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Discourse Community Project By: Mic Rowe, Connor Schaewe, Elise Einwaechter, Allison Gregg, Serbia Perry.

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1 Discourse Community Project By: Mic Rowe, Connor Schaewe, Elise Einwaechter, Allison Gregg, Serbia Perry

2 Kinesiology

3 Kinesiology- (noun)- The study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans

4 Interview Summary Eric Zirkle is an athletic trainer and sports medicine teacher at Cox Mill High School. He said that in college his writings consisted mainly of essays concerning different body parts and how to treat specific injuries. Majoring in Pre-Kinesiology doesn’t require too much imagination or creativity therefore the writing is based off of memorization or history. After graduating and getting into more career based writings the requirements dwindle dramatically. As a athletic trainer all that’s needed are injury report forms, which change occasionally but mostly stay consistent.

5 Writing in Academic Communities Case study articles- These articles are research based and are divided into sections, which are the abstract, the background/introduction, the purpose, the methods, the results, the discussion, and the conclusion. Documentation and problem solving- Documentation is important because the Kinesiologist gains the ability to communicate with his or herself in reflecting how he or she thinks when writing medical notes

6 Case Study 2 - Severe Back Pain He had been diagnosed by the doctor with a disc prolapse –a slipped disc. When I saw him, he was in tears; he could barely walk, sit or even lie down. He was in a very poor condition, his breathing was hard and eating was painful. It was almost impossible to use acupressure because he had such a tender lower back. Luckily Kinesiology has balancing techniques where clients can be brought back into balance without using direct acupressure on to the body. This was one such case and during the relevant emotional and electromagnetic corrections the client gave several deep sighs as if pain was being released. After his balancing session his neighbour, a doctor, was so amazed at the change she wanted to see me in action! My client is now walking with far more ease happier and even smiling.

7 Writing in Academic Discipline Docum entation worksheet- Write up of an assessment of patient. Subjective information is what the patient tells you. Objective is what the therapist sees, feels, and observes. Assessment is when the doctor gathers information and lists short term and long term goals. And the plan is the treatment to achieve these goals.


9 Writing in Professional Community Injury report- documenting what happened at the moment of the injury in detail, how you treated it, and the long term goals for rehabilitation


11 Writing in Professional Community Research Papers/ Informative Articles- being a professional, you have the credentials, you have the information and knowledge that others can use as resources

12 Genre Conventions Injury reports Articles Texts on: Human anatomy Physiology Physics Any other kind of injury prevention articles

13 Citation Styles APA (American Psychological Association) Commonly used in nursing, public health, and the social sciences Example: Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location: Publisher. Chicago Style 1. First name, Last name, Title of Book (Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication), page number.

14 Shared Public Goals When you, the Kinesiologist, graduate and choose a career that suits you best, you will be required and expected to apply what you have learned during your job searches. Although you will receive a degree, it is a certification that you have the knowledge to provide care and support to patients with certain needs in your area and in others that are related. Working in your field will be the ultimate test to apply your knowledge.

15 Video



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