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Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Would I do it again??? Janet Balch Ontario Police College NENA Conference Durham 2012 NENA 2012.

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1 Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Would I do it again??? Janet Balch Ontario Police College NENA Conference Durham 2012 NENA 2012



4 Why did I take this job? Did I know what the job was? Fast paced/exciting/fun Good pay Wanted to help others It was the first job offered Benefits Looking for a partner

5 Top 10 Job Expectations Kind of work: best use of one's abilities and gives a feeling of accomplishment. Security: provides a steady employment. Company: has a good reputation, that one can be proud of working for. Advancement: ability to progress in career, having the chance to advance. Coworkers: who are competent and congenial.

6 Pay: enough to meet one's needs, and being paid fairly. Supervision: immediate supervisor who is competent, considerate, and fair. Hours: that allow one enough time with family and/or pursue other interests and live one's preferred lifestyle Benefits: that meet one's needs Working Conditions: that are safe, comfortable and not..... stressful

7 Still enthusiastic? What has changed? Geographic locations Bigger/Combined ComCentres Less personal interaction Technology Workload Co-workers: Comms, office, on road. Could it be me?

8 Geographic location? Traveling further to work, Traffic increase – Longer commute Bigger ComCentres / Loss of Personal interaction? More rules More co-workers- less relationships Knew our co workers more intimately Heard the whole call from beginning to end

9 Technology? What hasn’t changed? CAD systems........Radio systems...Records Management Systems.....Occurrence reporting Workload? Higher population...more calls Belief that technology would save jobs Taking on calls that are not police matter

10 Co-workers (in Comm, our offices, and Road) Belief of new generation that.... Want more time off Don’t make decisions based on a 35 year career - immediate satisfaction Want to stay in touch with friends Don’t want to do their ‘time’ in certain positions Have less work ethic

11 My newest co-workers? (millenials) Research on post technology era. On-line survey of adults in 19 countries including Canada. The findings……… dissatisfaction with the direction society is moving (social, economical, political, environmental) so……. the idea of the future doesn’t make us dream anymore strong level of distrust and unease about what is to come. (moral decline) impairing humans’ ability to think deeply

12 Social media/data collection are chiseling away at our privacy Ironically, with all the technology we are feeling less connected Feeling less satisfied with our own lives Want order and structure…too much everything “casual” **Within the survey it was found that the millennial feel the same way

13 Is it Me?...... One common research finding is.... job satisfaction is correlated with life satisfaction.......It’s reciprocal, satisfied with life tend to be satisfied with their job...... satisfied with their job tend to be satisfied with life. Unhappiness breeds discontent........with everything/everyone/every situation Am I stressed? Why?.........

14 Could it be...... Geographic locations? Bigger/Combined ComCentres? Less personal interaction? Technology? Workload? Co-workers: Comms, office and on road? Or could it be my perception??.....

15 Finish these lines The longer I do this job…..… The more bosses I’ve seen…….. The more times I’ve gone through change…… The more I’ve been/stay here…... I find myself less tolerant with……….. The closer I get to retirement…….

16 top 5 regrets said on deathbeds I wish....... 1. I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me 2. I didn’t work so hard 3. I’d had the courage to express my feelings 4. I had stayed in touch with my friends 5. That I had let myself be happier

17 Didn’t work so hard. Missed their children growing up, their youth Missed their partner’s companionship Put off going back to school Had to pay the big mortgage Simplify your lifestyle and make conscious choices along the way

18 C ourage to live a life true to myself, not others expectations of me. the most common regret dreams gone somewhere else....trying a new career, hobby etc.... due to choices made, or not made freedom very few cherish, until they no longer have it (or the health to enjoy it)

19 Courage to express my feelings Suppressed feelings to keep peace with others. Settle for a mediocre existence never became who they were capable of being. Allowed others to make your decisions Can’t control the reactions of others. But speaking honestly raises the relationship to a healthier level

20 Stayed in touch with my friends So caught up in our own lives and let friendships slip by over the years. Deep regrets about not giving time for friends Feel too ashamed to contact them now There is a reason you chose them for friends Social networks, ex. Facebook, allows us to keep up with friends...... then make the time to connect

21 Let myself be happier. Stayed stuck in old patterns and habits (complaining, negative talk) Fear of change allows us to pretend to others, and ourselves, that we are content. Deep inside, we want to laugh and have silliness in our lives again. Can anyone else make you happy?? Happiness is a choice. Make the choice!!

22 still job satisfaction is correlated with life Find a way to get back!!

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