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A Vision of Green Social Europe Osmo Soininvaara.

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1 A Vision of Green Social Europe Osmo Soininvaara

2 We are aiming to Defend the welfare state Be ecologically responsible Be fair to immigrants Show good example to the rest of the world –China and India are choosing their road

3 Do we need economic inequality? Countries with even distribution of income are more likely to be rich Economic equality –Helps to use the capacities of all the people –Increases trust

4 Need to renew the welfare state Automation and globalisation Welfare state is shaped for industrial society A tendency towards growing wage-differences Decreasing demand for low-skilled work –Greens have a special responsibility Aging of population –Normalization of demographic situation

5 Low-skilled work Education, positive discrimination Political right: lower minimum wage! –Works, but is not acceptable –We do not want to create a working-poor class! Do nothing –does not work Hire unemployed to public sector –does not work anymore

6 Full employment without poverty Do not tax the low-paid work –Not even social security payments –Possibly compensate the funds by the state Launch a basic income scheme –Guaranties a minimum income to all –Gives a freedom of choice –Helps the low paid workers –Helps part-time workers(!)

7 Work less, live more! Productivity is the same in Europe and US –Americans are richer because they work more –Europeans are happier –Europeans are ecologically less terrible To become richer makes individual more happy, but not the whole nation! –The whole nation can not become privileged

8 Globalization increases productivity Increase production to maintain employment? –Does not make us happier –Ecologically very bad Let us enjoy life and work less Basic income –Opens the doors to employment to unemployed –An incentive to work less to those employed

9 Vision of green Europe Work less, live more! –More time for culture and social life Just and egalitarian society Ecologically responsible Unrealistic dreams? –This is materially possible Our task is to make it politically possible

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