classic.
It was made in 1941 but can I just say isn't Dumbo so adorable

13 16 Bambi Bambi is an old time classic that any family can enjoy
It was made a year after Dumbo in 1942

14 15 Lady and the Tramp I have not seen this movie in many years.
I have always want to try the spaghetti scene It was made in 1955

15 14 Pinocchio Imagine how funny it would be if people noses actually grew when they lied. Some people would have big noses.

16 13 Alice in Wonderland Both the new and old version of this movie I love It was originally made in 1951

17 12 Peter Pan Journey to Neverland

18 11 Wreck-It Ralph This movie is the story of a bad guy who just might not be a bad guy It is one of the more recent Disney animation and was air in 2012

19 10 Brave Merida

20 9 Sleeping Beauty Aurora

21 8 Cinderella Bippity Boppity Boo

22 7 Aladdin A whole New world

23 6 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Mirror Mirror on the wall

24 5 Beauty and the Beast Tale as old as time

25 4 Mulan Fight like a man, I did

26 Can you paint with all the colors of the wind
3 Pocahontas Can you paint with all the colors of the wind

27 Please pass me my dingle hopper my hair is worse than the coral reef
2 The Little Mermaid Please pass me my dingle hopper my hair is worse than the coral reef

28 Do you wanna build a snow man?
1 Frozen Do you wanna build a snow man?

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