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Food for Life Transforming food culture in Scotland Angela Mitchell SSN Quarterly, December 2012.

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1 Food for Life Transforming food culture in Scotland Angela Mitchell SSN Quarterly, December 2012

2 Agenda Food for Life Scotland - overview Innovation – Edinburgh & Copenhagen Ken Campbell, North Ayrshire Council Q&A

3 Soil Association Founded in 1946 Membership charity – healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use Charity owns Soil Association Certification Ltd (social enterprise)

4 Everyone should have access to food that is good for them, and for the planet

5 Food for Life: a history

6 Food for Life Scotland Aim To transform food culture in Scotland so we can all eat food that is good for us, our communities and our planet. Outcomes Support local enterprise Improve wellbeing & attainment Increase environmental sustainability

7 Fresh food you can trust



10 Highland Council – Bronze aiming for Silver, 9000 primary meals/day East Ayrshire Council – Gold, 5000 primary meals/day Stirling Council – Bronze aiming for Silver, 2000 primary meals/day 5% of school meals in Scotland are currently certified Achievements so far…

11 20% increase year on year in certified meals eaten Our Vision… Local Authorities Schools & nurseries Universities & FE Colleges Hospitals/healthcare Tourism & Leisure Workplace canteens

12 Engagement Farmers, Producers & SuppliersConsumers ProcurementCaterersSustainability Staff Education

13 Employment & Skills Economic Security Productivity & Efficiency Healthy workforce Innovation Energy Use Food Safety Food Access & Affordability Resilience Population Growth Competition for Food Trust & Confidence Wellbeing Public Health NHS Cost Education Competitive workforce Nutrition Climate Change Waste Reduction Pollution Energy Carbon Water Scarcity Land Use Biodiversity Soil EnvironmentHealth Economic Growth Food Security Sustainability & Food

14 Policy Context The National Food and Drink Policy Public Duties Guidance Sustainable Procurement Action Plan Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2006 The Schools (Health Promotion & Nutrition) Act 2007 The Obesity Strategy (2010) Sustainability enshrined in the SOA & National Outomes The Sustainable Procurement Bill Catering for Change

15 Opportunities Curriculum for Excellence – Health & Wellbeing – New learning opportunities…linking food & lunch – Wider school community engagement Be a Pioneer! Consumer Insights and Food Trends – people want better quality fresh food!

16 Benefits Supporting local economy/community Increased health & wellbeing Increased environmental sustainability Increased uptake Improved income Healthier, happier customers Independent endorsement Customer reassurance Strong marketing tool Added value to menus PR value Pioneering the scheme in Scotland Enhanced reputation/CSR

17 On the right path… “There’s a real business benefit – both in terms of driving up standards of the food being served and supporting local producers. But we’re also raising awareness of what we eat and how it is produced. The food we consume and produce helps to define our nation, impacting on our health and our environment. “So I would urge everyone involved in sourcing food for our public sector to look carefully at Scotland’s fantastic larder and the incredible variety on offer. With a wealth of fine produce on our doorstep, nobody should have to settle for second best.” Richard Lochead, November 2012

18 Get in touch… Name: Angela Mitchell Job title: Food for Life Scotland Manager T: 07917-671869 E: SoilAssocScot

19 Food for Life on film… Stirling Council

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