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2 DKMSB Introduction For nearly 3 years, Dolomite Kangar Manufacturing has established a tradition of excellence, manufacturing an ever-increasing line of innovative products that offer unmatched value for the global market place. We have become a leader in the field of dolomite for fertilizer, glass and steel industry use. In a marketplace that is continually changing, Dolomite Kangar Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has remained the same – ‘To produce innovative products that satisfy the needs of our customers while remaining in balance and harmony with nature’.

3 DKMSB Infrastructure We have excellent quarries of dolomite. DKMSB have it's own cutting plant and are capable of manufacturing and exporting superior quality items for our clients or any project that knocks our door. Our factory can produce 10,000 tone per month.

4 DKMSB Production Activity
We have more then 10 manpower that has experience in packaging activity. As a packaging team, we work together work to achieve our target.

5 DKMSB Infrastructure

6 DKMSB Vehicle

7 DKMSB Stockpile DKMSB has more that 40,000
tone ready to be screening and packing in any type of packaging. Dolomite is ready for delivery to our customer. DKMSB can produce dolomite more than 60 to 80 years.

8 DKMSB Packaging Every bags will be fill with 50kg of dolomite.
Jumbo bags has more space and can be fit up to 1.2 tone to 2 tone of dolomite.

9 DKMSB Customer Relations
We have a client who are extremely happy and satisfied with the kind of services. We provided to them over the years. You are valuable for us and we would like to go overboard to keep you happy and satisfy your requirements. Excellent customer service has been the hallmark of DKMSB and it always will be. We assure 100% customer satisfaction. Allow us to serve you once and you would be happier to have established a wonderful relationship with our organization where we work hard to maintain customer relationships. Our passion for quality has given us the title of number one in the industry and we look forward to maintain this world class recognition.

10 DKMSB Clients CLIENTS Tabung Haji Plantations Malaysian Sheet Glass
z CLIENTS MADA Malaysian Sheet Glass (MSG) Sime Darby Plantations Tabung Haji Plantations FELDA

11 DKMSB Products 30.0% 21.0% 54.0% PREMIEUM DOLOMITE GML 44.0 % 12.0 %
Minimum Guaranteed Analysis PREMIEUM DOLOMITE GML 30.0% 21.0% 20.0 % 54.0% Calcium carbonate CaCo3 Calcium Oxide CaO Elemental Calcium Magnesium Oxide MgO 44.0 % Magnesium Carbonate MgCo3 12.0 % Element Magnesium

12 DKMSB Cert Analysis

13 DKMSB Application Rate

14 DKMSB Fertilizer (GML)
Promote desirable biological activity GROUND MAGNESIUM LIMESTONE (GML) Improves the availability of some plants nutrients Biological Activity Improve Availability Correct Soil Calcium and Magnesium Correct soil acidity Supply both calcium and magnesium

15 DKMSB Fertilizer Effective

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