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Today’s Special Green Buildings Introduction Tour Lunch Price is Right.

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1 Today’s Special Green Buildings Introduction Tour Lunch Price is Right

2 Introduction to Green Buildings Aurora Sharrard Green Design AIU Apprenticeship Program 20 February 2006

3 Buildings Account for... 20% of U.S. economy All construction 39% of U.S. primary energy use 70% of U.S. energy consumption 12% of all potable water 16 trillion gallons / year 40% of raw materials globally 3 billon tons / year 136 million tons of waste / year Municipal solid waste = 210 million tons / year Source: USGBC

4 Building Life Cycle Costs Design Architects, Engineers, Planners Construction Labor (contractors), Materials, Equipment Operation and Maintenance Lighting, Heating/Cooling, Renovations, Cleaning Deconstruction Labor (contractors), material disposal (recycle?)

5 Building Life Cycle Costs The people inside! Workers’ wages can make up bulk of life cycle costs of a building Comfortable building space Happier workers More productivity! Not typical to think this way, but becoming more common

6 What is a “green” building?

7 Is this a “green” building ?


9 Island Wood, Bainbridge Island, WA

10 Sleeping Lady Retreat Leavenworth, WA

11 Ducks Unlimited Winnipeg, Manitoba

12 GAP Inc., San Bruno, CA

13 Philip Merrill Environmental Center Annapolis, MD


15 Private Home, Tempe, AZ

16 “Green” Materials

17 Private Home Walnut Creek, CA



20 How do you differentiate one green building from another?

21 What is LEED? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Created by the USGBC in 1998 Precursor in 1994 Encouraged by NIST and DOE Adapted for other countries Canada Australia Hong Kong

22 LEED Buildings 19 certified under Version 1.0 198 certified under Version 2.0 (June 2005) Mostly commercial buildings International Canada Sri Lanka India 1,188 registered (March 2004) At various design and construction stages 0.7% of commercial buildings built annually

23 LEED Categories Sustainable Sites (SS) Water Efficiency (WE) Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Materials & Resources (MR) Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ or IEQ) Innovation & Design (ID)


25 Credits & Available Points AbbreviationCategoryPrerequisitesCreditsSub-Credits Points Available SSSustainable Sites186 14 WEWater Efficiency032 5 EAEnergy & Atmosphere362 17 MRMaterials & Resources176 13 IEQ Indoor Environmental Quality 287 15 IDInnovation & Design023 5 TOTAL7342669

26 LEED Levels for NC Certified 26-32 points Silver 33-38 points Gold 39-51 points Platinum 52-69 points

27 LEED “Products” Horizontal “LEED for...” New Construction and Major Renovation Projects Pilots Existing Buildings Commercial Interiors Core and Shell Projects Residential Homes Vertical “Guides” Retail Laboratories Schools Healthcare Campus Volume Build




31 Pittsburgh Green Buildings (14 + 2) PNC Firstside Center David L. Lawrence Convention Center McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine CCI Center CORO Center for Civic Leadership KSBA Architects Office Building Phipps Conservatory Welcome Center Children’s Museum “Lantern” Building Heinz Regional History Center Addition CMU New House Residence Hall Henderson House Collaborative Innovation Center Posner Center Greater Pittsburgh Duquesne Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Munhall Siemens Westinghouse U.S. Steel Research and Technology Center + 42 registered!

32 Green Building Tour of CMU Selection of buildings (green and not green)

33 Green Building Tour of CMU Hamerschlag green roof Wean Newell Simon Collaborative Innovation Center Watershed Project New House 1 st LEED dorm -- Silver rating Intelligent Workplace Kraus Campo Green roof / gathering place on top of Posner Hall Attempting LEED Certified level

34 Hamerschlag Green Roof

35 Wean Hall

36 Newell Simon

37 Collaborative Innovation Center

38 CEE Undergraduate Watershed Project

39 New House Dormitory

40 Intelligent Workplace

41 Kraus Campo

42 Butterfly Garden

43 Triple Bottom Line Economics Social Equity Environment

44 Where can green buildings fit in? Economics Can save lots of $$ over life cycle Environment Can save huge amounts of energy, resources, and emissions Social Equity Can produce happier, healthier workers/tenants

45 What is Sustainability? Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

46 Let’s go!

47 Craig Street Solar Panels

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