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It’s a Small World After All

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1 It’s a Small World After All
A Kindergarten Multicultural Friendship Unit by Kristy Gnandt & Laura Lucas

2 Grade Level: Kindergarten
Theme: How to Be a Friend Subject Areas: Language Arts & Social Studies Time Frame: 2 weeks (9 days) 30-45 minutes each day

3 Language Arts Goals Multicultural Goals
Follow Simple Directions Communicate own thoughts, ideas and experiences Visualize information in texts Demonstrate understanding by drawing pictures Communication Relate to diverse cultures Learn how to be friendly, socialize, and problem-solve own situations Appreciate differences


5 Fictional Literature The Rainbow Fish The Name Jar Chrysanthemum
by Marcus Pfister The Name Jar by Yang Sook Choi Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes Jamaica’s Find by Juanita Havill Jamaica’s Tag Along by Juanita Havill Cleversticks by Bernard Ashley

6 Non-Fiction Poetry You and Me: Poems of Friendship by Salley Mavor
Children Just Like Me by Anabel Kindersley Celebrations by Anabel Kindersley How to Be a Friend by Laurie Krasny Brown I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson

7 Technology

8 Community Resources

9 Plans for Diverse Students
Use different teaching strategies Use children’s personal experiences to connect with lessons Cooperative groups Hands-on activities Scaffolded-Reading Experiences Celebrate differences

10 The More We Get Together
Together together, The happier we’ll be! For your friends Are my friends, And my friends Are your friends. The more we get together

11 Activities Ways to be a Friend Read the book The Rainbow Fish
Discuss sharing and being kind Children come up to felt board one at a time with a felt scale Place the scale on the board and tell one way to be a good friend

12 Activities Friendship Quilt Read chapter from book
Compare ways to be a friend chart & ways not to be a friend chart Students write ways to be a friend on one colored square paper Students write ways not to be a friend on a different colored square Put squares together to make a quilt Present & display in classroom

13 Activities Arguing and Making Up Read Jamaica’s Tag-Along
Divide class into small groups Each group has a different problem/dilemma to solve Find ways to handle situation Report to class by acting out the situation and solution

14 Activities Alike and Different Read the book Cleversticks
Make handprints with paint Paste picture in left handprint Write name and meaning in right handprint Create Rainbow of Friends Sing It’s a Small World After All

15 Final Evaluation Friendship Book Numerous Assessments
Journal compositions Group discussions Problem-solving situations Artwork comparison charts Role playing Friendship Book Friendship Book Each student draws a picture that sums up their idea of what a good friend is or what a good friend might do (past, present, future). Teacher writes (in child’s own words) a description of their picture underneath Bound into a Friendship Book-Great Resource!

16 Pictures taken from google images

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